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With millions upon millions of pages on the web,
it's not possible to list 'em all — or even to know
where to start. We thought this list might help —
organizations who are basically trying to do
good things!

Whenever possible, we've listed websites by using
their own descriptions (indicated by the use of opening
and closing quotes). Links verified: 10/24/2003.

American Civil Liberties Union
Lots of information -- and the opportunity to take action -- on civil liberties from the ACLU's "Freedom Net". Information on a host of issues ranging from Criminal Justice and the Death Penalty to Racial Equality and Workplace Rights.

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
"AFSC is a Quaker organization, founded in 1917 to provide conscientious objectors with an opportunity to aid civilian victims during World War I. Today the AFSC has programs that focus on issues related to economic justice, peace-building and demilitarization, social justice, and youth, in the United States, and in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East." Actively helps workers and citizens in struggles for justice (in Mexico, for example).

Amnesty International Online
"Amnesty International is a worldwide campaigning movement that works to promote all the human rights ... In particular, Amnesty International campaigns to free all prisoners of conscience; ensure fair and prompt trials for political prisoners; abolish the death penalty, torture and other cruel treatment of prisoners; end political killings and "disappearances"; and oppose human rights abuses by opposition groups." AI's work has saved many lives.

Campaign for America's Future
Launched primarily as an on-line progressive speakers bureau, the site also includes "Talking Points" — "Future Watch" — "At a Glance (charts, graphs and stats)" — and "Issue Stuff". Here's their description: "Over 100 prominent Americans - citizen activists concerned about our country and our planet - have joined together to launch and build a new organization for progressive change. We are committed to sparking a robust national debate about America's future. You can bring this debate to your community with our online directory of speakers, New Voices. " Check it out!

Campaign for Labor Rights
"Campaign for Labor Rights is a bridge between local activists and many of the major organizations initiating campaigns for labor rights around the world and here at home. We are building a base of support for: UNITE (campaign to end sweatshops); National Labor Committee (Wal-Mart and Haiti campaigns); Press for Change (NIKE campaign); Support Committee for Maquiladora Workers (campaign for a living wage); several groups working on the Burma boycott; and a number of other organizations with important campaigns in support of the rights of working people."

Center for Democratic Renewal
"Founded in 1979 as the National Anti-Klan Network, the Center for Democratic Renewal is a multi-racial organization that advances the vision of a democratic, diverse and just society free of racism and bigotry. It helps communities combat groups, movements and government practices that promote hatred and bigotry and is committed to public policies based on equity and justice."

Center for New Community
The Center for New Community, in its own words, "is a faith-based, rural-urban initiative whose mission is to revitalize congregations and community for genuine social, economic and political democracy." Among the various worthwhile projects they are involved in is the "Building Democracy Initiative" which is aimed at "developing a lasting commitment, particularly within the religious community, to counter far-right, anti-democratic movements in the Midwest." The Building Democracy project produced an excellent report on white supremacists on the Internet, for example.

Center for Science in the Public Interest
The politics of nutrition and food safety are covered at this site; includes useful information and tips on nutrition. CSPI bills itself as an "education and advocacy organization ... focusing on improving the safety and nutrition of our food supply and reducing the carnage caused by alcoholic beverages."

Children's Defense Fund
Founded in 1973, "The Children's Defense Fund exists to provide a strong and effective voice for all the children of America, who cannot vote, lobby, or speak for themselves. We pay particular attention to the needs of poor and minority children and those with disabilities. Our goal is to educate ... and encourage preventive investment in children before they get sick, drop out of school, suffer family breakdown, or get into trouble."

Citizens for Independent Public Broadcasting
"Citizens for Independent Public Broadcasting is a national membership organization dedicated to putting the PUBLIC back into public broadcasting so that we can all join in the debate about our nation's future."

Citizens for Tax Justice
"Citizens for Tax Justice is a research and advocacy organization dedicated to fair taxation at the federal, state and local levels. We're for: Fair taxes for middle- and low-income families; Requiring the wealthy to pay their fair share; Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes; Adequately funding important government services ..."

Connect for Kids
"Connect for Kids, an award-winning multimedia project of the Benton foundation, helps adults make their communities better places for families and children. The Web site offers a place on the Internet for adults—parents, grandparents, educators, policymakers and others—who want to become more active citizens, from volunteering to voting with kids in mind."

Cuba Solidarity/InfoMed USA
Clearinghouse for information on the blockade of Cuba -- with a special emphasis on the blockade-induced medical crisis in Cuba. Links to additional sites.

Democratic Socialists of America
Homepage of DSA, includes a strong page of "Left Links". "The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International"

Families USA
"Families USA, a national nonprofit organization, advocates high-quality, affordable health and long term care for all Americans." Bill themselves as "the Consumer Voice for Health Care" and have been very active in trying to get progressive health care reform on the political agenda. This site also offers a Medicaid Clearinghouse and a large set of links.

Free the Children
'An international youth movement, dedicated to establishing programs and activities that will reduce the poverty and exploitation of children throughout the world, especially those in bonded, hazardous, and exploitative child labour.' Heartbreaking stories ... resources ... more.

Guild Law Center for Economic and Social Justice
National non-profit organization that provides direct legal advice and assistance to workers and union across the country on the WARN Act, environmental justice issues, and fighting corporate welfare. The Center is a project of the National Lawyers Guild.

"HateWatch is a web based organization that monitors the growing and evolving threat of hate group activity on the Internet. Started in 1996, HateWatch provides an online resource for concerned individuals, academics, activists and the media to keep abreast of and to combat online bigotry." A lot of links; a lot of information.

Human Rights Watch
"Human Rights Watch is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world ... works to end a broad range of abuses, including summary executions, torture, arbitrary detention, restrictions on the freedom of expression, association, assembly and religion, violations of due process, and discrimination on racial, gender, ethnic and religious grounds." Also addresses war-related issues. Founded in 1978.

Hunger Project
An organization whose goal is the sustainable end to world hunger: "The end of world hunger — an accomplishment once considered impossible — is now within our grasp. We are facing a time when humanity can and must achieve the final milestone for the end of hunger. The end of world hunger will unquestionably be humanity's greatest achievement. This website is an invitation to you to participate in this great endeavor."

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
With news alerts, links to interesting web sites and, of course, the preamble to the IWW constitution, here's the home page of the Industrial Workers of the World, the oldest radical union in the USA.

Institute for Global Communications
Qualify to be listed as the "really good guys." IGC not only hosts PeaceNet, EcoNet, WomensNet, and Anti-Racism Net, but also provides internet resources to a host of labor unions and progressive organizations. This is I.G.C.'s "front page."

Jobs with Justice
"Jobs With Justice is a national labor, community and religious coalition dedicated to fight for the rights of working people. More than two dozen local Jobs With Justice coalitions around the country have mobilized hundreds of thousands of working people around the right to family-wage jobs, health care, civil and workplace rights." UE is member of, and has played an active role in, Jobs with Justice.

Labor/Community Strategy Center
"The Labor / Community Strategy Center is a multiracial anticorporate "think-tank/act-tank" committed to building democratic internationalist social movements. The Strategy Center's work encompasses all aspects of urban life: it emphasizes rebuilding the labor movement, fighting for environmental justice, truly mass transit, and immigrant rights, as well as actively opposing the growing criminalization, racialization, and feminization of poverty."

Latin America Working Group
"LAWG is a coalition of over sixty religious, human rights, policy, grassroots and development organizations. Since 1983, the coalition has been striving for U.S. policies that promote peace, justice and sustainable development in the region.

Latino Issues Forum
"LIF addresses public policy issues from the perspective of how they will affect the social and economic future of the Latino community. To accomplish our mission of empowering Latinos to participate more fully and effectively in public policy issues, we provide the following: Policy Analysis & Development; Coalition Building; Community Education & Training; Media Resources; (and) Advocacy."

Media Access Project
"Media Access Project is the only freestanding public interest law firm which is primarily devoted to representing the public's interest on electronic media issues. According to the National Journal, MAP is "considered by some...dollar for dollar the best run public interest group in Washington." MAP's ongoing scrutiny of the FCC's activities over a quarter of a century has earned it influence and widespread respect among policy makers in thepublic and private sectors and considerable influence in the public debate over telecommunications matters."

NAACP Online
Home page of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Includes issue alerts, press releases and lots of information about the organization.

National Farmers Union
Whew! Gotta tell 'ya, this takes some time to load -- but, when done, you'll see an interesting (hi-browser-tech) site. "The National Farmers Union is a (95 year old) federation of state and regional Farmers Union organizations, is a general farm organization whose members join together to map out and work for a comprehensive program for rural America." Made up of about 300,000 farm families from every U.S. state.

National Labor Committee
This group has been highly successful in forcing some large retailers and manufacturers to change their sweatshop ways: the GAP, Liz Claiborne, and Raph Loren to name a few. Their latest target is Disney and is worldwide empire of sweatshops. Check it out - and help!

National Organization for Women (NOW)
From issues to actions, information and news, you'll find a lot of information at NOW's home page. Includes a search feature and information on local chapters.

National Partnership for Women & Families
"The National Partnership for Women & Families is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that uses public education and advocacy to promote fairness in the workplace, quality health care, and policies that help women and men meet the dual demands of work and family [Formerly the Women's Legal Defense Fund]."

National Partnership Resouce Site
Resource center for Family and Medical Leave Act and other family employment related legal information.

National Priorities Project
The NPP provides excellent analysis of the anti-worker impact of the federal budget decisions made by Congress. In the words of NPP: "National Priorities Project reports on our cities and states including our latest national report, Are You Winning or Losing? (Mar.98), and, just published on our website, state versions of the Winners & Losers report (Apr.98), as well as our At-a-Glance State Stories (Fall 97) outlining federal spending tradeoffs between military and social programs."

"Through PeaceNet, explore information and work for positive social change in the areas of peace, social and economic justice, human rights and the struggle against racism." One of I.G.C.'s five progressive on-line networks.

Public Citizen
"Founded by Ralph Nader in 1971, Public Citizen is the consumer's eyes and ears in Washington. With the support of more than 150,000 people like you, we fight for safer drugs and medical devices, cleaner and safer energy sources, a cleaner environment, and a more open and democratic government. ... Public Citizen is respected and effective ... because we accept no government or corporate support ..."

Public Interest Research Groups
PIRGS are watchdog groups geared toward good government, consumer protection and protecting the environment. Major site selections include: "Protecting Our Environment", "Fighting For Consumers", "Taking Back Government", and "Empowering Students." Good list of consumer links, too.

Rainbow /PUSH Coalition
Homepage of the National Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. Information about, and services provided by, the Coalition.

Resource Center of the Americas
"Welcome to the Resource Center of The Americas, a Minnesota-based nonprofit organization that enables U.S. citizens to join the struggle for peace, justice and human rights across the hemisphere." Group publishes periodicals, has excellent labor/education workshops and resources (pertaining to the global economy) and more. Good resource on this hemisphere.

School of the Americas Watch
"SOA Watch is an independent organization that seeks to close the US Army School of the Americas through vigils and fasts, demonstrations and nonviolent protest, as well as media and legislative work." The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (formerly the US Army School of the Americas), "based in Fort Benning, Georgia, trains Latin American soldiers in combat, counter-insurgency, and counter-narcotics. Graduates of the SOA have been responsible for some of the worst human rights abuses in Latin America."

Share the Wealth/United For a Fair Economy
"United for a Fair Economy is part of a broad social movement of people concerned that the concentration of wealth is hurting our nation. Its goal is to revitalize America through a more fair distribution of wealth. We are an independent, non-partisan organization. United for a Fair Economy was first formed in 1994 by community organizers from the labor, women's, civil rights, and anti-poverty movements. These organizers came together to reframe their organizing efforts in the context of the dramatic shift in wealth and power that has occurred in the last 15 years." Lots of info on wealth, inequality. Tax the rich! Publishers of the newsletter: Too Much!

Southern Poverty Law Center
"Located in Montgomery,Alabama, the Center is known for its years of courtroom accomplishments, legal victories against white supremacist groups, monitoring of hate activity across the country, national tolerance education and the Civil Rights Memorial." Includes KlanWatch.

Stand for Children
"Stand For Children is a national organization that encourages individuals to improve children's lives. Our mission is to identify, train, and connect local children's activists engaging in advocacy, awareness-raising, and service initiatives on an ongoing basis as part of Children's Action Teams (Cats). A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization in its structure, Stand For Children is a movement in its mission -- a movement to Leave No Child Behind and to give every child a Healthy Start, Head Start, Safe Start, Fair Start, and Moral Start in life."

Stop Sweatshops
The Global Economy hits home: "Sweatshops today have returned to America. Today, many apparel and other workers labor in exploitative conditions unseen since the turn of the century: long hours, sub-minimum wages, unsafe workplaces, sexual harassment, child labor, even virtual slavery." Help put an end to sweatshops in the USA; find our more about this campaign from UNITE!

Thomas Merton Center
" Welcome to the Thomas Merton Center's website! This site has been developed to serve two primary purposes: First, to deliver online resources to the peace and social justice community in Pittsburgh, western Pennsylvania and nationwide. Second, to educate and inform members and non-members about the work of the Thomas Merton Center. " Lots of Peace and Justice information, including info on the Citizen's'Budget Campaign.

United for a Fair Economy
"United for a Fair Economy [supports those] who work to address the widening income and asset gap in our country. Our work is grounded in the belief that our country would be a far more democratic, prosperous, and caring community if we narrowed the vast gap between the very wealthy and everyone else. Our constituency is broad and deep and includes both those directly hurt by economic disparity and those who benefit from it."

Vietnam Veterans of America
"To provide an interactive, on-line forum for Vietnam Veterans and their families and friends to exchange information, stories, poems, songs, art, pictures, and experiences in any publishable form."

"ZNet is a community of people concerned about social change and eager to learn from, enjoy, and work with one another. ... ZNet includes robust educational offerings, socially responsible internet guides, audio and publishing functionality and archives, socializing facilities, Z Magazine article archives and search engines, activism updates and campaigns, research tools, and especially interactive forums including, among their regular participants, Noam Chomsky, Barbara Ehrenreich, Michael Albert, Katha Pollitt, and Howard Zinn." Check it Out!

Alternative Media

"Adbusters offers incisive philosophical articles as well as activist commentary from around the world addressing issues ranging from genetically modified foods to media concentration. In addition, our annual social marketing campaigns like Buy Nothing Day and TV Turnoff Week have made us an important activist networking group."

Launched in November 1987 by the Independent Media Institute (IMI), is an online magazine, information source and community that combines quality journalism, public-interest content, interactivity, passionate advocacy and links to useful resources. is an alternative to the corporate conglomerates that dominate the media marketplace. The overwhelming commercial goals of corporate media outlets leave large gaps in delivering useful news and information the public needs ... ."

American Civil Liberties Union
Lots of information -- and the opportunity to take action -- on civil liberties from the ACLU's "Freedom Net". Information on a host of issues ranging from Criminal Justice and the Death Penalty to Racial Equality and Workplace Rights.

Americans for Radio Diversity
"The mission of the non-profit Americans for Radio Diversity organization is to promote community- oriented commercial and public radio broadcasting. The scarce radio spectrum must include quality programming that is of, for and by the community. In order to promote local competition and local programming, we must reverse the destructive trend toward the anti-competitive, concentrated radio ownership in mega-media corporations. As radio listeners, our voices must be heard."

Blue Collar Review
"The Blue Collar Review is a quarterly journal of poetry and prose published by Partisan Press. Our mission is to expand and promote a progressive working class vision of culture that inspires us and that moves us forward as a class. The work presented is a sampling from the magazine."

Common Dreams NewsCenter
"Common Dreams Newscenter - Breaking news and views for the progressive community" ... offers breaking news, links to hundreds of wires, newspapers and periodicals and quick links to dozens of commentaries (such as Jim Hightower, Molly Ivins, Jessse Jackson, Michael Moore, Barbara Ehrenreich ...). Good source of news and views ...

"CounterPunch is the bi-weekly muckraking newsletter edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair. Twice a month we bring our readers the stories that the corporate press never prints. We aren't side-line journalists here at CounterPunch. Ours is muckraking with a radical attitude ..."

Dollars & Sense Magazine
"Do economic half-truths make your head ache? Lies give you a migraine? If they do, there's a hazard to your health in the media today. Politicians and pundits -- the same ones who rush out on a limb with an answer for everything -- are giving out the wrong answers. It's hard enough for professional economists to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the deficit, poverty programs and international trade. But when most of us are confronted with leading questions and evasive responses, we need a straightforward source to help sort out the truth." Dollars and Sense tries: "the only progressive economics magazine in the country written for a popular audience." Lots of resources and info.

Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting
From the publisher's of Extra!, "the award-winning bimonthly magazine of media criticism" and the folks who produce the "Counterspin" radio show: "FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting) is the national media watch group offering well-documented criticism ... to correct media bias and imbalance. FAIR focuses public awareness on the narrow corporate ownership of the press, the media's allegiance to official agendas, and their insensitivity to women, labor, minorities, and other public interest constituencies. FAIR seeks to invigorate the First Amendment by advocating for greater media pluralism and the inclusion of public interest voices in national debates."

FreeSeech Internet Television
"Free Speech Internet Television is the first audio/video hub on the web created and defined by the people who use it. ... attempting to respond to the interests of that majority of the people whose voices are excluded or distorted in the corporate media. ... "

In These Times
"In These Times is an independent political newsmagazine. Our purpose is to challenge the ideological conformity of the corporate media, and to make sense of the news bites and disembodied stories we are fed in the daily press and on television. As a not-for-profit publication supported entirely by our readers, we are free from the need to conform to advertisers or from the dictates of corporate headquarters. Instead, we report on events as our writers see and understand them. In These Times gives you news and views you can't find anywhere else."

Independent Media Center
Innovative and exciting, the Independent Media Center is exploring the electronic frontier of grassroots news reporting and communications, offering a rapidly growing alternative to mainstream news. Even better: local, regional and even national IMC's are popping up all over the globe, bringing together an amazing synergy of activists and media formats. With its roots in the WTO protests in Seattle, here's how the IMC describes itself: "Indymedia is a collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate [news] coverage. Indymedia is a democratic media outlet for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth."

Inner City Press
A non-profit organization's web site, based in South Bronx, NY, which "covers community reinvestment (which requires banks to lend in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods), environmental justice, insurance and telecommunications redlining, the Federal Reserve, and more."

Jay's Leftist and 'Progressive' Alternative Media Links
Because you might miss this link on the main site, we've included another part of Jay's links here -- a long list of alternative media outlets, ranging from newspapers, bookstores and e-zines to radio, tv and film ...

Labor Beat
Labor Beat is a Chicago-based non-profit organization which produces and distributes progressive television, radio, video, and computer communications on labor and social issues. (More than three hundred Labor Beat television programs and Labor Express radio programs have now been produced and are listed at this site — along with lots of rank-and-file links and labor media information.) Check it out!

Labor Notes
"Since 1979, Labor Notes has been the voice of union activists who want to "put the movement back in the labor movement" through rank and file democracy. As an organization, Labor Notes works to bring activists together by publishing a monthly magazine, books, and pamphlets as well as holding schools and conferences. Labor Notes is a place to learn about the struggles, strategies, and solutions within the labor movement today." Site includes: Labor Notes Magazine articles, publications, info about conferences, forum, and more!

Left Business Observer
Clear and concise political and economic news from an alternative perspective: "Left Business Observer is an 8-page more-or-less monthly newsletter on economics and politics in the U.S. and the world at large. A list of recent back issues is on this web site. LBO, founded in 1986, is edited by Doug Henwood. Henwood is also a contributing editor of The Nation and does a weekly program on WBAI radio (New York)."

Media Channel, The
"MediaChannel is a media issues supersite, featuring criticism, breaking news, and investigative reporting from hundreds of organizations worldwide. As the media watch the world, we watch the media. ... [Visitors] willhave access to hundreds of media issues organizations from all points on the globe. These include media watch groups, university journalism departments, professional organizations, anti-censorship monitors, and trade publications. This supersite is a reading room, a research center, and a meeting place ..."

Mother Jones Magazine/MoJo Wire
"Daily News and Resources for the Skeptical Citizen ... the MoJo Wire is the online cousin of Mother Jones magazine, the first general-interest magazine on the Web. The ... site includes award-winning databases, in-depth newsstories, and special projects. We're covering issues in depth that the magazine can only touch on."

Nation, The (The Nation)
"Established in 1865 by a group of abolitionists, The Nation is America's oldest weekly magazine and one of its premier journals of opinion. Throughout 130 years of commentary on politics, culture, books and the arts, The Nation has remained true to its original mandate to be the independent voice in American journalism." Complete with an on-line directory covering dozens of categories ...
"Like most of our readers, we are acutely aware of the injustices and unnecessary suffering in the world. Our aim is to bear witness to this injustice and to help people shed whatever light they can on it. But we don't see injustice and suffering as somehow 'belonging' to just one part of the world: they can be found everywhere. That's why we carry features about the way people are disempowered and marginalised in the "developed" as well as the "developing" world."

Progressive, The (The Progressive)
"Each month, the magazine brings you some of the best writers and most incisive thinkers of our day. In the past few years, it has run articles by Helen Caldicott, Noam Chomsky, Alexander Cockburn, Barbara Ehrenreich, June Jordan, Jonathan Kozol, Adolph Reed, Jr., Edward Said, Gore Vidal, and Howard Zinn. It also runs fascinating monthly interviews with political figures like Paul Wellstone, Jim Hightower, and Jesse Jackson; feminists like Gloria Steinem, Susan Faludi, and Katha Pollitt; writers like Edward Albee, Alice Walker, Salman Rushdie, Dorothy Allison, and Barbara Kingsolver; Nobel Peace Prize winners like Aung San Suu Kyi and Desmond Tutu; and singers like Patti Smith and the Indigo Girls."

Project Censored
"The Primary Objective of Project Censored is to explore and publicize the extent of censorship in our society by locating stories about significant issues of which the public should be aware, but is not, for one reason or another." Weekly headlines, newsletters and an online resource guide ...

Radio 4All
"The airwaves nominally belong to the people, but the reality is most of the media outlets worldwide are owned by a steadily smaller number of large corporations who use them to expand their wealth and power. Even the so-called "public stations" increasingly take corporate money or emulate corporate paradigms. This means communities and individuals are increasingly shut out of the process of determining what information they receive." Radio 4All lists independent radio stations and programs from around the world.

Utne Reader
"Founded in 1984 by Eric Utne, UTNE READER reprints the best articles from over 2,000 alternative media sources bringing you the latest ideas and trends emerging in our culture... Provocative writing from diverse perspectives... Insightful analysis of art and media... Down-to-earth news and resources you can use... In-depth coverage of compelling people and issues that affect your life... The best of the alternative media."

Workers Independent News Service (WINS)
"Workers Independent News Service (WINS) gathers news by and about working people and creates programs and feature stories for commercial, public, community and college radio stations throughout the United States." On the internet, WINS provides a daily three minute Labor News Headlines feed (link available on our UE News Headlines page). "WINS also offers training and assistance to unions and community-based organizations in the technical aspects of reporting, radio production and media relations."

Z Magazine
Z Magazine online is part of Z-Net (perhaps a better place to start) ... "ZNet intends to become a community of mutually supportive actors in the struggle to make the world a better place for human beings and other living things. It focuses largely, though not exclusively, on issues of class, race, gender, political power, ecology, and international relations as they affect people throughout the world and mainly in the U.S. ZNet presents analyses, but also vision. It provides diagnosis but also prescription."

Zine World
"Reader's Guide to the Underground Press ... We're excited about the potential of the free press, and we want to tell you everything we know about it -- which zines are terrific (and which aren't); how you can find underground books, papers, videos and websites on exactly the topics you're interested in; and the latest news of people being threatened, sued, expelled from school, or jailed for what they've said or written." Provides excerpts from their printed publication and a long list of links ...

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