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Policy Into Action

The 63rd UE Convention in August recommended two resolutions for particular emphasis, as reported previously in the UE NEWS. Adopting the report of the convention’s Policy Action Committee, delegates agreed that locals and districts develop a plan of action for "Building the Labor Party" and "UE Retiree Committees — A Wealth of Experience and Activism."

Initiated at the 57th Convention in 1992, the Policy Action Committee has the responsibility of identifying key resolutions and recommending a plan of action for their implementation.

(The UE Policy Book for 1998-1999, containing all 32 resolutions and reports adopted by the 63rd Convention, is available for only $2.50, shipping and handling included, from UE, One Gateway Center, Suite 1400, Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1416. UE policies are also available online.)


"UE reaffirms our solidarity and support for the retired members of our union," said the convention in calling on the union at all levels "to bring retirees more fully into the life of the union that they spent such a large part of their lives building and defending."

Locals are to reach out to their retired members "wherever practical and possible" to assist with their problems and help in the formation of retiree organizations; locals are to involve retirees in the UE postcard campaign to defend Social Security.

Retirees and their organizations are encouraged to participate in UE national conventions and the political action conference. The National union will conduct a workshop at the national convention if there is sufficient interest.


The Convention called on all districts and locals to immediately select delegates for the Labor Party convention to assure a strong UE presence. "At the convention UE will work to influence the Labor Party to adopt a bold plan of organizational and political outreach, such as sponsoring a Labor Party national campaign for real health care reform."

The Convention also urged those UE locals not affiliated with the Labor Party to do so "as soon as possible," and called on all UE leaders to join the Labor Party. Older and larger UE locals were requested to assist smaller and newer locals with their Labor Party work.

The National union was requested to provide Labor Party materials to locals, to give them "the necessary information to educate and inform their membership as to the positions of, and need for, the Labor Party. Locals should make this material available at all membership and stewards meetings, and should consider holding a Labor Party workshop at the local level with the assistance of the National union."

UE News - 12/98

Home -> UE News -> 1998 Archives -> Article

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