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With links to  virtual law libraries to state and federal
courts to labor relations, this page is not just for lawyers!

Whenever possible, we've listed websites by using
their own descriptions (indicated by the use of opening
and closing quotes). Links verified: 10/24/2003.

All Law
Web site featuring thousands of general interest and legal links on the Web along with a powerful search engine for Federal and state law as well as one for general resources.

American Bar Association Labor Law
American Bar Association's Section on Labor and Employment law home page.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
"The ... principal, independent fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics." Selections include: Data, Economy at a Glance, Keyword Search of BLS Web Pages, Surveys & Programs, Publications & Research Papers, Regional Information, and links to other Statistical Sites.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Data
Overview and quick retrieval of BLS data, including customized tables.

Code of Federal Regulations
Includes the regs, federal register, public laws, weekly compilation of presidential documents and more (maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration).

Federal Court Locator
"The Federal Court Locator is a service provided by the Center for Information Law and Policy. It is intended to give net citizens a means to access information related to the federal judiciary, including slip opinions." Sections include: Federal Court Opinions and Rules; Courts of Appeals; District Courts (limited selection); and a limited set of links elsewhere.

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Just what it says. From the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School.

Federal Rules of Evidence
Just what it says. From the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School.

FindLaw's Labor Law Directory
Extensive listing of links to labor-law related information on the internet.

FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources
A directory of legal resources available on the internet (with a Yahoo!-like front end). Includes LawCrawler, a WWW search engine for legal information.

GPO Access
"GPO Access is a service of the U.S. Government Printing Office that provides free electronic access to a wealth of important information products produced by the Federal Government. The information provided on this site is the official, published version" ... includes the Congressional Record, the Federal Register, and much more."

Guild Law Center for Economic and Social Justice
National non-profit organization that provides direct legal advice and assistance to workers and union across the country on the WARN Act, environmental justice issues, and fighting corporate welfare. The Center is a project of the National Lawyers Guild.

Hieros Gamos
"THE comprehensive source for legal info."

Internet Law Library
Formerly the U.S. House of Representative's Internet Law Library - now hosted by a number of sites (our link points to ... huge list of documents, laws, and other great labor, employment, and pension law documents.

Law and Court Related Web Sites
Listings include: Courts (State Court Web Sites; Federal Court Related Web Sites; and International Court Web Sites); Court Related Organizations; Law Schools; Law Libraries; Government and Legislation Sites; Associations, Vendors, and Other Web Sites.

Law Journal Extra - Employment and Labor Law
Articles, cases and other labor/employment law information.

Law News Network (formerly Law Journal Extra)
"Welcome to, a single, comprehensive destination for legal information, e-law services and legal products on the Web ... up-to-the minute legal news ... court decisions ... analysis and insight ... books, software, and legal forms. 50-State specific sites." Includes sections on labor and employment law.

A comprehensive index of legal information on the web, with links to federal and state court decision Web pages. Note that many links vary in quality, quantity, and currency.

Lectric ('lectric) Law Library
The law isn't normally thought of as "fun", but this web page approaches it with a sense of humor. And, behind the humor is a huge storehouse of legal information. Probably the most valuable union resource is the "Employment and Labor Law Library for employees and employers." But, since this web site asks that only their main page be indexed, you'll have to find that section yourself (hint: "/temp.html").

Legal Information Institute (Cornell University)
A collection of recent and historic Supreme Court decisions; hypertext versions of the full U.S. Code, U.S. Constitution, Federal Rules of Evidence and Civil Procedure and other important legal materials -- federal, state, foreign and international.

Legal Research Compass
From Villanova University School of Law: The Internet Legal Research Compass is a guide to researching legal issues on the net. Links and resources are divided into three broad categories: Federal Research, State and Local Research and Research by Subject.
The ethical issues related to the internet.

Martindale Hubbell Law Locator
Directory of large law firms, including firms that represent employers. Lists partners and associates with their specialties and backgrounds.

Martindale Hubbell Law Locator
Directory of large law firms, including firms that represent employers. Lists partners and associates with their specialties and backgrounds.

MetaIndex for US Legal Research
As it says.

National Employment Lawyers Association
"The National Employment Lawyers Association was founded in 1985 to provide assistance and support to lawyers in protecting the rights of employees against the greater resources of their employers and the defense bar. NELA is the country's only professional organization that is exclusively comprised of lawyers who represent individual employees in cases involving employment discrimination, wrongful termination, employee benefits and other employment-related matters." Includes a long list of employment law links, as well.

National Partnership Resouce Site
Resource center for Family and Medical Leave Act and other family employment related legal information.

NLRB Manuals
NLRB Case handling manuals for representation and Unfair Labor Practice cases (part of the NLRB Web Site).

Official GPO site
Official site for Government Pronting Office.

Ohio's Laws, Rules and Constitution
Ohio Revised Code, Session Laws, Administrative Code, Constitution and Budget information for the state of Ohio.

Oyez Project
Formerly the Oral Argument Archive. "Welcome to Oyez Oyez Oyez: A Supreme Court WWW Resource (or Oyez -- pronounced "oh-yay" -- for short.) Our objective is to provide information about major constitutional cases heard and decided by the Supreme Court of the United States. In addition to details about the questions and opinions in these cases, [more than 2000 hours of audio] recordings of the Court's proceedings" are available on this website.

State and Local Government Information
Meta-indexes for State and Local governmental information (maintained by the Library of Congress). Includes financial information for government employees.

State Court locator
"The State Court Locator is a service provided for by the Center for Information Law and Policy and is intended to be the home page for state court systems on the Internet. This Page provides links to home pages and opinions by state judiciaries that can be viewed and downloaded by users."

New! State Home Pages
List of links to all U.S. state home pages

THOMAS Legislative Service
Find information concerning Congress -- particularly legislative activity -- under headings like "Congress This Week", "Bills", "Congressional Record", "Committee Information", "Historical Documents", "The Legislative Process" and "Congressional Internet Services" (a set of great government links). Invaluable source of information.(Why is it called THOMAS? "In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, a service of the U.S. Congress through its Library." Oh.)

U.S. Code
The U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library U.S. Code (searchable database).

U.S. Government Printing Office (Congressional Documents)
Access to Congressional publications including Bills, Directory, US Code, and US Constitution. Subsite of the GPO's web site.

U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
"The Legal Information Institute offers Supreme Court opinions under the auspices of Project Hermes, the court's electronic-dissemination project. This archive contains (or will soon contain) all opinions of the court issued since May of 1990. In addition, our collection of over 300 of the most important historical decisions of the Court is available on CD-ROM and (with reduced functionality) over the Net." Cornell University.

US Department of Labor - Regs
Information on all major statutes and regulations administered by the Department of Labor.

"Your Guide to Legal Information on the Internet" (from Washburn University School of Law).

Workers Compensation Law Materials
Federal and state resources; links maintained by Cornell Law School.

World Wide Web Virtual Law Library
Legal links and information arranged by organization and topic, featuring an extensive list of web-based legal/law search tools from the Indiana University School of Law at Bloomington.

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