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Social Security
Labor Party Chapter
Gives Santorum "Most
Foolish Policy" Award

The "Most Foolish" Jester's Cap Award ... Group meets with a Senator's aid ... Debruin, Bisno, Gilmore, Maloney
Steve Tormey
Anne McLemore
Ed Cloonan
"A fool and your money ..."
Pat Rafferty
Donna Kramer
John Hinshaw
 Molly Rush  Outside at the Rally ...  Sue Smock  Maryellen Hayden  
DELIVERING THE MESSAGE (Clockwise, from top, left): Polly Halfkenny (UE)  with jester's cap; Senator Santorum's aid prepares to meet with rally participants; Pres. Tom Debruin and and Vice Pres. Neal Bisno (1199P/SEIU), Peter Gilmore (UE), Courtney Maloney; Pat Rafferty, Business Agent, UE Local 506, Donna Kramer, Political Action Chair, UE local 506; John Hinshaw sports jester's cap; Milt Wolfson, Maryellen Hayden, Thomas Merton Center; Sue Smock, Local 506; outside at the rally, Molly Rush, Thomas Merton Center, Pres. Ed Cloonan (Independent State Store Union), Anne McLemore (UNITE, CLUW), Steve Tormey (UE).

"Most Foolish Policy Award"

The Pittsburgh Metro Chapter of the Labor Party celebrated April Fools Day by attempting to present U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum (R., Pa.) the "Most Foolish Public Policy Initiative of the Year" award because of his advocacy of Social Security privatization. (Santorum wasn’t in and his aides refused the award — the jester's hat shown above.)

As UE’s Steve Tormey told the rally outside Santorum’s office, "Rick says it’s unjust to cut benefits, but it’s exactly what he’s doing." A contingent from UE Local 506 and UE Local 623 members joined representatives of SEIU, UNITE and other unions and citizens groups to make the point: "Scrap the Cap ... Save Social Security!"

For more information on stopping
the attacks on Social Security,
check out UE Political Action.

UE News - 04/99

Home -> UE News -> 1999 Archives -> Article

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