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UE Forward 2000
64th National UE Convention

Special Issue

The 64th Annual UE National Convention

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Opening Doors for Democracy

Hovis Speaks to Challenges of Democracy

Organizing: Bringing Change to the Job

'Build This Union!' Kingsley Urges Delegates

Adopt Collective Bargaining Goals

Delegates Endorse Militant Shop Actions

Fighting Hate is a Union Responsibility

Union Heroes Combat Closings

Labor's Greatest Challenge Comes From Within' — Fletcher

'The Economy Should Benefit Workers For a Change' — Sanders

Getting Global About Labor Solidarity

Ten Years Stronger — Zenroren

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64th Annual UE Convention
Adopt Collective
Bargaining Goals


The Collective Bargaining resolution is a road map for local union negotiators, said Patrick Rafferty, Local 506, during convention discussion.

The resolution sets both the policy for obtaining contract improvements as well as contract goals. For both established locals looking to improve existing agreements and new locals negotiating for the first time, Rafferty said, "this is the map we need to follow."

The resolution calls for strengthened coordinated bargaining, Rafferty pointed out. He praised the role of UE leadership in working to strengthen the Coordinated Bargaining Committee of General Electric Unions; GE negotiations take place next year.

Ray Pompano

Ray Pompano

"Many of us forget that without organized labor, our children would be going to the mines and mills on Monday morning instead of going to school," commented Ray Pompano, Local 243. Without collective bargaining, he said, there would be no vacations, pensions or holidays.

The combination of an active membership, hard-working committee and staff support blocked Graham Packaging’s attempt to impose health insurance co-payments and a lengthy contract, reported Marianne Hart, Local 1421.

Insurance became a major issue in two UE strikes this year. Entoleter workers protected their medical benefits during a 100-day strike, reported Dorothy Johnson, Local 299. Strikers convinced all but two scabs not to cross the picket line. Local 299 members stood strong, she said, and they enjoyed the support of UE locals and the Greater New Haven Labor Council and other supporters.


Robert Morris
Robert Morris

The Toll Taken by Greed ...

At last year’s convention and in the months since, UE members learned how the profitable Beloit plant in Dalton, Mass. was closed as a direct result of bad management decisions by the parent company, Harnischfeger. Local 212 members lost their jobs as a result. Due to his incompetence, Harnischfeger’s CEO lost his job, too. He now heads Oklahoma City-based CMI.

"He’s now running the company that’s trying to smash our contract at Load King, Local 1187," announced District 11 Pres. Carl Rosen. "This is a greedy bastard who doesn’t give a damn about workers, and we’re not going to rest until we bring justice here."

The illegal refusal of CMI to give Local 1187 information needed to respond to the company’s proposed insurance plan cuts forced UE members to undertake an unfair labor practices strike in February, said Robert Morris. Load King workers in Elk Point, S.D. continue to carry on the struggle, he said.

Carl Rosen, District 11, outlined steps that convention delegates (and the entire union) can undertake to assist Local 1187 — send protest messages to CMI’s chief executive officer and visit CMI directors and distributorships. (Send messages to CEO Tom Engelsman at

Dennis McLaughlin, Local 506, expressed his outrage at how corporations trample on the collective bargaining rights of newly established unions, citing the difficulties faced by Local 758 in trying to secure a first contract from the Glastic Plastics division of Kobe Steel. Referring to the statement in the resolution that "They set union busters on us like mad dogs," McLaughlin said, "If they want to send those dogs after us they’re going to have to realize they’re going to come up against the (UE) junkyard dog as well."

Penny Lee

Penny Lee

Eileen Ginley, Local 791, discussed her local’s ongoing efforts to improve the living standards of Ohio Turnpike workers and to obtain justice for part-time workers. Penny Lee, Local 233, whose local had begun negotiating a wage re-opener, also contributed to the discussion.

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