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Here's where you will find links to all sorts of
communities — African-American, Latino,
Native American and Women, along with
related issues. This list includes directories,
places to find links and organizations.

Whenever possible, we've listed websites by using
their own descriptions (indicated by the use of opening
and closing quotes). Links verified: 10/24/2003.

African-American Web Connection
A directory billing itself as "An African American Cyber Gateway for the Entire Family" with some 17 topic areas.

al intra: North American Indian Websites+
Mostly about Native Americans. This site has grown considerably since we added it to our UE Links pages in 1998. Among its categories are: Art, Chiefs, Icons, Genealogy, NA Info, Languages, Music, Photos, Society, Tribes, Web-rings and loads to links to Native American Web-sites.

Anti-Racism Net
"AntiRacismNet provides both an online resource for the activist community and a portal offering information about anti-racism activities to the general public. As an activist resource, AntiRacismNet provides a part of the needed infrastructure for a global online community by hosting the following: an international online directory of social justice organizations; both issue-specific and news digest listservs; a calendar for posting regional, national, international events; (and) a news portal for publishing efforts and backgrounders on issues."

Asian American Resources
Asian American oriented links to: Clubs/Organizations; Media; Personal Home Pages; Info/FAQs; Events and the Web in general.

BLACK Quest Power Resource Links
"A comprehensive source and gateway to African/African American history, culture and society." Lots of links!

Center for New Community
The Center for New Community, in its own words, "is a faith-based, rural-urban initiative whose mission is to revitalize congregations and community for genuine social, economic and political democracy." Among the various worthwhile projects they are involved in is the "Building Democracy Initiative" which is aimed at "developing a lasting commitment, particularly within the religious community, to counter far-right, anti-democratic movements in the Midwest." The Building Democracy project produced an excellent report on white supremacists on the Internet, for example.

ColorLines Magazine
"The nation's leading magazine on race, culture, and organizing ... We bring together the leading thinkers and organizers of color and the leading writers on race to speak on the issues, the organizing, the arts, the ideas of our time."

Deeper Shade of History: Events & Folks in Black History
"Welcome to the all-new This Week in Black History Database ... (where) you can look at some interesting facts for this particular week in Black History (updated weekly, usually on Sunday or Monday). ... You can search for topics in the database. If you're lucky, you'll find a short biography, pointers to other resources on the web (and off it) and some interesting facts (for example, you can find a lot about Paul Robeson). You can search the calendar for facts about a particular month ....(and) search the calendar for facts about a particular year."

"The place to find any and everything BLACK on the Net!" Directory, featuring nearly a thousand links, organized by category.

Feminist Majority Foundation
The home page of the Feminist Majority, founded in 1987. Regularly-updated news. Sub-sites include: Feminist News & Events; Feminist Internet Gateway; Feminist University Network; 911 for Women; Take Action!; Feminist Census; Feminist Career Center; Affirmative Action; Feminist Budget Center; Global Feminism; Breast Cancer Center; Feminist Research Center; Reproductive Rights; Feminist Arts, Literature, and Entertainment Center; Feminist Online Store.
Absolutely huge Web site, organized into some 45 subject areas covering many, many different areas (news, "outrage of the week", activism, and on ...). Also plays web-host to a number of additional groups and organizations for, by and about women.

Currently contains information about women in government (federal and state; all branches) and additional state-by-state information. Promises sections on violence, history and health.

Directory web sites, maintained by the owners of HISPANIC/Vista magazines.

Latin America Working Group
"LAG is a coalition of over sixty religious, human rights, policy, grassroots and development organizations. Since 1983, the coalition has been striving for U.S. policies that promote peace, justice and sustainable development in the region.

Latino Issues Forum
"IF addresses public policy issues from the perspective of how they will affect the social and economic future of the Latino community. To accomplish our mission of empowering Latinos to participate more fully and effectively in public policy issues, we provide the following: Policy Analysis & Development; Coalition Building; Community Education & Training; Media Resources; (and) Advocacy."

"A Latino Virtual Community ... a virtual information center for Latino resources." Oh-oh: this website is "undergoing reconstruction" ... but that announcement is dated 1/1/03.

NAACP Online
Home page of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Includes issue alerts, press releases and lots of information about the organization.

National Organization for Women (NOW)
From issues to actions, information and news, you'll find a lot of information at NOW's home page. Includes a search feature and information on local chapters.

National Women's History Project
"History looks different when the contributions of women are included. ... The National Women's History Project is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1980, that is committed to providing education, promotional materials, and informational services to recognize and celebrate women's diverse lives and historic contributions to society." The National Women's History Project (NWT) is the source for updates about events, conferences, publications, films and other resources related to U.S. women's history.

"Welcome to NativeWeb ... Our purpose: to provide a cyber-community for Earth's indigenous peoples." Currently, this site is "predominantly about the Americas, from the Arctic to Amazonia. In time, this will change. As access to the Web grows, as native peoples of other continents reach out through cyber-space, NativeWeb will grow also.Already there are many links to the aboriginal peoples of Canada, New Zealand, and Australia."

New World Village
"...the On-line home of the Internet's only national provider run by men and women of color ... and of the members of People Link, an on-line community of progressive activism." The "Neighborhoods" section features "theme-based sections with links to hundreds of the most important and informative progressive web sites."

Not In Our Town
"NOT IN OUR TOWN and NOT IN OUR TOWN II are public television programs that have helped coalesce a national movement against hate crimes. Since the national broadcast of Not in Our Town II on PBS in December, 1996, many communities have joined the campaign, organized by the Institute for Alternative Journalism and the video's producers, The Working Group. On this website you will find materials about the programs and the campaign." Unions pay a big role in both videos.

Stop the Hate!
Well, it's not exactly a community, but it can help yours! A long list of links to anti-racist/anti-fascist information. Not organized in any particular order, but the page subhead catches the spirit: "Get Informed - Get Involved!"

Universal Black Pages
"Created (and is developed) through the efforts of members of the Black Graduate Students Association at the Georgia Institute of Technology ... the main purpose of the UBP is to have a complete and comprehensive listing of African diaspora related Web pages at a central site."
"In this hectic world, it’s easy to forget that there’s nothing wrong with a little downtime. That’s what’s on the agenda at, where you can leave life’s pressures behind, kick back and laugh at hilarious dating stories, get the hottest celebrity scoop, check out styles for your home and your closet, talk about sex, take revealing quizzes and amuse yourself with games that women love. is now a wholly owned subsidiary of iVillage. We have joined forces to become the largest global neighborhood of women online" ...

"WomensNet supports women's organizations worldwide by providing and adapting telecommunications technology to enhance their work." One of the I.G.C. progressive networks.

"The premier search directory for Women Online!" With a Yahoo!-like interface, "WWWomen fills a need for anyone who is looking for topics relating to women. We are dedicated to finding all sites on the Web relevant to women-- from sites about child rearing and pregnancy to sites about civil liberties, careers and religion."

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