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Local 172
Wilmot Pact


Contract Settled

In recent negotiations with the Wilmot Co., UE Local 172 members largely succeeded in their goal of recouping concessions accepted in 1995 bargaining with a new owner. Union members voted unanimously on Nov. 3 to ratify a new three-year agreement.

Starting from an average wage of $14.74, Local 172 members will see general increases of 3 percent, 2 percent and 2 percent.

Wilmot workers formerly specialized in coal handling equipment; they now do custom fabricating jobs for various industries.


In both the first and third years of this agreement, former Wilmot Engineering employees originally hired by the predecessor company prior to 1990 will receive one additional day of vacation, with an additional day applied every other year thereafter until the "old" Wilmot vacation schedules are restored. Since all current Wilmot employees share an April seniority date due to the 1995 change in ownership, Local 172 also secured an additional 4-hour prorated vacation pay to cover the five-month period until the additional vacation day kicks in, in April 2000.

Holidays climb to a total of 11 per year in the third year, with July 4 and Labor Day restored in year one, and the birthday/floating holiday restored in the third year.

Sickness and accident benefits increase by $20 a year to a high of $285 a week for a maximum of 26 weeks.

Local 172 successfully resisted any medical insurance premium contributions, and agreed to a move to the First Priority Health HMO, effective March 1, 2000. This plan, which will be fully company paid, requires a $10 payment for office visit, $10 specialist, $25 emergency room and $8 prescription coverage.

The insurance article also contains an "opt-out" clause whereby employees with equivalent coverage elsewhere may decline the Wilmot plan and be paid half of the monthly premium cost. The clause also provides for reinstatement of Wilmot benefits should the alternate medical plan be lost. Also, employees wishing to remain in the former PPO plan may do so, but will pay the difference between that premium and the equivalent coverage class premium for the First Priority Plan.

The contract also calls for Wilmot to set up a non-contributory 401(k) retirement plan, and to pay all fees associated with its setup and administration. The target date for inception is April 1, 2000.

Language gains include deletion of a 32-hour "short workweek" provision which had enabled the company to unilaterally impose those hours up to four times per calendar year; extension of the maintenance of seniority provision from 12 to 18 months; and tightening up the temporary layoff language to limit layoffs to 10 days and to require at least five days of work following such layoffs before any subsequent period of layoff may begin.

The UE Local 172 bargaining committee consisted of Local Pres. Randy Diltz, Gary Novel and Charles Hann, assisted by UE Field Org. Jim Ermi.

UE News - 11/99

Home -> UE News -> 1999 Archives -> Article

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