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Unionbuster Abandons
Attack On UE
Convention Speaker


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Kate Bronfenbrenner

One of the nation’s most notorious labor law violators has abandoned its legal assault on a respected labor researcher.

Beverly Enterprises decided against appealing a judge’s dismissal of its suit against Dr. Kate Bronfenbrenner of Cornell University, who addresses the UE Convention this month. Beverly, the nation’s largest nursing home chain, had vowed last month to pursue its persecution of Bronfenbrenner for her comments on the company’s unionbusting record.

The Arkansas-based Beverly singled out Bronfenbrenner for legal attack following her remarks to a Congressional town meeting in Pittsburgh in May 1997. Several members of Congress had invited the scholar to speak on proposed legislation that would bar major labor law violators from obtaining federal grants.

In detailing tactics companies use to frustrate organizing campaigns, Bronfenbrenner described Beverly as "one of the nation’s most notorious labor law violators."

Beverly struck back, suing Bronfenbrenner for defamation and demanding that she open her research to inspection as part of pretrial discovery. A federal judge for the Western District of Pennsylvania granted a motion to dismiss the suit in May, ruling that Bronfenbrenner couldn’t be sued for what she said in a Congressional forum.

In her extensive research, Bronfenbrenner found that Beverly fired workers for union activity, harassed and spied on others and illegally altered wages in a systematic campaign of coercion to keep unions from gaining recognition at dozens of nursing homes.

Dr. Bronfenbrenner, director of Labor Education Research at Cornell, is co-author of the recently published book, Organizing to Win: New Union Research on Union Strategies.

UE News - 08/98

Home -> UE News -> 1998 Archives -> Article

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