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Materials and Workshops

Covering a wide range of topics, here are some of the materials available for use by UE Locals from the National Union's Education Department. Arrangements can be made to obtain materials or to set up a workshop through the staff person assigned to your local, the District President or by calling the UE Education Department directly. Check out our on-line catalog for more materials.

  • Americans with Disabilities Act

    • Who is covered

    • Requirements of employers

    • Determining "reasonable and
      necessary accommodation"

    • Language to include in the contract

  • Building Membership
    Involvement and Participation

    • Increasing attendance at
      local union meetings

    • Involving more individual
      members in the work of the union

    • Checklist of important committee
      functions and activities

  • Cellular Manufacturing

    • What is cellular manufacturing

    • What does management get or
      expect to get from cell manufacturing

    • What workers get or don't
      get from cell manufacturing

    • Bargaining over cell manufacturing

  • Defined Benefit Pension Plans

    • Funding in defined benefits plans
      Understanding the 5500 form

    • The present value formula

    • The value of assets

    • The funding standard account

    • Service formulas

    • Types of benefits on retirement

    • Vesting

  • Defined Contribution Plans

    • Profit sharing plans

    • 401(k) plans

    • Goals in bargaining a 401(k) plan

  • Developing a Plan for Tough Battles
    (Strategic Planning)

    • Developing strategic goals

    • Mapping the workplace

    • Identifying the vulnerabilities
      of an employer

    • Using a timeline and an
      escalating strategy

    • Examples of tactics used in
      successful campaigns

  • Drug Testing

    • Determining whether the union is
      required to bargain analyzing
      contract language and bargaining history

    • Negotiating a "for cause"
      drug testing clause

    • Tips for fighting drug testing cases

  • Educating our Members:
    Dealing with Member
    to Member Harassment

    • Obligations of collective leadership

    • What constitutes racial
      or sexual harassment?

    • The duty of fair representation

    • What to say to a harasser

    • Ensuring the employer provides a
      workplace free from racial or
      sexual harassment or the fear of violence

    • Developing a union committee
      to investigate and educate

  • Family Medical Leave Act

    • Eligibility

    • Leave entitlement

    • Maintenance of health
      benefits & job restoration

    • Language to secure rights in contract

    • State FMLA provisions

  • Financial Officers Training

    • UE financial policies

    • Bookkeeping basics

    • UE bookkeeping procedures

    • DOL forms and other reports

  • Getting Into the News

    • Putting together a media contact list

    • Writing a press release

    • Creating news/framing the issues

  • Health Insurance

    • Kinds of health insurance plans

    • Dealing with managed care plans

    • Bargaining for healthcare
      the right to information

    • Negotiating with insurance
      companies while building active
      involvement of the membership

    • Bargaining to Avoid Co-Pays
      and Large Deductibles

  • How to Inspect Your Plant or Office

    • Checklist for safety hazards

    • Job hazard analysis

    • Controlling the Hazards

    • Using ergonomics to avoid
      cumulative trauma disorders

    • Recommended VDT
      work station design

  • Independent Political Action

    • Building a political action committee

    • Tactics for effective political action

    • Labor's scorecard

    • Building the Labor Party

  • Job Evaluation Systems

    • The Union-Busting origins
      of "scientific evaluations"

    • Demystifying the elements
      of job evaluations

    • Equal pay for work of equal value

  • New! Kaizen
    (Continouous Improvement)

    • Toyota production systems

    • How Kaizen training works

    • Potential dangers

    • Goals of the union

    • Developing a plan

  • Labor Law

    • State PERB units

    • The NLRB

    • Unfair Labor Practice Charges

  • New Manufacturing Methods

    • Frederick Winslow Taylor
      and scientific manufacturing

    • Cell manufacturing

    • Just in Time (JIT)

    • ISO 9000

    • Union responses to changes
      in workplace technology

  • Numbers "Crunching" for Negotiations

    • Costing out a contract

    • Useful statistics for
      collective bargaining

    • Comparing company wage
      levels to the federal poverty level

    • Calculating increases or decreases in real wages

  • Organizing the Unorganized

    • Making initial contacts

    • Common questions

    • List building

    • Looking for leaders

    • Developing the Union's program

  • Preparation and Conduct of a Strike

    • Making the strike an Unfair
      Labor Practice strike

    • The strike machinery

    • Picketing committee

    • Financial support committee

    • Community outreach

  • Public Sector Representation

    • Winning grievances/representing
      members at civil service hearings

    • Understanding your
      school district budget

    • Stopping privatization

    • Mobilizing members for
      contract negotiations

    • How to fight when you can't strike

  • Putting Out a Local Newsletter

    • Writing the news

    • Tools of the trade

    • Looking good

    • Photographs, graphics and cartoons

  • Researching the Employer and
    Preparing for Negotiations

    • Preparing proposals

    • Getting the proper information in advance

    • Prioritizing proposals

    • Membership approval and support for proposals

    • Developing an effective strategy

    • Table tactics

    • The role of the contract support committee

    • Mobilizing the membership

  • Rights on the Job

    • Duty of fair representation

    • Steward's rights - Equality Rule,
      No Reprisals, Equal Treatment

    • Weingarten Rights

    • Mandatory subjects of bargaining

  • Running a UE Local Union

    • Planning and running a meeting

    • How to take and prepare minutes

    • Duties of the officers

    • Financial integrity in a rank and file Union

    • Checklist for a well organized UE Local Union

  • Sample Local Constitution

    • Single employer or amalgamated local union

  • Sample Contract Language

    • Includes sample language on union security, ADA etc. normally sent out with bargaining packets

  • Sexual Harassment
    Fighting a Job Hazard

    • Legal definition of sexual harassment

    • Causes of sexual harassment

    • What a Union can do

  • Stewards Training

    • Rank & File unionism vs. business unionism

    • The role of stewards

    • What is a grievance?

    • Investigating and keeping good records

    • Writing grievances

    • Organizing for success
      working with the members

    • How to prepare and make a presentation

  • Temporary and Part-Time Employees

    • Bringing the contingent workforce
      under the protection of the union

    • Developing membership support

    • Legal issues around temporary
      and part time workers

    • Tackling the issue in bargaining
      contract language goals

  • The Team Concept

    • What are our goals?

    • Goals of the Company

    • Safeguarding our jobs and fighting speed-up

  • New! Transnational Corporations:
    International Connections and
    Building Union Power

    • Identifying Sister Shops/Workplaces

    • Developing Contacts

    • Building Global Connections

  • "Win Win" Bargaining or
    Interest Based Bargaining

    • Who is behind it?

    • The pitch

    • How does it work?

    • What are the real goals?

    • Tips on how to avoid it's traps and pitfalls

Home -> Education -> Materials and Workshops

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