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Hands Off Social Security!
Social Security!

Join the Battle to Defend Social Security

UE News Feature:
Saving Social Security by Destroying It?

What You Can Do To Defend Social Security Now



The Social Security retirement, disability, and survivors pension system remains the most popular and efficient federal program in the country. Social Security provides more than 66% of all income to retired working people, as well as payments to those who are totally disabled and unable to work, and to the survivors of those who have passed away. This New Deal program has been one of the few federal programs that has been too popular for politicians to tamper with — until now.

Attacks on Social Security began to accelerate during the early Reagan years, when the retirement age was increased and future benefits were reduced. Today, Wall Street operators dream about laying their hands on all, or even part of the billions of dollars in Social Security funds. These attacks on Social Security have been led primarily by Big Business Republicans, but over the last few years have been joined by more and more Democrats. The corporate news media turns out a daily barrage of lies and distortions about Social Security, giving cover to the politicians who want to "save" the system by handing it over to the fast-buck artists on Wall Street. They call this "privatization."

Today we face a growing two-party gang-up on our nation’s Social Security safety net. It’s time for the rank-and-file to confront and expose those elected officials who would promote the destruction of our Social Security system. Please distribute the enclosed materials as widely as possible in your UE Local and your community. Collect the postcards from your Local membership and make a plan to either deliver or mail them to your elected lawmakers. Remind your membership that this struggle gives all of us more good reasons to join and build the Labor Party, as well as providing plenty of ammo for the coming November elections. Making sure everyone is registered to vote is the first step.

Let’s get going. The future of Social Security depends on how well we defend it today.

— Political Action memo from
UE General Secretary-Treasurer Bob Clark

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UE News Feature:
‘Saving’ Social Security by Destroying It?

What You Can Do to
Defend Social Security Now...

1.    Print, copy and distribute our on-line flier ...

2.    Organize to let politicians know working people want this rip-off stopped. Here is a sample message  ...

Dear (Senator ____) (Representative ______)

As a member of UE Local ______, I am outraged that some members of Congress are promoting schemes to rip-off my Social Security benefits by "privatization." While YOU may be able to gamble with YOUR retirement, I’m not going to sit still while Wall Street operators gamble with mine!

Hands off Social Security!



(City, State, Zip)

3.    Deliver the message:

Mail:   Senator _____________
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

Representative ______________
U. S. House of Representatives
Washington, D.C. 20515

E-Mail:   E-Mail your Senators and Representatives by using the Electronic Activist (it's quick, easy and free!).

4.    Join the Labor Party today, an organization of working people that is defending Social Security from the two-party attack. Ask your local to affiliate with the Labor Party.

5.    Organize a voter registration drive within your local.

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Home -> Political Action -> Hands Off Social Security

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