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GATX Workers
Vote UE Again


GATX workers celebrate their April election victory ...

GATX workers shown here celebrating their April election victory have reason to celebrate again.

Defiantly persistent workers in Illinois have refused to be bullied out of their determination to have a democratic, rank-and-file union, by once again voting for UE representation.

Bureaucratic bungling by the National Labor Relations Board invalidated the election UE won at the GATX Logistics industrial warehouse on April 14. The union received 66 votes to 43 for no union, with just one vote going to a discredited incumbent union.

Management took full advantage of the opportunity to eliminate majority support for UE in the months leading up to the rerun election on Aug. 14. But to no avail when the votes were counted, UE had racked up an even bigger majority: 67-39! (Not a single vote for the old union this time.)

GATX located in Hodgkins, Il., just outside Chicago, employs some 130 workers.

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Home -> UE News -> 2000 Archives -> Article

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