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Protest UVM-Sponsored
Unionbusting Seminar


Local 267 Pres. Tom Stout (at left)
Local 267 Pres. Tom Stout (above, left) waits to address the rally as union and community members protest a unionbusting seminar sponsored by the University of Vermont.
Protesting UVM-sponsored unionbusting seminar ...

Never mind that 42 million Americans don’t have health insurance, or that overworked hospital staff are concerned about protecting quality health care. Instead, health executives would rather "diagnose trends towards unionization."

Almost 100 union and community members rallied outside of the Sheraton Hotel in Burlington, Vt. on Nov. 6 against a University of Vermont (UVM) sponsored course in unionbusting. The two-day seminar, "Developing Critical Strategies for Positive Labor Relations," was organized in collaboration with the American Organization of Nurse Executives and featured such topics as "detecting early warning signs of union activity" and "dissecting the union agenda."

Tom Stout, president of UE Local 267, which represents the service and maintenance employees at UVM, explained, "Not only are they teaching healthcare managers how to bust the union in this seminar, but they are attempting to divide their own employees at UVM. We will continue to fight for fair treatment. We’re sticking together and staying united."

Ed Flanagan, the State Auditor of Accounts also spoke at the rally. "When I went to law school, they taught us how to follow the law. It seems to me that the intent of this seminar is to teach managers how to break the law." Sponsored by the UE, the AFL-CIO, the Workers’ Rights Center and the Progressive Party of Vermont, the rally included speakers, chants ("Union-busting is Disgusting") and labor songs.

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Home -> UE News -> 1999 Archives -> Article

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