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Glenwood School District —
Workers Win Contract
With 'Gains Not Givebacks!'


Local 865 members fought hard — and successfully — for a contract with wage and benefit gains exceeding the Glenwood School District’s 3.2 percent allowable growth. With the school district experiencing about half of its usual projected budget growth, the administration began negotiations with a proposal for ten-cent pay increases and deep cuts in insurance coverage.

The teacher associates, custodians and food service workers who constitute this UE local union united behind their negotiating committee in a struggle to make their new contract one of gains, not givebacks. Their determination came across strongly, as the school district quickly abandoned the proposals to strip insurance coverage.

The new two-year contract contains a 25-cent wage increase July 1 and $10 per month increase in the employer contribution to family insurance coverage. Wages and insurance for the following year will be negotiated next spring, when it is expected that the district will be growing again, and will therefore have more money.


The agreement contains many significant improvements in contract language. Most important, part-time employees will now receive personal leave, formerly restricted to full-time employees. This is a signal advance for part-timers, who do not yet have vacation days available to them. Also bereavement leave will increase from three to four days per occurrence.

Overall, the new contract reflects a 4.2 percent package increase, a full point higher than the district’s "new money." The rallying cry of "gains, not givebacks" paid off with the ratification of the settlement on May 15.

The Local 865 negotiating committee consisted of Wes Hunt, Kim Chambers, Jeannie Wagner, Gene Sheets, Karen Schoening and Margaret Crawley. The alternate was Karen Davis. They were assisted by past president Patti Briels and Field Org. Don Taylor.

UE News - 06/99

Home -> UE News -> 1999 Archives -> Article

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