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Nursing Home Employees
Seek UE Aid; Vote 78-44

Grafton County nursing home workers got to have their union, and eat their cupcakes, too. Determined to stem the erosion of their benefits, the 150 nursing home employees voted overwhelmingly to join UE on Nov. 29, 1999. Previous organizing efforts with other unions had failed ... (12/99)

Local 611 Extends, Improves
Contract At Newell Porcelain

As they proceeded with plans to purchase Newell Porcelain, two management officials eagerly sought a deal with UE Local 611. After all, Rick Stanley, sales manager, and Dan Wolfe, controller, vividly recalled the 12 weeks in 1998 when union members fought for a decent contract. The result: a contract extension with improvements in several areas ... (12/99) 

Local 690 Members
Approve Kenson Contract

Kenson Plastics workers, members of amalgamated UE Local 690, recently ratified a new three-year contract that establishes a retirement plan for the first time, adds an extra week of vacation and raises wages by a total of 90 cents. "I think it’s a very good contract we got, a very fair contract," comments Local Pres. James Tew .. (12/99).

Local 234 Unity Crucial
In Fairbanks Negotiations

Insurance and pensions emerged as major issues in recently concluded negotiations between UE Local 234 and Fairbanks Scales. The intervention of a united membership proved crucial to a successful outcome ... (12/99)

Local 1107 Takes Strong Stand
In Talks With New Owner

In negotiations this fall UE Local 1107 faced a major assault on seniority as well as company demands for significant changes in job classifications. This was the UE local’s first time at the bargaining table since Farnam Sealing was acquired by a German-Japanese partnership. "I think this is a very good contract, but it couldn’t have been done without the rank and file activity on the shop floor," says Local Pres. Glenn Bush. "Keeping pressure on the company was crucial in these very intense negotiations." ... (12/99)

Memorable Gains Achieved
By Local 1161 At Spartek

Shop-floor activity by UE Local 1161 members secured memorable gains in a new contract with Spartek, Inc., a manufacturer of plastics products. "I think that we did pretty well," says Local Pres. Karin Jandt. "We got the biggest raise increase that I can remember." (12/99)

Local 1112 Settles
Contract Without Staff

Taking to heart the recommendation of the 64th UE Convention that locals handle more of their own affairs, the UE Local 1112 negotiating committee successfully completed negotiations with Badger Die Casting all on its own. Keep your lawyer away from the table, UE local leaders told the boss, and we will ask our staff representative to stay away, too, as long as you make a serious effort to reach a fair settlement ... (12/99)

World of Work:
World Labor News Roundup

INTERNATIONAL: French workers battle for more jobs to be created and more workers to be covered under that country's new 35-hour workweek law .. A government austerity plan in Germany sparks a demonstration by thousands of workers. At issue: welfare and pension spending cuts even while business gets a tax cut; high unemployment and rising prices ... The United Kingdom is requiring at least 100 UK-based multinational companies to develop works councils — a mechanism for informing and consulting workers about transnational issues affecting their jobs ... Michelin is in trouble in France after simultaneously announcing a 17% increase in profits and a 10% cutback in jobs (affecting more than 7,500 workers). The company says it was just "clumsy" ... Italian unions are warning the government to expect demonstrations if it proceeds with plans to cut pension spending as well as the planned privatization of several state-owned enterprises, including the Rome Airports Authority.  (12/99)

Protestors Urge:
‘Close School Of Assassins!’

Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the slaughter of six Jesuit priests at the hands of U.S. Army School of the Americas graduates, many thousands from around the country protested outside the military training camp in Georgia in the largest demonstration to date against a school regarded as a training ground for assassins and dictators. The protestors included a delegation from UE District 6 ... (12/99)

Living Labor History in New Haven
The contributions of working people, past and present, received recognition at the 1999 New Haven Labor Greater Labor History Association awards presentation. UE members had a prominent part in the day-long activities. Participants visited sites associated with New Haven’s once significant carriage-making and garment industries, Winchester Repeating Arms, Yale University and Sargent Inc., home of UE Local 243. Today New Haven’s largest manufacturing employer, Sargent is well-known manufacturer of locks and architectural hardware ... (12/99)

Membership Participation
Evident in District 11

Membership participation — in the life of the union in the workplace, in strike support, organizing, political action, international solidarity and the district council itself — was a major theme of the District 11 Council at its fall meeting. Delegates celebrated the successful outcome of the lengthy strike by Local 1187 members at Load King ... (12/99)

Local 625 Adds Unit, New Members
A persistent UE Local 625 negotiating committee, backed by the union contract with the ABB Power Circuit Breaker division, resulted in new union members ... (12/99)

Retirees Recall Years Working
For ‘Best Union In the Country’

Their formal connection with UE long past, several retired National office staff members in New York City still see each other at birthday luncheons, where they have a chance to reflect on their many decades of service to the union ... (12/99)

In Virginia
Marchers Demand Workers’
Rights, End to Corporate Greed
On the coldest day so far this fall, with frigid winds sweeping through the Shenandoah Valley, 65 workers marched and rallied for a reinvigorated labor movement in downtown Waynesboro, Virginia. Sponsored by the UE-initiated Shenandoah Organizing Committee, the marchers called for a living wage, universal health care, and improvements in Virginia’s worst-in-the-nation workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation ... (11/99)

UE Committee Wins Reinstatement
For Unjustly Fired CDC Co-Worker

The Consolidated Diesel Company Workers’ Unity Committee/UE successfully mounted a campaign earlier this year to win reinstatement of a co-worker unjustly terminated by the Cummins Engine division. A woman  who had been critically injured and hospitalized as a result of domestic violence, was terminated because her "non-work related" injury prevented the former temporary assembly-line worker from completing a four-month assimilation period as a permanent technician ... (11/99)

At Belgium Meeting —
European Workers Back
Local 1107 In Negotiations
With Freudenberg

As UE Local 1107 members at Farnam Sealing negotiate for the first time with the new owners of their plant, a German-Japanese multinational partnership, they take some satisfaction from important new allies — the thousands of European workers employed by the same firm. The Freudenberg European Works Council declared its support for Local 1107 at a meeting in Brussels ... ALSO, IN A SPECIAL UE NEWS INTERVIEW: the deputy chairperson of the Freudeneberg Co. European Works Council describes working conditions at his workplace ... (11/99)

High Plains Showdown
Ends In Union Victory

Local 1187 Wins Contract; Strike Ends:
Over nine long months, temperatures on the prairie picket line here ranged from deep freeze to broiling hot. Tempers, however, remaining near boiling, as the company’s illegal, bad-faith bargaining forced workers to the picket line and so-called "permanent replacement employees" took their place. Throughout those weeks, the members of UE Local 1187 kept faith with themselves, the neighbors who expressed good wishes, and the UE members across the country who helped turned the showdown on the high plains into a union victory (See also: Local 1187 Strike Support Page)  ... (11/99)

Unions, Community Protest
UVM-Sponsored Unionbusting Seminar

Never mind that 42 million Americans don’t have health insurance, or that overworked hospital staff are concerned about protecting quality health care. Instead, health executives would rather "diagnose trends towards unionization." Almost 100 union and community members rallied outside of the Sheraton Hotel in Burlington, Vt. on Nov. 6 against a University of Vermont (UVM) sponsored course in unionbusting. The two-day seminar featured such topics as "detecting early warning signs of union activity" and "dissecting the union agenda." ... (11/99)

ICEM World Congress
ICEM Unites & Organizes
To Face Globalization

"Power is Ours and we will Unite and Organize." With that ringing call, John Maitland closed the World Congress of the 20-million-strong International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Unions (ICEM) in Durban, South Africa on November 5th. Some 800 union leaders from all continents took part in the Congress, which mapped out a labor response to globalization. Here is the ICEM's report on the main decision of the World Congress ... (11/99)

In N.E. Etching Company Talks —
Another Argument
For National Health Care

In another example of the need for a single-payer health plan, the members of amalgamated UE Local 264 at New England Etching found wage increases restricted by the hefty insurance premium increase paid by their employer. The new one-year contract raises wages by 34 cents an hour and continues medical and dental insurance fully paid by the employer ... (11/99)

Local 172 Re-Engineers Wilmot Pact
In recent negotiations with the Wilmot Co., UE Local 172 members largely succeeded in their goal of recouping concessions accepted in 1995 bargaining with a new owner. Union members voted unanimously to ratify a new three-year agreement. Starting from an average wage of $14.74, Local 172 members will see general increases of 3 percent, 2 percent and 2 percent ... (11/99)

Pact with Holyoke Machine
Follows Brief Stoppage

Holyoke Machine workers, members of amalgamated UE Local 264, have ratified a three-year contract after a brief strike. The agreement raises wages by 2.25 percent the first year and 2 percent in the second year and again in the third. The average wage will be $16.37 an hour. (11/99)

Local 264 Gains Improvements
At Koegels & Sons

The members of amalgamated UE Local 264 employed by Charles Koegels and Sons unanimously ratified a new one-year contract that raises wages by 25 cents an hour and extends the employee-birthday enjoyed by full-time employees to part-timers. (11/99)

Wide-Ranging Discussion
At District 1 Convention

Delegates to the 47th convention of UE District One heard reports on organizing campaigns, Labor Party-building, fights against plant closings and solidarity with hurricane victims, in wide-ranging discussion and action ... (11/99)

District 2 Council Celebrates
Entoleter Strike Victory

As host of the Oct. 29-30 UE District Two Council meeting here, UE Local 299 had much to celebrate in the successful conclusion of the 100-day Entoleter strike a little more than two weeks earlier... (11/99)

District 6 Salutes Warren
Union, Makes Plans For 2000

A bittersweet UE District Six convention heard reports of successful union activity, made plans for the year 2000 — and saluted the members of UE Locals 633 and 634 whose plant, Deluxe Metals, is slated for closing. Local 633 Pres. Gary Zobrist spoke proudly of his co-workers’ long association with UE, and thanked the union for its steadfast support of Deluxe workers’ struggles. During his working life, the local president said, he has been a member of three other unions ... "I can tell you that this union, the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America — period, independent — is the only true union I have ever belonged to." (11/99)

District 7 Welcomes
Newly Organized Local 741

The District Seven Council meeting here Oct. 16-17 welcomed Local 741, representing bus drivers, custodians, cooks, secretaries and other staff of the Highland School District in Ohio. District Pres. Joyce Clayborne, Reporting on the decisions of 64th UE National Convention, Pres. Clayborne raised the possibility of conducting a state political action conference ...  (11/99)

Union Backs Independent
Candidate In Virginia

PHOTOS: Sherry Stanley,
a member of the Green and Labor Parties, received the UE backing in her independent and unsuccessful candidacy for Virginia’s House of Delegates in the 25th District ... (11/99)

Local 924 Retirees Still Going Strong
General Electric may have closed the plant here that made small motors for generations but the union spirit is still strong. Two hundred and twenty-two retired members of UE Local 924 and their guests attended the annual retirees’ dinner ... (11/99)

North Carolina Floods
Relief in Solidarity
Relief in Solidarity ...
Members of UE Local 150, the North Carolina Public Service Workers’ Union, were among those hard-hit by the worst flooding in the state’s history. Responding quickly to the disaster, this UE local is taking a leading role in a unique coalition of labor, faith-based and community organizations working to provide relief for residents — as well as organizing to ensure that flood victims have a say in relief and reconstruction efforts. Find out more ... and how you can help ... (10/99)

UE a Perfect Fit For
Independent Truckers’ Union

An Internet search for an independent union connection brought the Bethlehem Drivers and Dockworkers Union (BD&DU) to UE. And the employees of Penske Transportation Services Inc. here liked what they saw. On Sunday, Oct. 3 these long-haul truck drivers and dockworkers voted unanimously to affiliate their union with UE. "UE fit us to a 'T'" ... (10/99)

Highland Schools
Workers Choose UE

The cooks, custodians, bus drivers, aides and secretaries of the Highland School District have voted in a landslide victory for UE representation. This followed a 6-month UE campaign in which workers demanded a break from decades-old favoritism and low wages in this rural Ohio school district. (10/99)

New Hampshire Correctional
Officers Look To UE for Aid

Responding to the loss of benefits, a Grafton County correctional officer circulated a petition endorsing a meeting with a union organizer. Nineteen of the 30 officers signed that petition — and then contacted UE. The correctional officers voted overwhelmingly to join UE ... (10/99)

Delaware Schools Workers
Gain First Contract

"The choke hold is broken!" That’s how custodian Jerry Miller describes the new working conditions established with the first UE Local 799 contract covering the Delaware City Schools’ custodial, food service, maintenance, and transportation employees. Miller says that in his 24 years with the Delaware City Schools, no one in the administration ever responded to the need for better wages, safer conditions, and fair treatment before workers joined UE ... (10/99)

UE Local 226 Members
Beat Give-Backs, Make Gains

For Local 226, like other UE locals, health care emerged as the principal issue in recent negotiations. Once again, the key to resolving this issue became membership involvement, action, strength and determination. While not all of the local’s goals were achieved, the final contract is regarded as one of the best overall contract settlements in years ... (10/99)

Local 893 Convention
Focuses On Growth

Although the membership of the state-wide union is at an all-time high, UE Local 893, Iowa United Professionals places critical importance on organizing. Addressing a unified and positive state convention here September 25, Local Pres. Dan Kelley said the times demand that "we get a lot bigger, fast" by organizing private-sector social work agencies. ... (10/99)

Local 124 Reaches
1-Year Pact with Genicom

Members of amalgamated UE Local 124 employed by Genicom have unanimously ratified a one-year agreement calling for an immediate 3 percent wage increase. Combined with the 4 percent that employees already received earlier this year, that yields a combined increase of 7 percent ... (10/99)

$1.50 Wage Hike Reached
By Local 155 in Contract With Laneko

Laneko Engineering Co. employees, members of Machine Tool & Die Local 155, have ratified a new three-year agreement by a two-to-one margin. The contract will raise the average rate of $14.37 by 50 cents each year. Laneko workers build tools and dies and produce metal stampings primarily for the auto industry and perform precision machining of custom components for aerospace and other applications ... (10/99)

Breakthroughs in Second
Contract with Aramark

In their second UE contract, Local 1121 members employed at Aramark gain an average pay increase of 5.1 percent in the first year, their first paid personal day and a good local HMO to replace the company health insurance. Mobilization for contract improvements began with a campaign to redress an old injustice ... (10/99)

Evelyn Bell: ‘A Dynamo
With Grace And Style’

1927-1999: Evelyn Bell, regarded fondly by local officers and staff as a "dynamo with grace and style," died July 25. For nearly four decades on the staff of District Six as office manager and much more, Bell devoted her considerable intelligence, skills and energy to the union ... (10/99)

Ole Martinson: ‘Rank-and-File
Unionism At Its Best’

1910-1999: Hilding Mauritz "Ole" Martinson, a UE founder hailed as representing "the very best of everything good about rank-and-file unionism," died September 25. He was 89 ... (10/99)

Letter From London —
Labor in Government is Better, But ...

INTERNATIONAL: Unemployment is down, some of the Thatcher-era damage to health care and social services has been repaired and union membership is showing an upswing as a result of the return to power of the Labuor Party in Britain, but many trade unionists say the Labour Party still hasn't done enough, according to our European correspondent Jeff Apter ... (10/99)

On the Anniversary of the Jesuit Murders
'Close the School of the Assassins'
This November marks the tenth anniversary of the assassination of six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter in El Salvador during that nation’s bloody civil war. Their assassins were Salvadoran military officers, most of them graduates of the U.S. Army School of the Americas (SOA) at Fort Benning, Georgia ... (10/99)

UE Ready for the Millennium
Opening Doors
For Democracy
UE 64th Annual National Convention
New Articles Added to Our Coverage. For the 64th year in a row, elected rank-and-file delegates from UE locals around the country met to determine their union's policy, elect UE's National Officers and to charter the course for our union as we enter the new millennium. Delegates celebrated the opening of a unique Workers' Rights Center in Burlington's City Hall, reinforced our commitment to building real international solidarity, reaffirmed UE's historic commitment to militant, aggressive, democratic, rank-and-file unionism and laid out an aggressive organizing plan. Here's our coverage of what is, in itself, a unique event:


ICEM World Congress
World Union Congress
To Set Global Strategies

INTERNATIONAL: Union leaders from all parts of the world will be tackling the issue of growing — and increasingly concentrated — global corporate power at the World Congress of the International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions (ICEM) from November 3-5. Workers worldwide will be able to follow the Congress through a special website set up by the ICEM. The theme of the congress will be "Amandla Awethu — Power is Ours" ... (10/99)

64th Annual UE National Convention
No Endorsement Expected from Independent-Minded Delegates To Independent United Electrical Workers’ Union Convention
(Press Release issued August 28th, 1999)

At the University of Vermont —
UE - UVM Members
Win First Contract

First UE Contract at the University of Vermont ...


A first union agreement approved by UE Local 267 members achieves the goals set two years ago by the more than 350 service and maintenance employees of the University of Vermont in launching their organizing campaign: dignity and respect on the job, decent wages, better and protected benefits, an effective grievance procedure, job security and the ability to advance. "I think we bargained a good contract," says Norma Sprague a custodian and a member of the local’s negotiating committee ... (8/99)

UE Members Celebrate First
Delaware Schools Contract

"The choke hold is broken!" That’s how custodian Jerry Miller describes the new working conditions established with the first UE Local 799 contract covering the Delaware City Schools’ custodial, food service, maintenance, and transportation employees . Miller says that in his 24 years with the Delaware City Schools, no one in the administration ever responded to the need for better wages, safer conditions, and fair treatment before workers joined UE ... (8/99)

Entoleter Strikers March
Into Work with a Victory

Entoleter workers, members of amalgamated UE Local 299, proudly marched back in to their plant, ending a 100-day strike after unanimously ratifying a new contract. In a significant victory, the union was able to achieve nearly all of its major goals while successfully fighting off the company’s efforts to force concessions from the union ... (8/99)

UE Local 150 Holds First
Constitutional Convention —

For Fairness,
Democracy & Power

UE Local 150 holds fisrt constitutional convention ...


They face a tough battle in an anti-union state, but these UE Local 150 members are determined to win "fairness, democracy and power" for public sector workers in North Carolina. As much a civil rights movement as a local union, the members of UE Local 150 recently concluded their first constitutional convention and are determined to win a better life for themselves and their co-workers. Here's our early report on this historic event ... (8/99)

Solid Gains for Local 811
In U.S. Filter Agreement

Local 811 has reached a new three year agreement with U.S. Filter that calls for a 3 percent wage increase in each year of the new agreement, along with other improvements ... (8/99)

Local 1111 Ratifies
Allen-Bradley Contract
Entering negotiations under the threat of potentially hundreds of layoffs, Local 1111 secured a fair contract with Rockwell International containing job security and wage and benefit improvements. A unified membership in the plant and a strong team at the bargaining table made possible a positive outcome that includes enhanced early retirement options virtually eliminating the layoff threat. The contract with Rockwell International covers the 1,400 members of UE Local 1111 employed at Allen-Bradley. ... (07/99)

Iowa Local Defends Jobs
Through Political Action

State income maintenance workers, members of UE Local 893, Iowa United Professionals, are hailing the state’s decision to officially terminate the X-PERT computer system. Six weeks earlier, under pressure from the union, the state legislature withdrew funding for the project. "The most important aspect of our victory over X-PERT is that we demonstrated that it is possible to impact our working conditions by political action," declared Local Vice Pres. Bill Austin ... (07/99)

Iowa Labor Defeats Business-Inspired
Amendments to State’s Constitution

UE and other unions led a strong, come-from-behind campaign to defeat two tax-related amendments to the Iowa constitution, both heavily favored to gain voter endorsement in a special election. The amendments would have limited state government spending to 99 percent of revenues and required a 60 percent majority of the legislature to raise taxes. "Everyone was surprised ..."  (07/99)

The Struggle for Justice at Glastic ...
Japanese Workers Include
UE Members' Struggle

PHOTO: Workers’ struggles in Japan and the United States coincided at the Kobe annual shareholders’ meting at the Kobe International Conference in Japan. UE’s blue flags were hoisted despite a downpour and UE letters were distributed to shareholders, as Japanese union members who have their own fight with the multinational corporation took up the cause of UE Local 758 ... (07/99)

International Solidarity
On July 4th, Celebrating Worker
Independence in Mexico

Corporate Greed Claims More Victims ...


For five Americans visiting Mexico, observation of the Fourth of July this year carried unmistakable irony. These UE members spent that day with some 200 desperately poor and determined strikers who had declared their independence — from a U.S.-based fruit company. Mostly women, the Irapuato packers range in age from 13 to 80. For 50 cents an hour, they cut, peeled, pitted and sometimes pureed fruit, working between 10-12 hours most days, up to 16-18 hours some days, seven days a week ...  (07/99)

Job-Killing Trade Deals in Congress
Genl. Sec.-Treas. Bob Clark has urged UE locals to act quickly in opposition to renewed attempts by big business to enact legislation that will ease the way for further U.S. manufacturing job loss. The Clinton Administration is working with Congress on legislation (including the so-called "NAFTA for Africa" bill) that would renew the president’s fast-track trade negotiating authority without any linkage to workers’ rights or environmental protection ... (07/99)

Funny Thing ... Business
Worries About "Blacklisting!"

If Uncle Sam were to make sure that federal contracts were not awarded to labor-law-breaking employers, would that imply a "blacklist"? Not the way we understand it! But the prospect of requiring employers be law-abiding before being given taxpayers' dollars has big-business supporters in Congress worried ... (07/99)

UE News Book Review
Promoting the Power
Of Union Democracy

What is a healthy relationship between union members and local leaders? How far out front should the leaders be? Why don’t members participate? Why do members participate? What is the importance of fighting for gender and racial equality? How could meetings be made more interesting and useful? These are among the questions tackled in Democracy Is Power: Rebuilding Unions from the Bottom Up by Mike Parker and Martha Gruelle, a new book from Labor Notes ... which gets a "thumbs-up" from our reviewer ... (07/99)

UE Delegation Joins
CBC-GE Rally in Memphis

PHOTO: A UE delegation in Memphis, Tenn. rallies on June 26 in opposition to General Electric’s closing of an IUE-represented lamp plant and the company’s job-destruction policies. The UE members were attending an expanded meeting of the Coordinated Bargaining Committee of GE Unions in Memphis ... (07/99)

Local 332 Holds One-Day Strike
Over GE Policy Abuses

PHOTOS: On June 7, UE Local 332 members struck the GE plant in Ft. Edward, N.Y. over the company’s continuing abuse of temporary transfers of workers and violation of seniority rights ... (07/99)

Cleveland Twist Drill
Workers Blast Kennametal

PHOTOS:  Some 50 workers from the former Cleveland Twist Drill plant in Solon, Ohio traveled by bus to the world headquarters of parent corporation Kennametal Inc. in Latrobe, Pa. on June 15 to condemn the company’s plans to close the plant at the cost of 165 jobs and protest an inadequate severance offer. ... (07/99)

World of Work News Roundup

Special to the UE News by Jeff Apter in Paris: High unemployment and falling wages have led the Japanese government propose creating more than 700,000 jobs ... Mixed results in a new contract covering 1.5 million workers in Italy's manufacturing sector  ... South Korean police have cracked down on the latest strike wave resulting from corporate downsizing and restructuring ... The unelected European Commission is threatening to fine the French Government if that country does not repeal a law banning women from working night shifts ... The cold war within Europe's trade union movement has ended with the CGT, France's biggest union, bring accepted into the European Trade Union Confederation ... (07/99)

District 1 Promotes
Union-Building, Labor Party

Building the union and organizing the Labor Party were offered as the best responses to attacks on workers’ jobs and living standards, during discussion at the UE District One Council meeting in Elmira, NY. Although 275,000 jobs have been created over the last year, the news media fails to talk about the 30,000 manufacturing jobs the United States has lost each month during the same period, charged District Pres. Connie Spinozzi. ... (07/99)

Local 111 Rallies to Protest
Unfair Treatment of Members

PHOTO: UE Local 111, ICW staged two rallies in recent months at the Gardner Cryogenics division of Air Products and Chemicals Inc. A lunch-time rally on May 20 was followed by a 35-minute rally after work on June 23. At issue were the unjust layoff (out of seniority) of John Kulanko and the company’s refusal to equalize overtime for the most senior worker in the plant, Grant Berger. ... (07/99)

Local 770 Officers Plan
For Negotiations at Hendrickson

PHOTO: Officers of UE Local 770 met recently to prepare for upcoming contract negotiations with Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems. Local 770 represents workers at three Hendrickson plants in Kendallville and Butler, Indiana ... (07/99)

UE Local 150 Set to Hold
First Constitutional Convention

It's a union. It's a civil rights struggle. It's a dynamic movement to improve the lives of public-sector workers in an anti-labor state. After two years of work, UE Local 150, the North Carolina Public Service Workers' Union, is ready to hold its first Constitutional Convention. Find out more about this historic event, set to start July 30th ... (07/99)

Durham, N.C. City Workers Affiliate with UE
Joining UE's growing statewide movement in North Carolina, members of the Durham City Workers Union have voted overwhelmingly to affiliate with UE. Organized for more than 40 years, they bring with them a proud history of taking direct action to win gains for workers in this anti-labor state ... (06/99)

N.C. School Workers
Fight Racial Discrimination

Patterns of racial discrimination have been the focus of a rally and public hearing sponsored by the UE Local 150 chapter at the Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf. Progress has been reported at the school while workers at other sites are asking how they, too, can correct problems they experience on the job ... (06/99)

Organizing Blitz Boosts
UE Membership in North Carolina

A week-long intensive organizing drive has expanded UE Local 150 membership from 6 to 11 of the 16 campuses of the University of North Carolina ... (06/99)
UE - Iowa

Iowa Members Gain
Five Iowa School Districts have new UE Contracts in UE Locals 893 and 865 — including a first-ever UE contract for members who voted to affiliate last year ... Here are the details ...

New UE Members In Keokuk
Schools Approve Contract

School employees in this Mississippi River community overwhelmingly voted to adopt their first UE contract. The Keokuk (Iowa) Educational Office Personnel union voted on Sept. 29, 1998 to affiliate with UE; union members belong to amalgamated Local 893. Keokuk employees gain pay increases ...  (06/99)

Unity Critical in Winning
Improvements for All

The support staff of Boone Community Schools have ratified a new two-year agreement which includes significant wage increases and improvements in key areas of contract language. Members’ unity became crucial in resisting repeated attempts by the school district to introduce a new wage schedule which would have provided large raises for some but tiny increases for the majority ...  (06/99)

Second Contract Wins
Wage, Insurance Progress

Second-ever contract negotiations for members of amalgamated UE Local 893 employed by the Urbandale School District resulted in significant gains in wages and insurance. UE members united in support of their negotiating committee and rallied around a demand for progress on insurance — and not at the expense of wage increases ...  (06/99)

Glenwood Schools Workers
Win 'Gains Not Givebacks'

Local 865 members fought hard — and successfully — for a contract with wage and benefit gains exceeding the Glenwood School District’s 3.2 percent allowable growth. With the school district experiencing about half of its usual projected budget growth, the administration began negotiations with a proposal for ten-cent pay increases and deep cuts in insurance coverage. But, members united behind their negotiating committee in a struggle to make their new contract one of gains, not givebacks ...  (06/99)

A Solid Contract
In a Tough Year

Members of amalgamated UE Local 893 employed by the Adel-DeSoto-Minburn (ADM) School District entered wage negotiations this year with the district projecting negative budget growth. Fearing tiny pay raises or a wage freeze, union members elected a negotiating committee united by determination to force the school board to find money for respectable wage increases ...  (06/99)

Local 1139 Members At General
Foam Okay One-Year Pact

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.— General Foam workers, members of amalgamated UE Local 1139, recently ratified a new one-year contract with the company’s new management. The agreement provides a 4 percent wage increase and makes no change in insurance costs. The contract was negotiated by Jimmy Williams and Field Org. Rocco DeMaio.  (06/99)

Local 243 Celebrates
60 Proud Years

On June 5, more than 350 members, retirees and friends of UE Local 243 in New Haven, Conn., came together to celebrate 60 years of hard work and struggle to improve the conditions of workers at Sargent and Company. Gathered together were the men and women who have made Sargent a well-known and respected manufacturer of building hardware. Local 243 was chartered by UE on May 15, 1939 ...  (06/99)

GEB Backs Revised Plan,
Organizing Task Force

The quarterly meeting of the UE General Executive Board continued high-level discussions on improving the union’s overall work and strengthening its finances. Also covered: the creation of a new task force on organizing; retaining UE's annual national conventions; Education and Political Action ...  (06/99)

UE Walks Wisconsin's Capitol Halls
Delegates from seven UE locals in Wisconsin gathered in the state capital recently for the state’s first UE Political Action Day in many years. In face-to-face meetings with a number of state legislators, the UE members generally found a good reception to their presentation of UE’s "New Priorities" program for Wisconsin  ...  (06/99)

Unionbusting Exposed
THE STRUGGLE AT GLASTIC CONTINUES: UE exposed Kobe Steel's unionbusting with leafleting outside the Japanese corporation’s U.S. headquarters in New York City. Meanwhile, at Kobe plants in Ohio and Indiana on ‘Kobe Workers’ Solidarity Day,’ members of UE and three other unions — PACE, UFCW and USWA — wore solidarity stickers to let their bosses know they stand united for justice. (06/99)

Japanese Unions
Demonstrate Real Solidarity

Assistance by Japanese unions to UE struggles is a potent reminder that international solidarity is not a one-way street. Several Japanese unions are coming to UE’s aid in a first contract struggle, while UE’s sister union in Japan intervened to help overturn an unjust firing at a Wisconsin plant owned by a Japanese corporation. (06/99)

Zenroren Will Send Delegation
To UE's National Convention

A delegation from Zenroren — the Japanese National Confederation of Trade Unions — will attend the 64th UE National Convention in Burlington, Vt., Aug. 29-Sept. 2, Genl. Sec.-Treas. Bob Clark has announced ... (06/99)

UE Political Action Conference Tells Congress —
'Get Back to the People's Business!'
Get back to the people’s business! Representatives of UE locals from Los Angeles to Boston assembled in the nation’s capital to deliver that message to Congress. And over the next three days they made their voices heard in visits to dozens of Congressional offices. The UE Political Action Conference drew delegates from every UE district. These rank-and-file representatives confidently confronted the powerful with a demand for attention to working-class concerns ...  (05/99)

GTD Workers Gain $1.65
Over 3 Years in UE
Contract with New Owner

Greenfield Tap and Die workers, members of amalgamated UE Local 274, prevailed in their first negotiations with the plant’s new owners, Kennametal. The contract calls for general wage increases totaling $1.65 over three years; a majority of UE members at will receive an 85-cent hourly increase the first year. In a significant victory, union members persuaded the company to lock in current health insurance costs for the next three years ... (05/99)

Local 111 Prevails with
Contract Despite Layoffs

An overwhelming majority of UE Local 111 members recently ratified a new two-year agreement with Gardner Cryogenics. The UE members who work at plants here and in Bethlehem build and refurbish large containers and truck trailers that transport liquid helium. Despite layoffs stemming from the so-called Asian crisis and the sluggish European economy, the members and negotiating committee were determined to secure a fair settlement ... (05/99)

'Rally for Justice' Keeps Pressure
On Glastic For First Contract

Joined by dozens of supporters, Glastic plastics workers, members of new UE Local 758, take their fight for a first contract to Glastic Corp. headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Last fall, workers at Glastic Plastics voted to join UE — but the plant management has been intent on refusing to abide by this legal and democratic decision, thwarting attempts to bargain a first contract.

On Strike Since May 3 —
Entoleter Workers
Fight Takeaways

PHOTOS: The 16 members of amalgamated UE Local 299 at Entoleter Inc. in Hamden, Conn. have been on strike since May 3. They are fighting the company’s proposed health insurance givebacks and attempts to eliminate insurance when workers are out on workers’ compensation ... (05/99)

GE Retirees Send
Message to Stockholders

Aboard a bus bound for the General Electric stockholders meeting in Cleveland, Don Kelley announced to his fellow retirees that if possible he intended to speak directly to CEO Jack Welch. Some laughed. But Kelley was serious. Before the meeting in the International Exposition Center got underway, the Erie GE retiree saw Welch and took the opportunity to speak directly to him. The issue? Despite an overfunded pension plan, GE retirees haven't seen a cost-of-living adjustment since 1996 (only the second this decade) ... (05/99)

Labor Department Workshop —
Training for Financial
Secretaries and Trustees ...

PHOTO: Trustees and financial secretaries from Districts Six and Seven attended a one-day training session in Pittsburgh on April 16, arranged by the Labor Dept. and Genl. Sec.-Treas. Bob Clark. 

UE Print Shop Prints
Union's Convention Book

UE members at Common Wealth Printing, a worker-owned cooperative in Hadley, Mass. have printed the Proceedings of the 63rd UE Convention. The Convention Proceedings contain the Officers’ Report and Policy as well as the proceedings of the convention ...  (05/99)

Listen on the Internet!
Labor Party Kicks Off
Just Healthcare Campaign
With June 6th Radio Call-In

The Labor Party officially kicks off its Just Healthcare campaign with a nationwide radio program on Sunday, June 6. The two-hour radio program is just the beginning of an intensive campaign that will include creation of a "Committee of a Million" for Just Healthcare, local hearings, local and state referenda and other activities. The national radio call-in show will start at noon, Eastern time ... (05/99)

UE General Executive Board Issues:
Statement on the Kosovo Crisis
(Press release issued
April 30, 1999)

Rank-and-File Support Key —
Delaware, Ohio Schools
Workers Vote to Join UE

No Stopping Us Now!    

No Stopping Us Now!’ Workers employed by the Delaware (Ohio) City School District had to wait nearly a year to vote for UE representation. But bureaucratic delays and a heavy-handed anti-union blitz only intensified their UE spirit. "The administration just doesn’t get it," exclaimed bus driver Sandy Barrows ... "We’re like a runaway freight train and there’s no stopping us now!" The food service, custodial, maintenance and transportation workers chose UE by a strong 61 percent majority ... (04/99)

Rally for First Contract
At Glastic Plastics
Last fall, workers at Glastic Plastics voted to join UE — but the plant management has been intent on refusing to abide by this legal and democratic decision, thwarting attempts to bargain a first contract. Supported by allies from UE, PACE and UAW locals, Glastic workers rallied outside the plant where UE General Secretary-Treasurer Bob Clark told the new UE members their national union is firmly behind them ... (04/99)

Local 1187 Strike
In Third Month

The Load King division of CMI in Elk Point, S.D. is still shut down, as Local 1187 members continue an unfair labor practice strike that began Feb. 9. Local 1187 members are standing strong, united in their determination to force the company to bargain in good faith — but assistance is appreciated. Here's how you can help with both financial contributions and messages of support. ... (04/99)

Pyramid Workers Keep
Saturdays Free, Gain
Improvements in New Contract

Pyramid Plastics workers, members of amalgamated UE Local 683, ratified a new three-year agreement on Feb. 26. The gains in the contract didn’t come easily — it took leaflets in the plant, button-wearing, signs in cars, plant-gate meetings and near-unanimous membership meetings for the company to realize that workers were serious about a decent settlement ... (04/99)

Local 1421 Wins Improvements
In Latest Graham Packaging Pact

Graham Packaging workers, members of amalgamated UE Local 1421, ratified a three-year agreement on March 3, that includes significant improvements in wages and benefits. Shop solidarity was critical throughout the negotiations as workers at Graham Packaging fought back attempts by their multinational-employer to force employee contributions to their health insurance and a four-year contract ... (04/99)

Local 1139 Reaches
Contract with Thiele
Despite Hard Times

With their employer genuinely experiencing hard times, the members of amalgamated UE Local 1139 employed by Thiele Engineering agreed to modifications in production practices and the pension plan in recent negotiations ... (04/99)

No Surprises as UE
Local Leaders Briefed
On GE’s Billions in Profit

Leaders of UE locals in the General Electric chain were not surprised to learn that their employer is doing very, very well when they received a detailed report on the company’s finances at a meeting of the union’s GE Conference Board. GE revenues are up 20 percent since 1996, 80 percent since 1993. GE enjoyed net profits of $9.3 billion in 1998 — 13 percent better than 1997 and a gain of 28 percent since 1996 ... (04/99)

Encountering a Commitment
To Democracy in Mexico

Two UE rank-and-file leaders were among labor and community leaders from eight states visiting Mexico in a trip organized by UE and hosted by the Authentic Labor Front (FAT), Mexico’s national independent labor federation. The delegation toured factories organized by FAT, visited FAT-affiliated cooperatives, met with the head of Mexico City’s labor department and participated in International Women’s Day celebrations ... (04/99)

World of Work News Roundup

Special to the UE News by Jeff Apter in Paris: Pay hikes for German metalworkers and public service employees ... protections for Europe's "short-term" workers ... a underground union forms in China ... a Korean Confederation of trade Unions has given up trying to work with an important government-employer committee and in France, Renault agrees to a 35 hour workweek but earns the anger of its largest union over job losses ... (04/99)

For Milwaukee UE Member —
Kosovo Refugees’ Plight
A Phone Call Away

For UE Local 1172 member Frieda Abasovksi, the horror behind the heart-rendering scenes of refugee Kosovar Albanians seen on the TV news is only a family phone call away. The Everbrite worker is an ethnic Albanian from Macdeonia; her brother and sister, still living there, in recent days have taken in refugee Kosovars ... (04/99)

Rank-and-File Democracy in Action —
Wisconsin Training Sessions
Building Rank-and-File Unonism

PHOTOS: UE Leadership training sessions in Wisconsin covered the basics of rank-and-file unionism. Sessions took place in Milwaukee and Necedah ... (04/99)

Ruth Newell Dies;
Pioneering 1940s Organizer

Ruth Newell, an outstanding UE organizer in the 1940s whose work for the union continued intermittently into the early 1970s, died March 13. She was the mother of former UE Genl. Sec.-Treas. Amy Newell ... (04/99)

District 2 Council
Enthusiastic About Organizing

Southeastern Massachusetts’ heaviest snowfall of the season didn’t prevent delegates from arriving to the District Two Council meeting on Feb. 26 or dampen their enthusiasm. In fact, delegates from Boston, North Shore and Taunton area locals met at 10 a.m. prior to the start of the council meeting to discuss rank-and-file involvement in organizing with UE Dir. of Org. Bob Kingsley, Intl. Rep. Harry Authelet and District Pres. Judy Atkins ... (04/99)

Labor Party Chapter
Gives Santorum "Most
Foolish Policy" Award

PHOTOS: The Pittsburgh Metro Chapter of the Labor Party celebrated April Fools Day by attempting to present U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum (R., Pa.) the "Most Foolish Public Policy Initiative of the Year" award because of his advocacy of Social Security privatization ... (04/99)

Former Employer Pays $2,250 —
Local 264 Retiree
Insists on Vacation Pay

Edward Grzyb, a retired member of UE Local 264, had the union’s backing in his successful attempt to collect payment from his former boss ... (04/99)

New Officers For UE Local 212
PHOTO: District 2 Pres. Judy Atkins administers the oath of office to UE Local 212 officers in Dalton, Mass  ... (04/99)

Thirty Years in Office!
PHOTO: Local 714 members wonder how many locals have an officer as dedicated as Robert Lee Gillette, who has served as UE Local 714's recording secretary for 30 years ... (04/99)

The Blacklist and Its Victims
The decision of the Academy of  Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to present a lifetime achievement award on March 21 to director Elia Kazan drew many protests. Kazan informed on friends and co-workers in the 1950's and, as a result, those former friends and co-workers were victimized by the Cold War blacklist operating in Hollywood. For perspective on those events, we turned to the writing of Charles Kerns, whose column on television and film appeared in the UE NEWS for many years. ... (04/99)

Second Contract
'UE Works' for
University of Iowa
Graduate Employees

Nearly half of the classes at the University of Iowa are taught by teaching assistants and a great deal of the University’s world-class research is performed by research assistants, giving power to UE Local 896's claim: "UI Works Because We Do!" In negotiations for a second contract, the local succeeded in fighting off important contract language concessions, winning improvements in salaries and health insurance and a long-sought non-discrimination clause ... (03/99)

CMI's Unfair Labor
Practices Spark Strike

Unfair labor practices committed by the Load King division of CMI during the course of contract negotiations have forced UE Local 1187 members in Elk Point, S.D. to the picket lines. And a strike in South Dakota during the winter months can mean extremes in weather and temperature. Local 1187 members voted nearly unanimously in a secret-ballot vote to launch their strike on Feb. 9 ... (03/99)

Local 893 Approves New
Agreement With State Of Iowa

A new two-year contract covering some 2,300 State of Iowa employees — among them social workers, income maintenance workers, corrections counselors, vocational rehabilitation staff and scientists — has been overwhelmingly approved by members of UE Local 893, Iowa United Professionals. The new contract provides 3 percent across-the-board wage increase this July and a second 3 percent increase in July 2000 ... (03/99)

Local 791-Ohio Turnpike —
Contracts Strengthen Unity
Of Part-Time, Full-Time Workers

Ohio Turnpike workers, members of UE Local 791, have negotiated and approved two new three-year contracts — one covering 600 full-time toll collectors and maintenance workers, the other covering 290 part-time toll collectors. Both agreements provide 3 percent wage increases each year ... (03/99)

Spencer School Staff
Gain First Contract

Spencer Community School District support staff, members of UE Local 821, have negotiated a first contract. The more than 110 workers each gain a 75-cent raise in their one-year agreement, which establishes a grievance procedure, the right to arbitrate grievances, seniority rights, paid holidays, sick days and paid vacations. ... (03/99)

New UE Contract Gives
Winneshiek Road Crew
$1.50 Over 3 Years

The Winneshiek County road crew, members of UE Local 869, have ratified a new contract with the county that will add 50 cents to hourly wages in each of the three years covered by the agreement. ... (03/99)

Local 155 President
Ray Spinozzi Dies

A man who will be sadly missed by UE, Remo P. "Ray" Spinozzi, a long-time UE member and current president of Machine Tool & Die Local 155, died March 4 due to complications following coronary bypass surgery. The husband of UE Genl. Vice Pres. Connie Spinozzi, Ray Spinozzi was 68. ... (03/99)

District 6 Wonders:
Where's the Economic Boom?

Where’s the economic boom? That question appeared repeatedly at the District Six Council meeting here Feb. 20 as speakers pointed to the threats against Social Security, employer attacks on health insurance, on and off again overtime, layoffs and plant closings. A strong union remains the best defense during boom or bust, delegates agreed ... (03/99)

District 10 Meets, Reaffirms
Commitment to Building the Union

Delegates from all over the state of California came together at District 10’s council meeting where the UE leaders reaffirmed their commitment to organize, build the Labor Party, strengthen international solidarity and to move towards greater rank-and-file self-sufficiency  ... (03/99)

Union Action, Policy
Discussed by District 11

Economic action and political action in defense of working people dominated reports to the UE District 11 Council meeting in Milwaukee, with delegates also dealing with important internal union issues ... (03/99)

UE Members Among 400
At Jobs with Justice Conference

PHOTOS: UE members were among the more than 600 delegates to the national Jobs with Justice conference in Louisville, Ky. Feb. 26-28. Many are calling this the most energetic and successful Jobs with Justice national conference yet ... (03/99)

The Global Economy —
An International View
From Mexico

Speaking at the UE District 11 hall, Bertha Lujan, director of the Frente Autentico del Trabajo (FAT), a federation of independent unions in Mexico, addresses how the global economy has impacted workers and poor people in her country. Lujan's address was part of a tour sponsored by the Mexico Solidarity Network,   a coalition of 72 organizations that "support struggles for democracy, justice and human rights in Mexico." Special to the UE Web by Hal Sutton, UAW Local 1268. (02/99)

At University of North Carolina
Local 150 Demands
Justice on Campuses

Despite working in a state which outlaws bargaining between unions and state institutions, hundreds of housekeepers, groundskeepers, maintenance workers and other employees of the University of North Carolina are fighting for better working conditions and living standards as members of the North Carolina Public Service Workers Union, UE Local 150. They are organizing, struggling and — against the odds — winning ... (02/99)

New Contract Improves
Wages, Benefits at Chasen

The members of amalgamated UE Local 404 employed by M. Chasen and Son at plants here and in Irvington on Jan. 9 ratified a new five-year contract that will substantially improve wages and insurance ... (02/99)

GEB Weighs Schedule
Change, Recruitment Plan

The union’s General Executive Board weighed organizational, financial and political issues at its regularly scheduled quarterly meeting in Pittsburgh ... (02/99)

Women Educate Each
Other, Across Borders

When women from UE and the Canadian Auto Workers joined the women assembled near Mexico City for a week-long women’s leadership training conducted by the Authentic Labor Front (FAT), the clash of cultures was not only along international boundaries. The diverse group of women participated in a series of intensive workshops designed to liberate, motivate and train women for leadership in Mexico's male-dominated society. ... (02/99)

Annual Political Action Day —
Iowa UE Members Greet
Governor, Lawmakers

The unusually mild, sunny weather here matched the mood of union members gathering in the state capital for the annual UE Political Action Day. With the cloud of the labor-hostile Branstad administration lifted after 16 years, the representatives of more than 6,000 working families from each of the state’s 99 counties looked forward to positive changes. ... (02/99)

Vermont's Largest City Council
Endorses Organizing Rights,
Card Check Recognition

The Burlington City Council has endorsed the right of workers to organize and called on employers to recognize unions where a majority of their employees have signed union cards. Residents of the city’s Old North End got the good news delivered to their doorsteps when a team of rank-and-file UE members, staff and national leaders canvassed the neighborhood. ... (02/99)

Cartoon Feature
Impeachment Process

UE News Cartoonist Gary Huck offers a look back at the historic — and bizarre — last thirteen months in Washington ... (02/99)

Special Offer to Unionists
All Ten Volumes of Foner's
Labor Movement History Available

All ten volumes of The History of the Labor Movement of the United States by the late Philip S. Foner are again in print and are being offered at a special price to union members. This impressive series examines the history of U.S. trade unionism in remarkable detail, from the colonial era to the eve of the Great Depression. ... (02/99)

Global Economy Claims New Victims —
U.S. Firm Moves Jobs
From Ireland to Morocco

The global economy claimed 770 more victims in December, as workers at four Fruit of the Loom factories in Ireland learned two weeks before Christmas the plants would close in January.  ... (02/99)

New Officers for Local 707
PHOTO: The members of UE Local 707, representing GE Service Shop workers oin Cleveland, have elected new officers ... (02/99)

Contract Ends
Decades-Long Saga

Workers employed by Jamestown Industries are enjoying the dollars-and-cents gains of their first UE contract, an agreement they achieved through their own dogged perseverance through ownership changes, bizarre business disputes, firings and attacks on their union. "We can feel proud about ourselves," says Local 794 Pres. Larry Jamason, a 12-year company veteran. "We got a decent pay raise. It’s better working in there now. We’ve got the power, we’re union!" ... (01/99)

National Van Strike Settled
Local 404 members employed by National Van Equipment Co., in Long Island City, Queens, returned to work on Jan. 19 after a 18-day strike for health care insurance and dignity on the job. These union members, all of whom are immigrants, walked back together wearing UE t-shirts bearing a Spanish motto that translates "not one step backward, never give up!" ... (01/99)

Local 404 Prevails in
18-Day Strike at Medin Corp

Even as Local 404 members employed by the Medin Corp. were voting on Nov. 2 to reject the company’s unionbusting proposals, guards were taking up positions around the plant ... in the end, solidarity and unity carried the day as the unionbusting effort was defeated a new contract was signed ... (01/99)

Local 1135 Makes Gains
In Third Contract with Tulip

Local 1135 members have overwhelmingly ratified a new three-year contract with Tulip Corp., gaining significant improvements in wages, retirement savings contributions, and safety. This is the third contract between the union and the company ... (01/99)

Old Rochester School Workers
Clean Up with First Contract

The fifteen service and maintenance workers of Old Rochester Regional School district, members of UE Local 248, recently settled their first union contract. Despite their small size and the School Committee’s attempts to delay, divide, and diminish this first contract, these new UE members held fast to an agreement that doesn’t get everything they wanted but makes significant gains in some key areas and brings them closer to the average wage and benefit levels for school custodial and maintenance workers in southeastern Massachusetts ... (01/99)

UE-GE Leaders
Hear Call to Action

Leaders from UE locals in the General Electric chain heard a call to action on organizing, political action and preparations for national bargaining when the UE-GE Conference Board met in Pittsburgh ... (01/99)

Canadian Agency Upholds
Unions in Echlin Case

UE NEWS INTERNATIONAL: The Canadian agency that administers the NAFTA labor side agreement has charged the Mexican government with failing to enforce its own laws and regulations when workers at the U.S.-owned ITAPSA automotive plant tried to organize an independent union. ... (01/99)

World of Work News Roundup ...
UE NEWS INTERNATIONAL: The Euro prompts a new joint collective bargaining strategy among Europe's unions — a British study says part-time jobs will account for a third of all employment by the year 2010 — workers in Spain are demanding a 35-hour work week to combat a 19% unemployment rate — Japanese automakers pursue alliances — German unions propose job-sharing to spur higher employment ... and more ... in the World of Work ... (01/99)

Despite Economic Growth,
Poor Are Getting Poorer

A strong showing in the stock market and escalating corporate profits are no answer for poverty. Economic growth in the 1990s has made a few people rich and left most Americans just getting by or worse. On average, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reports poor families became poorer in 1997 — probably due (at least in part) to the weakening of safety net programs ... (01/99)

Honoring the Dream
PHOTO: A Local 506 contingent, joined by Genl. Sec.-Treas. Bob Clark, took part in the annual Erie, Pa. Martin Luther King Day March on Jan. 18. Despite rain and snow, a long line of marchers paraded through the streets of Pennsylvania’s third-largest city ... (01/99)

District 2 Officers
PHOTO: The officers and executive board of District 2 take the oath of office from Genl. Pres. John Hovis at the conclusion of the council meeting in Glens Falls, N.Y. ... Delegates honored three recent retirees — Bernie Leonka, Web Chapman and Mary Hudak, all long-time officers of host Local 332. (01/99)

Marshall Perlin Dies at 79
Marshall 'Mike' Perlin, a nationally known civil liberties attorney who had a long a long association with UE, died Dec. 31 at age 79. ... (01/99)

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