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Just Health Care

Just Health Care!

Accompanied by a 12-foot replica of the Statue of Liberty (with an intravenous drip in her arm), sign-carrying, chanting delegates marched to the Federal Building and back to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for a rally that launched the Labor Party’s Just Health Care campaign. (Miss Liberty was designed and operated by artist Tavia LaFollette, recently at UE’s convention with her recreation of Mother Jones and larger-than-life Junkyard Dog.)

Kingsley and Costello
Dir. of Org. Bob Kingsley declares the Just Health Care Campaign would cure an ailing system. Standing at the left of Kingsley is California Nurses’ Assn. Pres. Kit Costello, who also addressed the rally; she is a co-chair of the Labor Party's Interim National Council.

UE’s Bob Kingsley told the rally that the Labor Party’s Just Health Care campaign is the cure for a health care system sickened by corporate greed.

"Bosses pick our pockets to pay for higher health care. If you want choice of doctors and hospitals, and elimination of co-payments, you want Just Health Care. Doesn’t that sound like a vision worth fighting for?"

Kit Costello, president of the California Nurses’ Association, said the Labor Party hopes to put the issue of health care reform back on the agenda.

"Both political parties refuse to put forth solutions. We need to raise expectations. We want cradle-to-grave security and an end to profit-mongering health care."

Rally for Just Health Care!
With their blue flags, UE delegates were at the heart of the convention rally launching the Labor Party’s Just Health Care campaign.

Canada already has that kind of security, said Kathleen Conners, president of Canada’s National Federation of Nursing Unions. Holding up her national health card for all to see, Conners said she is entitled to medical services anywhere in Canada without co-pays or deductibles.

"It’s important that Canadians and Americans work together," Conners declared. "The Labor Party’s working for Just Health Care will help us maintain our system and both countries will be the better for it."

Americans will be guaranteed an unjust health care system — with millions of people uninsured and underinsured — as long as it is run for profit, said Dr. Sidney Wolfe of the Public Citizen Health Research Group and a colleague of Ralph Nader.


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