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available to UE local unions from the UE Education department.

Resources: our on-line catalog of materials available to UE locals, members and the public.


Web links and resources based on information contained in the UE Leadership Guide.

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information for stewards, officers, UE members and workers from the pages of two UE publications ...

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UE Education

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The UE Education Program

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Rank-and-file unionism depends on active and involved local union officers and members. The UE National Education Program is designed to provide the education and training necessary for members to run their own effective local unions. As directed by the members at the union's national convention, the UE Education Program includes:

The UE Education Department also publishes the UE Steward ten times a year for stewards and officers and provides new educational materials and resources for local unions on a regular basis. A number of articles from the UE Steward are available on-line (in our "Information for Workers area) as is the entire UE Resources Catalog.

UE Leadership Guide On-Line Supplement

UE Leadership Guide
On-Line Supplement

The 570+ page UE Leadership Guide has an on-line supplement, providing links to additional and updated information.

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