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TO:         General Executive Board

 FROM:   Bob Clark, General Secretary-Treasurer

The Workplace Democracy Act has been introduced into Congress by Independent Representative Bernie Sanders from Vermont. This bill is intended to repair our badly broken labor laws by restoring to working people the right to join a union and negotiate a first union contract. It provides for other improvements as well. With thousands of workers fired each year for trying to join a union, and our nation’s labor laws violated by corporations with no fear of prosecution or penalty, it is clear that we have sunk into a labor rights emergency.

Although the Workplace Democracy Act will be prevented from coming to the floor of this Congress by Newt Gingrich and his anti-labor majority, it is still important that we work to build support for this legislation. Our future as a union, and our future as a labor movement, depend on our ability to -- sooner or later -- win the kind of real labor law reform that this bill contains. We must educate our membership, our members of Congress, and others in the labor movement about the contents of this bill, and why it is so important for them to help publicize and support it.

Enclosed is a short summary of the bill, a leaflet for distribution that explains the bill, and a checklist of things that you and your UE Local can do to build support for the Workplace Democracy Act.

When someone asks us what labor needs in order to restore our right to organize and bargain, the answer is simple. Pass the Workplace Democracy Act. Any member of Congress who expects working people to support them should co-sponsor and support this bill instantly. A refusal to do so will speak for itself. Let’s get busy.


Robert L. Clark
General Secretary-Treasurer

Home -> Political Action -> Labor Law Reform -> Memo

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