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About the UE Web

This website is maintained by the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE). All content is copyright 2003 by UE and all rights are reserved.

Browsing Our Web

Browsers: optimized for level 3 (and later) browsers. Level 2 (and earlier) browsers are not supported. Your browser must be able to view dynamically generated (server-side) PHP pages in order to view our UE News Update and UE Political Action Update pages.

Screen Resolution: the UE Web is designed to be viewed at most screen resolutions, starting with 640 x 480. It's best viewed at 800 x 600; the UE Web will display best with any color setting above 256 colors.

Page Construction: We stress compatibility in our design: these pages are constructed with basic HTML. Most pages have been generated by FrontPage 2000. For the most part, dynamic content is generated on the server-side and is not browser dependent. We introduced a limited number  PHP-generated pages in February, 2002. The number of dynamically-generated pages, is growing.

Applets and "Cookies": There are no hidden applications or identity-seeking scripts running on the UE web; there are only two instances where a "cookie" might be placed on your computer. (1) A small bit of Java employed on the UE News and UE News Headlines pages provides a dynamic link to the weather forecast. Using this feature will install a "cookie" that will "remember" your zip code or forecast city. (2) When we ask for email support for a workers' struggle, at your option, you can elect to set a cookie on your computer that will "remember you" the next time you visit an "appeals" page on our website. (please see our privacy statement, below).

Fonts: Your browser's default font is generally used for page content. Headings and some elements of our page design call for Verdana, Arial or Helvetica (in that order) the UE web will look best if at least Arial or Helvetica are installed on your system.

Linking to us: We invite you to link to any of our web pages. The addresses of "top level" pages (pages shown on our navigation bar); articles in "Information for Workers" and main UE News articles should remain unchanged over time. Some easily-dated material (for example, articles regarding specific legislation or our annually-updated policy resolutions) will be changed as necessary and should not be used as long-term links. PHP pages should be stable, but these links should be checked from time-to-time.

Links Disclaimer: Some of the links on our pages will take you away from the UE Web to other sites on the internet. With the exception of our International Solidarity Web, please be aware that the internet sites available through these links, and the material that you may find there, are not under the control of our national union office. Therefore, we cannot and do not make any representation to you about these sites or their materials. The fact that we have made these links available to you does not represent an endorsement or recommendation by UE . We provide these links only as a convenience.

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Privacy Statement

The web site is maintained by the national office of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE), One Gateway Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 15222. Our contact information is available here.

We are completely committed to supporting the right to privacy on the internet and our policies are consistent with this statement.

Our website ( collects no personally identifying information about individuals except when specifically and knowingly provided by such individuals. In addition, we allow the placement of only two "cookies" in the browser files of a user's computer. The first cookie itself provided by the Weather Underground ( as part of the weather forecast feature on our UE News page. To the best of our knowledge, it does not contain any personally identifying information except for the user-supplied zip code or forecast city. The second cookie can be placed on your computer, at your option, when you elect to send email from our website regarding a workers' struggle. While this cookie does contain personally identifying information, it is encrypted and we do not attempt to collect this information in any way for further use, with the single exception noted in the next paragraph.

The website does not normally collect names and/or personal information which could be compiled into a list in any form. The one exception to this policy occurs when, in the course of a UE struggle, we ask visitors to send e-mail on workers' behalf to a third party or parties (usually an employer and/or a transnational corporate owner) and forward a courtesy copy ("cc:") to a UE e-mail address. We may compile these addresses into a list to ask for additional support. Under no circumstances, however, will this information be distributed outside of the UE, nor used for any purpose other than seeking additional support in a struggle for justice.

We have established two subscriber-managed national email lists (one for members and another for the general public). These lists are kept in a secure location and are not used for any other purpose than the "action alerts" they were designed to be. The will not be shared with anyone.

Personally identifying information provided by a user will not be transferred to any other party unless otherwise stated at the time of collection. If a user has requested contact by, or information from, UE, he or she will contacted only by a UE representative by mail, phone, electronic mail or in person as is consistent with their request. No third parties will receive any information about the user.

More generally, our service provider's web serving software collects routine information about where visitors are coming from on the internet, including the domain name from which you are browsing, but this does not include any personally identifying information. This is a standard practice for all web sites.

UE web users should be aware that when they voluntarily disclose personal information (e.g., user name, e-mail address) on the internet there is always the unlikely possibility that, unknown to us, information could be illegitimately collected and used by others and may result in unsolicited messages from other posters or parties. However, please remember that privacy violations can occur with any form of electronic communication on the internet and these issues are not in any way specific to the UE web.

Users can send e-mail with questions or comments about our website to

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