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Frustration Fuels
Local 123 Rally
At McQuay Plant Gate

Local 123 Rally
Local 123 Rally in July protested the company's contract violations.
Supporters from other unions and Green Party expressed solidarity.



Frustration with management arrogance led UE Local 123 to rally outside McQuay International on July 8. Some 150 workers and supporters took a stand and ignored the threat of severe thunderstorms.

The rally seems to have had an immediate effect. Two out of three pending arbitration cases were successfully resolved.

Local 123 members objected to the company’s unilateral attempts to change the contract’s vacation language, flagrant violations of the temporary transfer clause and use of subcontracting.

The rally drew members of other Shenandoah Valley unions, especially UE Local 124 at Genicom in Waynesboro as well as IUE, Teamsters and IBEW local unions. The rally had the endorsement of the Shenandoah Valley AFL-CIO Council. Sherry Stanley, a Green Party candidate, also came to show her support.

Although advised that the news media doesn’t cover labor news in the Shenandoah Valley, Local 123 attracted two TV stations, six radio stations and three newspapers. And although the company would lead the union to believe media coverage has no impact on management, one reporter was told to leave the premises while another had a McQuay official hang up on him.

Local 123 represents approximately 550 workers at McQuay, a manufacturer of air conditioning parts and equipment. McQuay International is part of Hong Leong Group Malaysia.

UE News - 10/98

Home -> UE News -> 1998 Archives -> Article

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