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District 10 Determined
To Build Union

FRESNO, Calif.

District 10 officers ...
The officers of District 10 are given the oath of office by Dir. of Org. Robert B. Kingsley. From left, Maria Gonzalez, Joe Chavez, Luis Montes, Eva Rios, Art Mensor, Ida Betts, Jose Reyes, Terry Guy. Mark Falcon is not pictured.

An upbeat, spirited UE District 10 Council meeting here Oct. 16-17 left delegates more determined than ever to strengthen their locals and build the union throughout the union’s West Coast region.

An entire session was devoted to an organizing workshop, where the discussion focused on how the rank-and-file can participate in recruiting and make use of the new organizing cards developed by the National union.

Delegates received a thorough explanation of the UE National Organizing Plan from the union’s organizing director, Robert Kingsley, who stressed the importance of membership involvement in organizing.

The fight to defeat "fast-track" expansion of the job-killing NAFTA trade deal also figured prominently in the national officer’s remarks. Kingsley pointed out that expansion of the free trade agreement would mostly benefit the corporations and rich at the expense of workers and the environment. Additional thousands of family-supporting jobs would be lost to U.S. manufacturing workers.

Kingsley also urged UE district and local leaders to join and help build the Labor Party and defend Social Security. He suggested use of the materials produced by the National union to educate and mobilize their members.

District Political Action Dir. Luis Montes urged all the delegates to work as a team to defend Social Security. He also explained the use of postcards to pressure lawmakers to keep the system strong. All delegates made a commitment to distribute the postcards and send them in by the end of the month.

Delegates unanimously elected as district officers Pres. Joe Chavez of Local 1014, Vice Pres. Ida Betts of Local 1094, Fin. Sec. Marianne Hart of Local 1421, Sergeant-at-Arms Mark Falcon of Local 1014, Trustees Terry Guy, Local 1421, Art Mensor of Local 1094, Eva Rios of Local 1421 and Jose Reyes of Local 1421 (alternate).

UE News - 12/98

Home -> UE News -> 1998 Archives -> Article

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