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UE On-line Catalog
Local Union Tools I

Aims and Structure:
How Rank-and-File Unionism Works

From UE local unions, to district councils, to the national union, this pamphlet describes in detail how UE functions as a bottom-up, democratic organization. Includes the workings of the national convention and the role of the national union. 18 pages. Check out Aims & Structure on-line!

$1.50 for UE Members
$3.00 to the Public

"Best of" The UE Steward (Vol II)

Nine major articles and more from the UE Steward, covering: - Your Rights as a Steward - On the Job: Avoiding the Pitfalls - Weingarten Rights - Getting "Free Riders" to Push - Using the NLRA - Americans with Disabilities Act and Your Workplace - Workplace Safety - Dealing with Legally Required Drug and Alcohol Testing - The Gamble of Arbitration (included in the UE Steward's Kit; also available in Spanish). 21 pages.

$1.50 for UE Members
$3.00 to the Public

Building Activism and Involvement in UE Local Unions

A do-it-yourself guide for increasing attendance at your local union meeting - The "how to's" of getting more members involved and keeping them involved! Includes a three page checklist of activities and ideas to generate new life in your local and a section on "putting the local in order" - a guide for organizing some of the important information needed to run a UE local union. 13 pages, also available in Spanish

$1.50 for UE Members
Not Available to the Public

Getting Into the News

Your UE local has a story to tell and a view that's worth expressing. Does your community know what it is? This pamphlet provides a good introduction to working with your local media - from deciding what's news to making sure your story gets covered. 15 pages.

$1.00 for UE Members
$2.50 to the Public

Independent Political Action:
A UE Political Action Primer

An Introduction and "How-To" Guide for Carrying Out UE Independent Political Action

Includes: - Questions and answers about UE political action - Getting starting on political action Work in your local - where to begin and where to head! - Tools of the trade: time-tested tactics for making sure your point is heard - Checklist of twelve Ideas to review for developing political action in your local - Putting action into political action: from lobbying to marching in the streets, examples of UE in action - Political action resource list. A similar version is also available in Spanish. 13 pages.

$2.00 for UE Members
$3.50 to the Public

Member-Run Unionism:
The Democratic Alternative that Works

Raising an effective challenge to the employer’s economic power can only be accomplished with the involvement of the members — and that requires democracy. The nuts and bolts of democratic unionism, and the fundamental UE principles involved in contract negotiations, the conduct of strikes and the role of staff are covered in this in-depth look at signs of strength and danger signs in the labor movement. 27 pages.

$1.50 for UE Members
$3.00 to the Public

New Member's Kit

Welcomes new members to UE. Provides an introduction to the unique rank-and-file union the new member has joined. Includes a welcome letter, UE Aims and Structure, UE pen, button, and window sticker. Automatically sent to new members when local unions send "List of Paid New Members" with per capita report

na for UE Members
Not Available to the Public

No More Business as Usual:
Labor's Corporate Campaigns

Labor Research Review

An overview of corporate campaigns that worked - along with the details of the planning and strategies necessary to win. 104 pages.

$5.00 for UE Members
Not Available to the Public

Open Books, Tight Fists

The founding members of UE wanted to build a labor movement and not a labor bureaucracy. The policies that are key to maintaining financial integrity and membership control over how the dues dollar is spent in each local as well as guidelines in the struggle against petty corruption are all detailed in this unique pamphlet. 10 pages.

Free for UE Members
$3.00 to the Public

Other American Revolution:
Finishing the Unfinished Democracy

Ron Daniels

Veteran scholar-activist Ron Daniels electrified the 60th UE National Convention with this wide-ranging speech. His topic: finishing the unfinished American Revolution - a revolution that promised freedom, justice and equality for all. 14 pages filled with thought-provoking information and ideas.

$1.75 for UE Members
$4.00 to the Public

Parliamentary Procedure at a Glance

Based on Robert's "Rules of Order," an easy-to-use guide to the rules of running a meeting. 60+ pages.

$3.00 for UE Members
Not Available to the Public

Preparing for Collective Bargaining

A packet of materials designed to help UE locals build strength and membership involvement at contract time.

Materials include: - Building a stronger bargaining committee - Putting together an effective contract support committee - Getting members ready to let the boss know your UE local is strong, united and militant!

Preparing for Collective Bargaining is most effective when UE locals begin planning a bargaining strategy well in advance - giving UE local leaders the time to use these materials to strengthen their local unions. Member worksheets from this packet are also available in Spanish.

$1.00 for UE Members
Not Available to the Public

Preparing for and Conducting a Strike:
A UE Guide

A complete UE guide on how to prepare for and conduct a strike. Detailed descriptions of the activities of various strike committees, providing financial support, using the media, obtaining community support and conducting outreach. 37 pages.

$1.00 for UE Members
$4.50 to the Public

Refuse to Lose:
Eminent Domain and the JC Rhodes Campaign

When UE Local 284 members learned that a new owner was planning to close their highly profitable 120 year old plant and relocate the work, they took the issue to their community. Following in the footsteps of UE Local 277 at Morse Cutting Tool, Local 284 took the "eminent domain" approach as far as it's ever gotten - and would have won were it not for corporate blackmail and a last minute political betrayal.

$1.00 for UE Members
$4.00 to the Public

Tips on Putting Out A Local Newsletter

A genuine "how-to" guide for putting out the news in your local. Includes everything from writing, photography and production tips to using cartoons and other art. Includes information on electronic tips and layout, too. 8 pages.

Free for UE Members
$2.00 to the Public

Troublemaker's Handbook
Dan LaBotz
From Labor Notes

Still Available: This oversize manual is for workers who want to take control over their lives at work. In hundreds of first-person accounts, workers tell in their own words how they did just that. The stories run the gamut of how to ridicule a pompous boss to a years-long campaign against a multinational corporation. The workplaces represented include factory and white collar, public and private, in the U.S. and Canada (examples from UE workplaces, too!). Each chapter ends with questions designed to get you thinking strategically about how to apply what you've read in your workplace. 262 pages.

$12.00 for UE Members
Not Available to the Public

Troublemaker's Handbook 2
How to Fight Back Where You Work and Win!
From Labor Notes - edited by Jane Slaughter

Yet another oversize manual for workers who want to take control over their lives at work. This new edition uses the same approach as the first Troublemakers Handbook, with first-person experiences covering: Shop Floor Tactics, Creative Tactics, Fighting Discrimination, Saving Good Jobs: Fighting Lean Production and Outsourcing, Contract Campaigns, Strikes, Inside Strategies, Contract Campaigns, Community Alliances, Union Solidarity, Corporate Campaigns, Developing New Leadership, Bringing Immigrants into the Movement, Reform Caucuses and Running for Office, Running Your Local and Strategic Planning, International Solidarity, and Dealing with the Media. Hefty 372 pages.

LIMITED QUANTITY - Call for Availability!
$15.00 for UE Members
Not Available to the Public

UE Constitution

The unique UE Constitution and by-laws, updated yearly. 43 pages. Also available in Spanish.

50¢ for UE Members
$2.50 to the Public

UE News

Often called one of the very best national union publications, each issue is packed full of news about the union and information that affects all working people. Published 12 times a year, the UE News is free to UE members. $1/ year for UE retirees; $5 individual; $10 institutions

The UE News is also on-line.

Free for UE Members
$1 yr UE retirees; $5 individual; $10 institution to the Public

UE Policy

Annual publication of the resolutions and reports adopted by delegates to the UE National Conventions.

UE Policy is also on-line and available for download.

call for pricing for UE Members
call for pricing to the Public

UE Steward

Published ten-times a year with news specifically for UE Stewards in both English and Spanish. The Steward is sent to the chief steward (or another local officer) for distribution to all local stewards. For information, contact the UE Education Department.

Free for all UE Stewards Some Articles from the UE Steward are on-line

Free to UE Locals for UE Members
Not Available to the Public

UE Steward Handbook

Hands down, the best guide for union steward's available. Contents include: the tools and rules every steward show know, fighting grievances, keeping the members organized and working with the members in your workplace. The Handbook was designed to be used with the companion UE Steward Pocket Guide. Completely indexed, with appendices. (Included in the UE Steward's Kit; also available in Spanish). 98 pages.

$3.00 for UE Members
$5.00 to the Public

UE Steward Pocket Guide

An on-the-job companion to the Steward's Handbook, the Pocket Guide offers a comprehensive summary of information UE stewards need to know. Each page contains a cross-reference to the larger Handbook for easy access to additional information. Space is also provided for names and workplace information, as well as a handy chart for noting grievance steps and time-limits (included in the UE Steward's Kit; also available in Spanish). 65 pages.

$1.50 for UE Members
$3.00 to the Public

Union Strategy Guide
Mike Parker & Jane Slaughter
From Labor Notes

A step-by-step guide for local unions to plans for dealing with team concept and management-by-stress. While they last, free with purchases of Working Smart.

$3.00 for UE Members
Not Available to the Public

Working Smart:
A Union Guide to Participation Programs And Reengineering

Mike Parker & Jane Slaughter
From Labor Notes

This 317-page manual takes union members through the ins and outs of participation programs, focusing on strategies. Get a much clearer picture of QWL-type programs and learn from the case studies of activists who have grappled with these management tactics.

Contents include: Why participation programs don't work - but management likes them anyway - What's wrong with "equal partnership" - Management's special definition of "quality" - and a union definition - Special implications for women and people of color - Using the Law - Public employees: what happens when governments adopt "quality" - Reengineering for the information superhighway - The pitfalls of "protective involvement" - Ideas for a pro-union quality campaign - How to survive lean production - Video resource guide. And, while supplies last, a free copy of A Union Strategy Guide is included with each order.

$7.00 for UE Members
Not Available to the Public