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Political ActionReal Labor Law Reform!

Legislation introduced by
Rep. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)
would restore the right to
organize and bargain collectively

Help build support for this badly-needed legislation ...

"Full freedom of association, self-organization" and the right to collective bargaining are supposed to be the rules governing labor-relations in the United States. It's the law and it's official government policy. But those rights are flagrantly ignored by bosses from coast-to-coast and are undermined in the so-called "right to work for less" states. It's time for real labor law reform — and the Workplace Democracy Act would do just that.

Introduced by U.S. Representative Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), this bill would restore the right to organize and bargain collectively to working people — with real protection from bosses who now flaunt the law, hiding behind slick, high-priced, union-busting attorneys.

For more information:

Then, help build support for this badly needed legislation by taking on one or more of the actions listed below ... and printing the UE internet-flier to circulate or post.


  • One out of ten workers are fired during union organizing drives in the 1990’s.

  • Bosses want NLRB union "elections" because the slow, toothless process allows them to smash the union. We need "card check" recognition to protect a workers’ right to join the union.

  • The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is weak and ineffective — bosses fire workers and violate the law with little fear of prosecution or penalty.

  • Half of all newly organized groups never win a first contract, and are destroyed by the bosses delays and attacks.

  • Wages and working conditions have been deteriorating steadily for more than 20 years, due in part to the destruction of our right to organize. Working people have little ability to unionize and force their bosses to raise wages and improve benefits and working conditions.

  • The number of Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges against employers increased 400% between 1960 and 1980.

  • Public sector workers in many states have no right whatsoever to join a union or bargain collectively with their government employers.

  • The NLRB takes months to conduct a union "election," giving bosses extraordinary amounts of time to fire, threaten, harass, or bribe workers into rejecting the union. Many bosses want a union "election" to legitimize their workplace terrorism.

  • The NLRB process for winning reinstatement of illegally fired workers, or of re-running an election unfairly "won" by the boss customarily takes several years of legal wrangling.


(Note: bill number has changed for the 106th Congress)

  1. Call your Representative at (800) 765-4440 or (800) LABOR21 and ask them to co-sponsor the Workplace Democracy Act.

  2. Call them back in one week to find out if they have done so, and if not, why not. Ask them to contact Representative Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for more information on the bill, or copy this Political Action Bulletin and send it to them yourself.

  3. Organize a delegation from your local to visit your Representative in the office nearest to you, to ask him or her to co-sponsor the Workplace Democracy Act.

  4. Contact another union where you live, and ask their members to discuss this bill and help build support for it. Copy this Political Action Bulletin for them and offer to make a presentation to their executive board or monthly membership meeting.

  5. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, explaining the Workplace Democracy Act and asking the readers to support it. Be sure to send copies of printed letters to the UE Washington Office.

Home -> Political Action -> Labor Law Reform

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