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Living Labor History ...
... in New Haven
From top, center: retired Field Org. Harry Kaplan joined Local 243 Pres. Ray Pompano (in next photo) in discussing the history of the union at the Sargent Co. Local 299 Pres. Dorothy Johnson holds her award. She’s joined by Kathy Bridges, Intl. Rep. Carol Lambiase, Bessie Huckaby, District 2 Pres. Judy Atkins and retired Field Org. Harry Kaplan. Debbie Elkins, acting president of the Greater New Haven Labor History Association, presents Dorothy Johnson with the Augusta Lewis Troup award. Background: the Sargent plant in 1964.

Living Labor History
In New Haven


The contributions of working people, past and present, received recognition at the 1999 New Haven Labor History Bus Tour and the Greater Labor History Association awards presentation. UE members had a prominent part in the day-long activities.

The bus tour visited sites associated with New Haven’s once significant carriage-making and garment industries, Winchester Repeating Arms, Yale University and Sargent Inc., home of UE Local 243. Today New Haven’s largest manufacturing employer, Sargent is well-known manufacturer of locks and architectural hardware.

Outside Sargent, tour participants heard from Local 243 Pres. Ray Pompano, who began work as a buffer/polisher there in 1965, and retired UE Field Org. Harry Kaplan, who was closely associated with the Sargent local for much of his 39 years on the union’s staff.


Dorothy Johnson, president of amalgamated UE Local 299 and a National UE trustee, was one of two recipients of the labor history association’s annual Augusta Lewis Troup awards. (Troup [1848-1920] was a typographer, journalist and labor leader.)

Kathy Bridges presented Johnson with flowers and a statement from co-workers at Circuit-Wise. UE District Two Pres. Judy Atkins offered her congratulations, noting the important role Johnson plays in the life of the union at the district and national level. A letter from UE Genl. Pres. John Hovis spoke warmly of Johnson’s contributions:

"Dorothy Johnson has exhibited the utmost courage and conviction in her efforts to better the living standards and working conditions of her brothers and sisters in UE and her neighbors throughout the greater New Haven community. A picture of Dorothy standing with other leaders of the seventeen-month Circuit-Wise strike on my wall is a daily reminder of the true meaning of courage and determination."

UE News - 12/99

Home -> UE News -> 1999 Archives -> Article

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