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Independent Union
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Die Casting
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Members of the Quad City Die Casting Employees Independent Union voted 40 to 10 on Nov. 16 to join UE and become UE Local 1174.

Quad City Die Casting workers make aluminum castings for GM, John Deere, J.I. Case and smaller companies. They have had a union since 1972.


Quad City workers chose UE because they wanted a national union that would provide the training and assistance they needed but still respect their right to run their union.

At a special membership meeting in October, UE District 11 Pres. Carl Rosen explained the union’s rank-and-file structure. Local 1107 Pres. Glenn Bush, Local 1160 Pres. Randy True and Local 893 Pres. Dan Kelley all offered explanations of why their members chose UE in the 1990s and examples of how the union works and answered Quad City workers’ questions.


Training classes for stewards and officers are already being planned for early 1998 as well as preparation for mobilization of the membership for the June 21 expiration of the current contract.

Officers of UE Local 1174 are Keith Scribner, president; Al Wulf, vice president; Michele Hearn, treasurer; and William Peterson, secretary.

UE News - 12/97

Home -> UE News -> 1997 Archives -> Article

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