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Labor Resources

Labor lists & directories, resources and information
are all part of our Labor Resources on the Web links.

Whenever possible, we've listed websites by using
their own descriptions (indicated by the use of opening
and closing quotes). Links verified: 10/24/2003.

Association for Union Democracy
"AUD is a national, non-profit organization devoted to advancing the principles and practices of internal democracy in the labor movement. It is pro-labor and non-partisan. AUD defends workers' rights to free speech, fair elections, and due process in unions and assists reformers who face retaliation or discrimination. Special emphasis is given to women, immigrants, and workers of color. AUD conducts conferences, workshops, and classes in leadership development and workers' rights."

Bureau of Labor Statistics Data
Overview and quick retrieval of BLS data, including customized tables.

Cyber Picket Line
The most comprehensive directory of labor on the Web. Period. Organized geographically. Clickable image map of the world. Includes other resources for union leaders and members.

Czarnecki's Labor Education Links
"This web page is intended for Labor Educators and others interested in quick references to key Internet union web sites (formerly Czarnecki's Labor Education Newsletter)."

Executive Paywatch
From the AFL-CIO: "Most of us are working longer and harder just to get by. Not so for America's corporate elite, whose exorbitant pay schemes have created unprecedented inequities in the American workplace. Why is CEO pay getting further and further out of line? How does it affect the rest of us who work for a living? And what can be done to rein it in? Click on to find the answers." And ... you can! How much does your CEO make ... and how does it compare to your own paycheck? Find out this and more about runaway CEO pay!

FAQs on Collective Bargaining
From the University of Hawaii

Global Labour Directory of Directories
A directory of the top ten labor directories from around the world, ranked by thoroughness. If it's a union you're looking for, check here first!

ICEM - Labour Resources on the Internet 
A well-organized list of unions and union resources on the net, maintained by the International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions (ICEM). Categories include: ICEM regional sites; global labour news; ICEM affiliate sites; other trade-union websites; and intergovernmental sites.

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
With news alerts, links to interesting web sites and, of course, the preamble to the IWW constitution, here's the home page of the Industrial Workers of the World, the oldest radical union in the USA.

International Fed. of Chem., Energy, Mine and Gen. Wkrs Unions
"Some 20 million workers worldwide are now organised within the ICEM ... a rapidly growing industry-based world labour federation dedicated to practical international solidarity. The world's major employers are now organised globally. Trade unions cannot lag behind. The ICEM believes that industrial trade unionism worldwide must concentrate on its main tasks - improving workers' pay and conditions and recruiting new members. The ICEM calls upon all the world's workers to: Unite And Organise!" UE is a member. Visit the ICEM's Noth American website at:

Jobs with Justice
"Jobs With Justice is a national labor, community and religious coalition dedicated to fight for the rights of working people. More than two dozen local Jobs With Justice coalitions around the country have mobilized hundreds of thousands of working people around the right to family-wage jobs, health care, civil and workplace rights." UE is member of, and has played an active role in, Jobs with Justice.

KC Labor
"Our mission has been to provide an Internet port-of-entry for working people. There's a tremendous wealth of working class resources on the web. But finding it ... can be a challenge. We've brought together hundreds of useful links on a wide variety of topics ... we post a Daily Labor News Digest ... publish fresh articles in our newsletter, Labor Advocate Online. We ... answer questions from workers about workplace safety and health issues. And we have discussion boards where we can talk to one another." Impressive!

L.A. Labor News
Information on organizing, bargaining, international solidarity and labor movement news - all from a rank-and-file perspective.

Labor Beat
Labor Beat is a Chicago-based non-profit organization which produces and distributes progressive television, radio, video, and computer communications on labor and social issues. (More than three hundred Labor Beat television programs and Labor Express radio programs have now been produced and are listed at this site — along with lots of rank-and-file links and labor media information.) Check it out!

Labor Day
"The Buffalo Free-Net is proud to help celebrate labor on the net" ... with links to labor sites and information about labor. An unusual and interesting collection of places to visit on the 'net!

Labor Notes
"Since 1979, Labor Notes has been the voice of union activists who want to "put the movement back in the labor movement" through rank and file democracy. As an organization, Labor Notes works to bring activists together by publishing a monthly magazine, books, and pamphlets as well as holding schools and conferences. Labor Notes is a place to learn about the struggles, strategies, and solutions within the labor movement today." Site includes: Labor Notes Magazine articles, publications, info about conferences, forum, and more!

Labor Research Association
"Labor Research Association is a New York City-based non-profit research and advocacy organization that provides research and educational services for trade unions." Labor news, trends, strategies, reports and links, from the publishers of "Trade Union Advisor" and "Economic Notes." Lots of news and more at this worthwhile site.

Labor Unions and the Internet (Catherwood Library)
From Catherwood Library at the NYS School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University, here is a treasure trove of web site references for labor unions. Topic areas (links to web resources) include: Collective Bargaining - Wages - Benefits - Cost of Living - Labor Market - Government Sites - Arbitration - Safety and Health - Labor and Employment Law - Labor History - Statistical Sites - Company Information - International Labor Organizing - Strikes ... and more!

Unusual, a little off-beat and worth checking out! Sections on Organized Labor, Employment Law, Workplace Issues and Labor Relations.

LaborNet (USA)
"LaborNet: Online Communications for a Democratic Labor Movement ... LaborNet was founded in 1991 To build a democratic communication network for the labor movement ... To that end we established the first regular Labor News web page in the United States. We have continued to work at building LaborNet not only the in the United States but internationally through the Association Of Progressive Communication (APC) and with other independent labor communicators on the Internet. LaborNets are now established in Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, and Korea. ... LaborNet exists as a place to publicise your struggles and campaigns for workers rights. We always make room for stories about strikes, lockouts and workers fight to organize. We are also planning to expand LaborNet in a number of areas with a national labor calendar, on line discussion and debates with leading labor activists and scholars and th e ability to search the many years of labor news and information built up over the last 5 years ..." (Note: LaborNet was formerly one of the I.G.C. progressive networks).

LaborNet's Labor Resources on the Internet
Resource lists include: "Union Directory; Labor, Employment & Government Statistics & Resources; Labor News Publications; Labor - Relevant Legislation & Legal Information; Labor Cartoons, Art, Video, Radio, Culture, History; Mainstream But Useful News Sources; International Labor Information; Other Excellent Labor Resource Sites"

LabourNet - The International Solidarity Computer Network
News, links and information for and about labor from around the world. "Ultimately we are working towards the widest possible international labour network. We ... want to collaborate to the full with labour activists developing labour communications in other media such as labour video, films, radio, etc. Together we can create a real alternative to the controlled media owned by capital and its state organisations and work to counter its bias and distortions." See also: LaborNet.

"Where trade unionists start their day on the net." This exciting website (formerly known as "Labour Movement and the Internet") is dedicated to labor on the internet. It includes international labor news (updated daily; currently in the form of links to content on other labor and labor-related sites) as well the ability to submit news; a Global Labour Calendar and sectons on Jobs Available; Books & Videos; Webmasters' Forum; Labour Website of the Week; Labour Links and Urgent Actions. Check it out - you may want to make this your start page!

LawGuru's Legal Links
Reorganized and expanded page: List of links to internet websites dealing with a number of legal issues including Workers' Compensation, Disability Discrimination and Sexual Harassment. Includes a good links page to recent court decisions.

LRA's Guide to Workers Compensation
With Workers' Compensation programs under attack in many states, the Labor Research Association has actively "challenged the business lobby's position as the exclusive source of information on workers' compensation. As part of this effort, LRA has completed the most comprehensive guide to workers' compensation sites available on the web."

Moving Ideas (The Electronic Policy Network)
"Dedicated to explaining and popularizing complex policy ideas to a broader audience" this webesite offers an online magazine called "Moving Ideas" ... with information for journalists, activists, members and supporters. A project of American Prospect.

National Labor Relations Board
"The NLRB is an independent Federal agency created in 1935 to administer and enforce the National Labor Relations Act. It conducts secret-ballot elections to determine whether employees desire union representation, and it investigates and remedies unfair labor practices." Well, at least that's what they're supposed to do. Recently expanded web site includes board decisions (you'll probably need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view them, though).

National Labor Relations Board's Help Desk
This addition to the NLRB's web site can help find the information workers need with job related problems. An NLRB fact sheet can help determine if your problem falls within the NLRB's jurisdiction ... if not, there's lots of information about where you can get help including links to many other government agencies.

NLRB Manuals
NLRB Casehandling manuals for representation and Unfair Labor Practice cases (part of the NLRB Web Site).

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) - Inspections
OSHA's "Reading Room" page lists links to OSHA directives; statistics and inspection records; OSHA manuals and Hazard Information bulletins. All workplace inspection records are now online and searchable!

Open Directory Project (dmoz) - Labor Movement: Unions
A growing list of labor union sites, compiled by volunteer editors. Worth checking.

OSHA Workers' Page
A page for workers with questions about OSHA and safety issues in their workplaces -- including electronic complaint filing -- should visit this page on the OSHA website. Among the page topics: "Am I Covered by OSHA?" ... "What are my rights under OSHA?" ... "What can I do if I think my workplace is unsafe?" ... "Has my employer ever been inspected by OSHA?" ... "What is the most commonly cited hazard in my industry?" ... as well as areas on filing complaints and handling problems in the workplace ...
"Wisconsin's link to labor ... A Celebration of Labor in America"

Songs of Irish Labour
The web site and a recently released CD of the same name were inspired by the April 1998 dedication of a memorial to Jim Connell, an Irishman who more than a century ago wrote the song "The Red Flag." Both web site and CD have been produced by Helena Sheehan, a Dublin City University lecturer and union member and former chair of the Irish Writers' Union. The web site contains words, background info and sound files of some songs from the CD -- construction is still underway. The web site is attractive, with color photos (and waving red flags), and great links to international labor and labor song sites, including a link to Billy Bragg's home page (worth the price of admission?).

Union Communication Service (UCS)
"We publish and distribute steward advice, labor news, graphics and books that help progressive union leaders rally their members and build their unions. More than 1,500 forward-looking unions across the U.S. and Canada use one or more of our highly-praised services every month." In addition to monthly services for union members (including the publication "Steward Update"), this site also includes a books catalog for union members and activists.

UPPNET - Union Producers and Programmers NETwork
Established in 1989, UPPNET works "to promote and expand the production and use of television, radio, video and film and emerging media technologies by working people, union activists, and organized labor as a whole."

US Department of Labor - Regs
Information on all major statutes and regulations administered by the Department of Labor.

Work Rights Press
"Work Rights Press publishes the books of union labor lawyer Robert M. Schwartz, including "The Legal Rights of Union Stewards", "The FMLA Handbook", and "How to Win Past Practice Grievances". These books explain labor law in an authoritative yet reader-friendly manner and are sold at prices considerably below what is usually charged for legal materials."

Workers Compensation Law Materials
Federal and state resources; links maintained by Cornell Law School.

Workers Independent News Service (WINS)
"Workers Independent News Service (WINS) gathers news by and about working people and creates programs and feature stories for commercial, public, community and college radio stations throughout the United States." On the internet, WINS provides a daily three minute Labor News Headlines feed (link available on our UE News Headlines page). "WINS also offers training and assistance to unions and community-based organizations in the technical aspects of reporting, radio production and media relations."

Working Life
Full text of "They Get Cake, We Eat Crumbs: The Real Story Behind Today's Unfair Economy" — by Jonathan Tasini, president of the National Writers Union (UAW Local 1981), published in cooperation with the Preamble Center for Public Policy. The economy is explained in straightforward language. Check it out ... a valuable web resource for union members and anyone involved in the fight for economic and social justice.

Solidarity Links (current struggles)

Strike Page
A really useful page of information about strikes and struggles, now jointly hosted by the Great Speckled Bird newspaper and LaborNet-IGC. This site seeks information about current struggles (both large and small) — and offers links to sources of more information and/or opportunities for solidarity actions. In case you're wondering: "The Great Speckled Bird" is the hippie, political, liberal "alternative" newspaper of the 60s. The Liberal Party of the United States is hosted by "The Bird", along with (numerous other projects)"

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