Hands Off

  Hands Off Social Security!

The Big Lie
Hands Off Social Security!

The corporate-owned news media is promoting the big business myth that our nation’s Social Security system is on the verge of collapse. This is a lie. In Congress, most Republicans, and a growing number of Democrats are now promoting various privatization schemes as the answer to this "problem." Unless they are confronted and stopped, these politicians want to turn some — or even all — of our Social Security retirement assets over to Wall Street brokers and speculators. Social Security will be converted from a guarantee to a gamble, while billions of dollars in fees and commissions are looted from the newly privatized scheme!

The Facts About Social Security
Hands Off Social Security!
  • Using conservative projections, Social Security will be solvent for the next 32 years, even if no changes are made!
  • More than 43 million Americans receive Social Security benefits
  • Retired working people depend on Social Security for more than 66% of their income.
  • Social Security was created during the Great Depression because the stock market had collapsed, and millions of retirees were destitute and starving. Just ask anyone old enough to remember!

It’s clear: there is no Social Security "crisis." The only crisis we face is the growing number of politicians who want to rip-off our retirement system by privatization. It’s time for working people to put a stop to this crime before it happens!

Here's What You Can Do Now
To Defend Our Social Security System
Hands Off Social Security!
  • Print, distribute and discuss this leaflet in your workplace and community. Organize in your local to let politicians know working people want this rip-off stopped!
  • Join the Labor Party today, an organization of working people that is defending Social Security from the two-party attack.
  • Ask your local to affiliate with the Labor Party.
  • Organize a voter registration drive within your local.

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