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UE On-line Catalog
Kits & Special Resources

The UE Leadership Guide and the UE Steward's Kit.

UE Leadership Guide
A Comprehensive Manual for Local Leaders

Leadership Manual

Contents Include:

Duties of Officers • Sample Constitutions • Building Strong Locals • Making Rank-and-File Democracy Work • Signing-up New Members • Planning and Running a Meeting • Writing Leaflets and Local Newsletters • Handing the Media • Communicating with the Members • Handling Grievances • Creating an Effective Stewards System • Preparing for Arbitrations • Dealing with (and Using) Government Agencies • Selected Federal Laws • Union Election Requirements • Dues and Finances • Local Books and Record Keeping • UE Local Yearly Planner • UE Financial Policies • IRS and Department of Labor Reporting Requirements • Organizing the Unorganized • Writing for and Using the UE News • Local Union Education • UE Political Action • Contract Negotiations • Information Request • Preparing for and Conducting a Strike • UE Resources • Glossary • Sample Letters and Illustrations

574 pages of reference information

The most complete
UE leadership
resource ever.

$25.00 for UE Members
Not Available to the Public

UE Steward's Kit
What Stewards Need to Know

stwdkit.gif (23060 bytes)

Written especially for UE Stewards and packed full of information (98 pages worth)! This is a complete handbook and reference manual covering just about everything a steward needs to know.

Tools, Rights & Rules  - A chapter covering all the "tools" a steward needs on the job, from legal rights and safeguards to protections for the members.

Fighting Grievances - UE's 60-plus years of dedication to defending members' rights on the job is captured in a step-by-step guide on fighting and winning grievances.

Organizing to Win! Our rank-and-file union depends on members who are united and ready to stand up to injustice and unfair treatment by the boss. Here's how to keep your workplace organized and in top shape.

Reference - Two special sections provide even more information. First, there's "Law's that Help" and second, a special "Steward's Dictionary."

Easy to Use! With a complete table of contents, a six-page index and handy "thumb tabs," finding information as easy as possible.

A Companion Pocket Guide

A guide to use on the job. Fits in a pocket and covers the information you need to know on the spot. And, one glance at the bottom of each page will tell you where to look in the Handbook for more information! Completely cross-referenced, both books were designed to be used together.

The Complete Steward's Kit

  • The UE Steward Handbook
  • The UE Steward Pocket Guide
  • Solidarity and Democracy:
    A Leadership Guide to UE History
  • "Best of" the UE Steward
  • UE Aims and Structure
  • Offers for free copies of:
  •     Them and Us
  •     Labor's Untold Story
  • UE Constitution
  • Steward's Button (2.25" or 1")
  • Shoulder Bag

(public price is w/o bag)

$15.00 for UE Members
$30.00 to the Public