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Welcome to the UE Web!
Here's a complete overview of our website.
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About UE

About UE

Want to find out about the USA's Rank-and-File Union? Here's where to check. You'll also find an "on-line pamphlet" that describes more about the "Aims and Structure" of UE!


Organize with UE!

Few unions are as committed to organizing as UE ... and if you are looking for a union, you've found a really good one. UE represents thousands of workers in both the public and private sectors (since 1936). If you'd like more information, tell us  (no hype-no pressure). Remember, it's your right to form a union!


Independent Unions

Find out why UE is  the "Home of Independent Unionism" ... on our "Independent Union Connection" web, featuring articles, links and information geared specifically to independent union leaders and members. You'll also find that UE offers autonomy, independence, and national support to unions interested in affiliating. Many unions already have ... Questions? 

UE News

The Union's Newspaper On-Line

The UE News is published eight times a year for UE members. It's also available to the public by subscription and here, online featuring news, cartoons, columns and more. For subscription information, click here and scroll to "UE News." 

Between issues of the UE News (in print and online), we post news updates to UE News Update ... and, get an overview of lots of news on our UE News Headlines page.

(Previously published UE News articles can be found online in the UE News Archives for 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and Features)

UE-GE 2007 National Contract Negotiations

News, background, and general information for General Electric workers nationwide as we prepare for national negotiations in 2007.

Also available as archives: pages from our year 2000 and 2003 national contract negotiations.


UE Resources Catalog On-Line

Many items from the UE Resource catalog are now shown on-line for UE members, locals, staff and the public. Feel free to browse through what we have to offer and make sure you check out what's new, too!


On-line Supplement
to the UE Leadership Guide

Web links and resources based on information contained in the UE Leadership Guide. Need more information? Try this page.


International Solidarity

A page about UE's ongoing efforts to build cross-border solidarity ... or you can go directly to our international solidarity  web, maintained by UE's International Labor Affairs department. Regularly updated alerts on organizing and human-rights emergencies.


UE Links to the World

Organized into more than a dozen categories, we've got links to all kinds of information on the World Wide Web. Whether you want to research your employer, find health and safety information or just find people, places or things, here's where you want to look!


UE Health and Safety

A wealth of Health and Safety articles by David Kotelchuck as they've appeared in the UE News. Take advantage of this wealth of information use our search engine to find specific information.


Information for Workers

From the pages of two UE publications (the Independent Connection and the UE Steward), here's information for stewards, officers and union members. It's probably stuff the boss would rather you didn't read! So ... start reading!


Labor Party
A Political Party for Workers!

Find out more about the Labor Party ... check out our Labor Party Resources ... and visit the Labor Party's Web Site!


Education Page

The UE Education Department offers workshops, classes and materials for UE members and locals. Find out what's available ... and what's going on!


Independent Political Action

UE pursues a policy of independent political action, based on a mobilized membership. See what's new in our fights for justice and equality ... and check the latest Political Action Alert.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill Shop Steward

From the Labor Party Press, working-class news and views from Washington.


Convention Information

Information about UE's annual National Convention. Depending on the time of year, this page will either have information about the most recent convention ... or the one coming up ...

UE Policy

UE Policy 2003-2005

UE policy is set annually by delegates to UE's national convention. Policies for 2003-2005 were adopted in August, 2003 during UE's 68th annual convention, held in Pittsburgh, PA ...


Officers' Report
Each year, by Constitution, UE's three national officers are required to report to the membership on their stewardship of the union during the previous twelve months. Here's the report for 2002 - 2003.

of the

Gary Huck's Cartoon of the Month

Here's Gary's "cartoon of the month" from the only cartoonist employed full-time by a U.S. labor union (you'll find 'toons from previous months, too).



Search the UE Website and the entire World Wide Web with any of the top 12 search engines and directories all from one page on the UE Web!


What's New ...

This page contains important dates and event information for UE members and locals.

UE Web

About the UE Web

Some technical information ... and our privacy statement.

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