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Local 893 Approves
New Agreement
With State Of Iowa


A new two-year contract covering some 2,300 State of Iowa employees — among them social workers, income maintenance workers, corrections counselors, vocational rehabilitation staff and scientists — received overwhelming approval last month from members of UE Local 893, Iowa United Professionals. Voting took place over five days at 22 meetings conducted at 21 locations around the state.

The new contract provides 3 percent across-the-board wage increase this July and a second 3 percent increase in July 2000 and contains the upgrades for social workers and income maintenance workers Local 893 had insisted on from the outset of negotiations.

Local 893 and state officials reached agreement voluntarily; state law would have required arbitration had the parties failed to agree on a new contract. Negotiations appeared to have broken down in early February. At that time the parties made plans to exchange final offers on Feb. 19 and to arbitrate on March 1.


UE negotiators advised management not to come back with an offer that did not include the upgrades. Three days later the State proposed a settlement that included the classification upgrades. In addition, workers’ step increases will remain automatic. "These upgrades are the result of our union at work!" declared Local 893 Pres. Dan Kelley.

The State will pay 100 percent of the cost of single insurance coverage for the life of the contract. Effective July 2000, the State will pay 70 percent of the cost of Family Plan 3 Plus and apply the same dollar amount to all other plans. Presently the State pays 62 percent of Plan 3 Plus. Should there be another premium increase in December 2000, that increase will be split 50-50 between the State and workers.

A special 30-day enrollment/change period in April will allow workers who have Select 2000 to move to Plan 3 Plus (and possibly to HMOs, pending negotiations).


The new contract restores all contract language removed during the arbitration that produced the 1995-97 settlement. Regarded by state law as "permissive" rather than mandatory subjects for bargaining, this language included the right of a worker to have a steward present during disciplinary procedures.

The UE committee consisted of Pres. Dan Kelley, Vice Pres. Bill Austin, Sec. Pat Hasenclever and Neal Boeding, a corrections counselor. Committee member Pat Morrissey was unable to attend bargaining sessions but was regularly consulted. The committee was assisted by Intl. Rep. Greg Cross.

UE News - 03/99

Home -> UE News -> 1999 Archives -> Article

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