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From wildlife to global warming, links
to all kinds of planetary information.

Whenever possible, we've listed websites by using
their own descriptions (indicated by the use of opening
and closing quotes). Links verified: 10/24/2003.

Defenders of Wildlife
Thorough and well-done site. This 50-year-old group focuses largely on species which are endangered or likely to become endangered.

ECO -- Newsletter From the Climate Action Network
"The newsletter of the Climate Action Network (CAN): published at the UN Climate Talks"

"EcoNet: a decade of support for ecological sustainability and environmental justice." Large number of articles and a broad base of environmental topics.

"Welcome to EnviroLink, the largest online environmental information resource on the planet ... a grassroots online community that unites hundreds of organizations and volunteers around the world with millions of people in over 130 countries."

Environmental Defense Fund Scorecard
"Find environmental information about your community [and workplace]: learn how bad the pollution is, where the toxic chemicals come from, what the health risks are, and what actions you can take." Track toxins to their source and find out about the impact they have on your health. There's even a zip code search to find toxic sources in your area.

Global Climate Coalition
"The Global Climate Coalition's Index of Climate Resources. This web site has been created to catalog the available climate change resources on the internet, including web pages, gophers, newsgroups, FTP addressees and Telnet information." Categories: Science, Policy, Economics

Greenpeace Climate Change Web Site
Everything you ever wanted to know (or not to know) about global warming

Grist Magazine: Environmental News and Humor
From Earth Day Network: "Grist is an online environmental magazine. Our credo: Pull no punches, take no prisoners, accept no advertising. Eschew the wealth and fame that so often seduce online environmental journalists. And try to have a better sense of humor than a pack of fur protesters."

Just Transition Alliance
"Since 1996, a voluntary coalition of labor, economic and environmental justice activists, Indigenous people and working-class people of color has created dialogue in local, national, and international arenas. We have sought a process for the just transition of communities and workers from unsafe workplaces and environments to healthy, viable communities with a sustainable economy ..."

Natural Resources Defense Council
"A non-profit organization with more than 350,000 members nationwide, NRDC's mission is to preserve the environment, protect the public health, and ensure the conservation of wilderness and natural resources." Well-done web site, with articles and a number of environmental sites, including the "Green Guide," an extensive list of links.

Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly
Published by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, this web site advertises itself as "the only authorized, up-to-date, searchable archive of Rachel's Environment and Heathly Weekly, providing news and resources for environmental justice." Sign-up for a weekly newsletter on health, safety and environmental issues.

Sierra Club
"Protect America's Environment. For Our Families, For Our Future. The Sierra Club is a non-profit member-supported, public interest organization that promotes conservation of the natural environment by influencing public policy decisions--legislative, administrative, legal, and electoral." A nationwide, respected and influential environmental group.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Global Warming Web Site
This is the U.S. Government's Global Warming Site, chock-full of information about this issue.

United Nations Climate Change Convention Secretariat
From country-by-country information to other site-links, this is the official United Nations site concerning global warming.

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