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Labor Party

Class Politics
For the 21st Century

The Labor Party was launched on June 6, 1996 by 1,400 elected delegates representing some one million union members and community activists. Since then, we've grown steadily to include nine international unions, hundreds of union locals, and thousands of women and men, both union and non-union. Across the country, Labor Party state and local organizations are hard at work.

Unbridled corporate power and the dollar domination of the Democratic and Republican Parties have kept working people on the defensive, dispersed and disunited for too long. People are tired of going without quality healthcare, good schools, and secure, good-paying jobs. Yet many people are convinced these things are unachievable. And in the absence of a hopeful alternative, many are ripe for right-wing appeals that rely on scapegoating and bigotry.

To mount a serious challenge to corporate power, we need real political representation that is completely independent, that puts control in the hands of working people — the organized and unorganized, the employed and unemployed. The Labor Party has set its sights on attaining political power — no matter how long it takes. We are about creating a vision of a different kind of society, one that puts the basic needs and rights of people first.

Join us in this historic project to build the Labor Party, our party.


Union Endorsers Include:

  • American Federation of Government Employees

  • Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees

  • California Nurses Association

  • International Brotherhood of DuPont Workers

  • Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical and Energy Workers International Union

  • International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU)

  • Textile Processors, Service Trades, Health Care, Professional and Technical Employees International Union

  • United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America

  • United Mine Workers of America


How Do I Find Out More?

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Easy! Call the Labor Party:

Ask where there's a
Labor Party Chapter
Near You!



-> Political Action -> Labor Party

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