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Labor Party

The bosses have two parties. Let's build one of or own.

Labor Parties in American History

Another Voice, Another Vision:
Labor Parties in American History

Based on a series of articles which first appeared in the UE News, this 38 page pamphlet describes the history of labor and working peoples' political parties in the United States from the 1820s through the 1990s. Well-designed and well-written, you'll find fascinating reading about some history you probably didn't know.

$3.00 to the public
$3.00 for UE members


Labor Party Organizing

Information and
Organizing Manual

How to Mobilize Around
the Labor Party Platform

The dream of working people having our own political party is becoming a reality. Everything you need to know to organize with — and for — the Labor Party is contained in this new, 71 page manual. There's a brief history of the Labor Party; 16 facts sheets on the Labor Party's platform; a "Local Union Action Plan;" and a section of questions and answers. Special UE edition.

$2.00 to the public
$1.00 for UE members

Labor Party Convention:
History in the Making

Committee for Labor Access
(Labor Beat)

The founding convention of the Labor Party in Cleveland is captured on videotape. Details the convention highlights, key debates and the Labor Party program. (1996)

Running Time: 27 minutes • VHS Video
Available on loan for UE members

UE Shop Club Labor Party

My Union - My Party

Labor Party Buttons

Let everyone know you're building a real voice for workers ... and  putting an end to politics as usual! (Specify the "Unite! or "My Party! Button)

Labor Party Buttons — 50 cents each

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