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Local 625 Adds Unit,
New Members


A persistent UE Local 625 negotiating committee, backed by the union contract with the ABB Power Circuit Breaker division, resulted in eight new union members.

ABB’s ILS division services various types of circuit breakers made by various other firms. Previously, the company argued that ILS represented a totally separate entity and refused UE’s demand that the contract be expanded to ILS. The union insisted that under the terms of Local 625-ABB contract, only UE members can work on breakers within a 25-mile radius of the Greensburg plant.

As the nature of the work changed, the company became amenable to the union’s interpretation.

New Work in Bargaining Unit

The company recognized the concerns of the Local 625 committee as how to best expand the bargaining unit. On Oct. 4, the parties signed an agreement which brings eight new members into the union and new work into the bargaining unit. The ILS employees will come in at the bottom of the seniority list but their service dates will be recognized for purposes of contractual benefits.

Immediately following the signing of the agreement, Bob Slosarik, an ILS worker, was elected to the Local 625 executive board. The following day, five bids went up for the production shop and two for the service area.

The committee consisted of Pres. Ray Prinkey, Vice Pres. Jim Genard, Chief Steward Merle Crossland and Fin. Sec. Mark Shaffer. They were assisted by UE Intl. Rep. Marion Washington.

UE News - 12/99

Home -> UE News -> 1999 Archives -> Article

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