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News and Recent Developments

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Visit Your Retailer as part of our Retail Action ...


Phone Azteca
at 800-475-7997
and tell CEO Art Velasquez to negotiate!

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Azteca Violates the Law — Again!
Labor Board Charges
Azteca with Lawbreaking 

Chicago Community to Azteca —
Open Letter Urges
Azteca to Negotiate
(posted: 3/25/04)

There were no Azteca struggle news stories posted from early May until late June 2003 and again from June 2003 until March 2004 on the UE web as, in another show of the union's good faith, we honored the company's request to help create a 'better negotiating climate'. Our show of good faith was not reciprocated. As of March, 2004 we are restoring the visibility of the Azteca struggle to our website.

Struggle Continues Inside —
Workers' Health Insurance Suspended;
Struggle Nets Job Relief

Intense, In-Shop Struggle Continues —
Fax-In Day Shows Renewed,
Nationwide Support

Unanimous Vote; United Return —
Azteca Strikers Return to Work;
Vow to Continue the
Fight for a Fair Contract

Noontime Rally Draws 150 at Jewel Store —
Noisy Rally; Community Delegation
Support for Azteca Strikers

On Wednesday, April 16th —
Community Leaders Set to Rally;
Demand Boycott Support from Jewel

Azteca News Highlights —
Toledo Protest Blasts Azteca;
Students Take Aim

Letter Reporting Efforts to Settle Dispute —
Catholics Work Toward
Azteca Strike Resolution

Badly Injured at Work —
Disabled Strikebreaker Speaks
Out About Azteca Accident

Azteca News Highlights —
Activists Gear Up
For 'April Days of Action'

Strikebreaker Permanently Disabled;
Workers Allege Azteca Foods
A Dangerous Place to Work
Press Conference Tuesday, March 25th (3/21/03)

Striking Workers Aware of Hazard —
Replacement Worker
Faces Long Recovery

First Mediation
Session Held
UPDATE: A half-day mediation session took place Wednesday, March 5th. between UE Local 1159 and Azteca Foods at the Chicago office of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS). No date for future mediation sessions was set. We'll keep you informed.(3/6/03)

Bargaining Meeting Set for March 5th —
Azteca Workers Hopeful
Mediation Will Help

Temporary Worker Hospitalized —
OSHA Investigating Tragic
Accident at Azteca Plant

LaSalle Bank Rally Cancelled —
Azteca Accepts Federal Mediation;
Decision Cautiously Welcomed

Demand Support for National Boycott —
Community Leaders Visit
Jewel Stores Headquarters

Azteca News Highlights —
Azteca Workers
Find (and Show) Solidarity

At Chicago Press Conference —
U.S. Representatives
Urge Azteca to Negotiate

Co-Op Board Votes to Support Boycott —
Hyde Park Food Co-Op Board
Votes to Join Nationwide Boycott

Thursday, 1/30 - 6PM at Mexican Arts Center
Strikers to Expose Azteca's True
History on Health and Safety
During Medical Center Fund-Raiser

Tuesday, 1/28 - 7PM at Hyde Park Food Co-op
Strikers to Demonstrate
For Boycott Support

Unfair Labor Practice Charges
UE Charges Azteca
With 'Bad Faith Bargaining'

What Would Frida Do?
Azteca Strikers Well Received
At Kahlo-Rivera Exhibit Opening 

FLOC Leader
Offers Mediation

Christmas on the Picket Line;
Support Keeps Spirits High

Support for Azteca
Strikers Only Gets Stronger

Strikers Prepare to Celebrate
Thanksgiving in Struggle and Solidarity

Azteca Strikers Stand Strong;
Boycott Activity; Calls Urged

Boycott Called;
No Results in Bargaining

Mid-October Bargaining Session
Produces No Results

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Help Azteca Workers Win
Their Struggle for Dignity and Respect!

Call Azteca today at 800-475-7997 ...
tell the company you won't buy its products
until it negotiates a fair contract!

   Contact information can be found here ...
more ways to help here

Home -> [What's New] -> Boycott Azteca Foods -> News & Developments

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“We have no dispute with any person other than Azteca Foods,
and we are not asking anyone to cease picking up, delivering or transporting
any goods, or to cease performing any work or services.”