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UE Online

UE Local 506

UE Local 506, Erie
(General Electric)

Welcome to our
internet guide.

Here you'll find links to hundreds of sites for trade unionists and workers (all regularly verified and updated). Enjoy!

UE Local 896/COGS at the University of Iowa

UE Local 896 COGS
(University of Iowa)

UE's International Solidarity Web
UE International Labor
Solidarity Web Site

UE Local 170

UE Local 170
(West Virginia
Public Workers Union)

UE Local 893 - Iowa United Professionals

UE Local 893
Iowa United Professionals

UE Northeast Region
UE Northeast Region

UE Local 150 - The North Carolina Public Service Workers Union

UE Local 150

North Carolina Public
Service Workers Union
  UE Eastern Region
UE Eastern Region

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More Sites
International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions
   International Federation of
Chemical, Energy, Mine and
General Workers' Unions

Brussels Website
Labor Party Press

The Labor Part
LabourStart - Where trade unionists start their day on the net.

Where trade unionists
start their day on the net.

Huck-Konopacki Labor Cartoons
Labor Cartoons

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Our Links Pages


Here's where you will find links to all sorts of communities African-American, Latino, Native American and Women, along with related issues. This list includes directories, places to find links and organizations.

Daily Life

From consumer groups and information to the weather (and even sounding off about the boss), this is the spot to check to get the information you need.

and Search

Want to find something, someplace or someone on the net? Here's a great place to start: the major search engines, people finders, place finders (maps and stuff), labor lists, and the U.S. government are all here!


From wildlife to global warming, links to all kinds of planetary information.


Whaddaya want to know!? Here's the U.S. Government in detail. You may also want to check in "Research."

Health & Safety

To your good health -- and safety. From General to specific, here's a good place to start searching for the H&S information you need at work and home.


Bosses just love the global economy. Just like the "good 'ole days" they love to "divide and conquer" wherever they can. Let's show 'em they're wrong! Find out what's happening around the word...

Labor Resources

Labor lists & directories, resources and information are all part of our Labor Resources on the Web links.


With links to  virtual law libraries to state and federal courts to labor relations, this page is not just for lawyers!


With millions upon millions of pages on the web, it's not possible to list 'em all -- or even to know where to start. We thought this list might help -- organizations who are basically trying to do good things! And, here's our short list of where to find alternatives to the mainstream press (in our "Alternative Media" area) ...

Political Action

Want to sound-off? Find out who gave your elected representatives money? Check on political happenings in the USA? Look here first!


From company finances to the economy, we've put together some of the best search tools and links on the 'net. We think they will help you find what you're looking for.

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