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UE Local 150's First Constitutional Convention —
For Fairness,
Democracy, Power!

Change is coming ... ... for North Carolina Public Workers


They face a tough battle in an anti-labor state, but UE Local 150 members are determined to win fairness, democracy and power in North Carolina.

Demanding respect and a living wage ...
UE Local 150 President Barbara Prear

Local 150 President Barbara Prear

Fairness for City Workers ...
Fairness, Democracy, Power ...
UE General Secretary Bob Clark

UE Gen.-Sec. Bob Clark

Public-sector workers from around North Carolina assembled in Raleigh July 30-August 1 to place their new, rank-and-file union a firmer basis — and to make a claim for "fairness, democracy and power." Meeting on the campus of North Carolina State University delegates to the first constitutional convention of UE Local 150, North Carolina Public Service Workers Union debated and adopted a constitution, elected officers and approved resolutions.

Delegates enthusiastically agreed with Local Pres. Barbara Prear that theirs was "a historic event," committing themselves to build their organization.

Sixty-four delegates attended from seven campuses of the University of North Carolina (UNC), the Durham City Workers Union, Eastern Carolina School for the Deaf and state agencies. Thirty-five supporters came from as near as Raleigh and as far away as Nova Scotia. UE Genl. Sec.-Treas. Bob Clark chaired the convention.

In the spirit of the convention, Clark signed up two new members in a campus dining hall.

The union’s membership is majority African-American and female; Local 150 emerged from struggles in the early 1990s by UNC housekeepers against discrimination and for better working conditions, struggles aided by community and civil rights organizations.

Local 150 faces an uphill battle. State law makes it illegal for any state institution to bargain with a union. Nevertheless, top UNC officials have recognized workers’ right to join the union and a system of "meet and confer."

UE delegates affirmed their intention of safeguarding their jobs and improving their conditions with a spirited rally outside the state legislative building on July 30. Speakers included Local Pres. Barbara Prear, Genl. Sec.-Treas. Bob Clark, District One Pres. Connie Spinozzi, chapter leaders and supporters.

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