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Local 124 Reaches
1-Year Pact with Genicom


Holbert, Jones and Gilliam.
The UE Local 124 committee at Genicom included Bob Holbert, Eddie Jones and Joe Gilliam. Not pictured is Patty Marshall.

In July, members of amalgamated UE Local 124 employed by Genicom unanimously ratified a one-year agreement calling for an immediate 3 percent wage increase. Historically, wage increases are not implemented until January 1 of the following year. Combined with the 4 percent that employees already received earlier this year, that yields a combined increase of 7 percent.

In addition Local 124 was able to modify current contract language to finally receive benefits previously denied due to loopholes in contract language.


Laid-off Genicom workers have long been entitled to a maximum of 10 weeks’ Unemployment Supplement Income (USI); when unemployment compensation pays 40 percent of a weekly wage, USI adds another 20 percent to reach a worker’s maximum permissible earnings. In the event of a plant closing, workers would receive an additional 10 weeks of USI. Although the workforce has been decimated due to product line movement and resulting layoffs, Genicom refuses to announce a plant closing — the necessary trigger for plant closing benefits. Over the last few years Genicom has laid off all but 20 of its former employees.

The new agreement eliminates the plant closing provision and transfers eight of the 10 additional weeks directly into the layoff language. Now, if an employee gets laid off, he or she will receive 18 weeks of USI benefits. Once the 26 weeks of unemployment runs out, the full 60 percent USI benefit continues to be paid until all funds have been exhausted.

The contract was negotiated by Local Pres. Maken Dodge, Vice Pres. Bob Holbert, Chief Steward Eddie Jones, Second Shift Chief Steward Joe Gilliam and Rec. Sec. Patty Marshall. They were assisted by UE Field Org. George Waksmunski.

UE News - 10/99

Home -> UE News -> 1999 Archives -> Article

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