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UE-GE National Contract Negotiations • Online Flier #2

It's Time to

Sweeten GE Cola!

Our cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is vital if we ever want to improve our standard of living. Why? Because COLA is needed to safeguard our general wage increases from being eaten up by inflation. But GE workers are still losing out every time prices rise. And as inflation accelerates, our losses will get bigger and our COLA will leave an increasingly sour taste.


Although the COLA formula was improved in the 2000 negotiations, (to 1 cent for each 0.1% rise in the Consumer Price Index), it still covers us for less than half against the effects of inflation. And because we have no COLA of any kind for the last 3½ months of the Contract, we’re reduced to only 40% overall protection against price increases. Any COLA that only pays 40 cents on the dollar is in bad need of sweetening! Here’s the bitter result:

Time Period GE COLA
COLA Needed
to Maintain
Loss to
GE Workers
June '00 thru Oct. '00 8 cents 17 cents 9 cents
Oct. '00 thru Apr. '01 16 cents 34 cents 18 cents
April '01 thru Oct. '01 3 cents 7 cents 4 cents
Oct. '01 thru Apr. '02 10 cents 22 cents 12 cents
Apr. '02 thru Oct. '02 8 cents 18 cents 10 cents
Oct. '02 thru Feb. '03 10 cents 23 cents 13 cents
Feb. '03 thru June '03 22 cents* 22 cents
TOTALS 55 cents $1.44 88 cents


GE workers stand to lose about 88 cents an hour in just the last three years because of our inadequate COLA. And that’s on top of the 90 cents we lost during the 1997-2000 Contract. It’s high time we put some flavor back into GE COLA.

We Need a COLA Formula
That Gives Us Full Protection
Against Price Increases!

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Home -> [ Site Guide • What's New ] -> UE-GE 2003 National Negotiations -> Online Flier

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