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Labor Rights Emergency!

What would you call it when:

  • tens of thousands of working people are fired every year for the "crime" of joining a union.

  • union "elections" are held up so long by government stalling and employer delays that the boss has time to terrorize a majority into "voting" against the union.

  • almost half of all newly organized unions are destroyed before they can negotiate a first union contract.

  • bosses massively violate labor laws and are never punished and never fined.

  • millions of public sector workers are deprived of any right to join a union or bargain collectively.

We call it a Labor Rights EMERGENCY! Union busting leads to falling wages, declining living standards, and an increasing climate of fear in the workplace.

What can we do about it?

Support the Workplace Democracy Act (HR 1277), a bill that would restore the right of working people to join a union and bargain a first contract. This bill would force bosses to recognize a union once a majority has signed union cards, provides for binding arbitration of first contracts after 45 days, levels real penalties on bosses who break the law, and more.

  1. Call your Representative (800)765-4440 or (800) LABOR21 and ask them to co-sponsor and support the Workplace Democracy Act (HR 1277).

  2. Write a letter:
        U.S. House of Representatives
        Washington, DC 20515

  3. Organize a delegation from your local union or workplace to meet with your Representative in their local office. Invite members of other unions and concerned community groups to come along.

For more information:
Contact the UE Washington Office (703) 684-3123.

United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE)

Home -> Political Action -> Labor Law Reform -> Flier

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