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'Winds of Change' Bring
UE to Des Moines Suburb

Welcome to UE!

"The winds of change are blowing in Urbandale" said Kurt Nelson, Urbandale High School head custodian following the Nov. 11 vote by the school district’s custodians and building/grounds and maintenance and food service workers and printers for UE Local 893 representation. (12/97)

Spencer School District Goes Union
On Dec. 3 the 113-person Spencer Community School District support staff voted for UE by a five-to-one margin. "It’s been a long time coming," said Bev Skinner, a teacher associate. "It was more than needed. We didn’t have a voice ... (12/97)

Independent Union at Quad City
Die Casting Affiliates with UE

Members of the Quad City Die Casting Employees Independent Union vote to become new UE Local 1174.  (12/97)

UE Overwhelms Boss,
Other Union In Glenwood Vote

Organizing by the Glenwood Community School District’s custodians, food service workers and teaching assistants culminated in a secret ballot election victory where UE received a strong majority despite concerted management opposition and intervention by another union. (12/97)

Local 1107 Prevails in
Talks with New Owner

Local 1107 successfully concluded negotiations with the new owners of Farnam Sealing Systems last month, despite giveback demands. Union members on Nov. 20 ratified a new two-year agreement with significant improvements in wages and benefits. (12/97)

Second Contract at ABQC
The struggle for their first contract took UE Local 1125 members to the U.S. Supreme Court and back. The second-ever agreement, ratified on Nov. 23, took tough bargaining. "We made a lot of progress on this contract," says Local Pres. Shirley Galica, taking special note of the creation of a committee to combat sexual harassment and groundbreaking contract language. (12/97)

World of Work
Labor News Roundup

From Indonesia to Europe, Jeff Apter has the latest labor news from around the world ... (12/97)

Local 404 Members Okay
Star Porcelain Contract

Local 420 members recently ratified a new three-year agreement with their employer, the Star Porcelain Co. by a margin of approval of better than three to one. (12/97)

Camacho Honored
By District 10 Council

An immigrant worker who emerged as a key West Coast UE leader, Humberto Camacho has served the union in a number of roles. A tribute to Camacho’s 34 years of rank-and-file union activism ... (12/97)

Iowa School Workers
Say 'We're the Union'

"The people are the union. The union is as strong as the people," said Chelsea Hunt, a bus driver with the Newton Schools. The union organized by Hunt and her co-workers in the Newton School District  is starting out strong. They voted 112-45 for UE representation ... (11/97)

Pay Protected as Cole-Hersee
Restructures Production

Unity, mobilization and the first strike in more than 20 years mean changes in production won't threaten pay and jobs at Boston's Cole-Hersee plant. (11/97)

Kenyon College Local
Prevails After 48 Day Lockout

What a difference a rank-and-file union makes — Kenyon College workers find strength in UE, a new contract and one very happy new member. (11/97)

UE Helps Block Iowa
Privatization Scheme

An outcry by union members and other concerned citizens blocked implementation of an Iowa privatization scheme which would have handed millions of taxpayers’ dollars over to private, for-profit agencies. (11/97)

Local 893 Annual Convention:
Committed to Growth

UE Local 893-Iowa United Professionals has grown by more than 600 members in the last year and local leaders have no intention of letting the forward motion stop. The local union’s annual convention unanimously adopted a resolution committing Local 893 to adopt an aggressive policy of internal organizing. (11/97)

Local 223 Insists on
More Than T-Shirts

General Cable workers, members of UE Local 223,  regularly receive awards for outstanding performance. In negotiations this year, when management seemed to develop amnesia, they insisted on more than "lip service and T-shirts"   — they demanded (and won) an outstanding contract, too. (11/97)

Veteran UE Member
Organizes New Local

A former UE leader lost no time in organizing a new UE local in his new job ... (11/97)

97convr.gif (4289 bytes)A Banner Convention!
62nd National Convention Coverage

From organizing gains to speakers calling for the AFL-CIO to confront internal corruption and the need for everyone to confront racism, the UE's 62nd Convention in Milwaukee was a spirited affair. (10/97)

Plant Saved, Workers Return to Jobs
Reopened!Despite a bankrupt employer, missed paychecks and a total layoff, members of UE Local 258 didn't give up the fight to save their jobs . There were some tense days, but unity and solidarity paid off: their plant in Windsor, Vermont is back in business. (08/97)

Come-Back Contract
From bankruptcy to the unemployment line, UE Local 204 members successfully fought to keep their plant open. Now, they've won a new contract that regains lost ground in an impressive showing of shop-floor solidarity. (08/97)

North & South American Workers -- and NAFTA

New Nafta
Agreement Looms

The Clinton administration is seeking "fast track" authority to expand the NAFTA trade agreement -- despite the loss of more than a half-million U.S. jobs under the current treaty. In the meantime, corporate big-wigs are passing the hat to the tune of $100,000 each to build a war chest to campaign for the proposal. (08/97)

Local 791 Member
Killed On-the-Job

A swerving pick-up truck on the Ohio Turnpike claims the lives of a UE Local 791 member and an assistant foreman. The fatalities are the first involving a bargaining unit member on the toll road in three years, despite often hazardous working conditions. (08/97)

District Six Opposes
State Store Sell-Off

A Republican governor's plan to privatize Pennsylvania's State Liquor Stores - at the expense of thousands of living wage union jobs - has received vocal opposition from UE District Six members. 'It's unionbusting and a political payoff' clear and simple. (08/97)

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