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Bureaucratic Bungling
Temporarily Denies
UE Representation

UPDATE (August 14, 2000) — GATX warehouse employees have reaffirmed their choice of UE, voting 67 for UE to 39 for no union. No votes were cast for the discredited incumbent union. A bureaucratic blunder forced a second election at GATX; the first election was held on April 14th. Details on the first election appear below.


GATX workers celebrate their April election victory ...

GATX workers celebrate their April election victory — a victory since denied them by a Labor Board error. They are now gearing up for a high profile fightback campaign to force the company and the old union to acknowlege their UE victory.

Bureaucratic bungling by the National Labor Relations Board has denied — temporarily — the 130 workers employed the GATX warehouse in nearby Hodgkins their right to union representation.

A Labor Board error has led to legal wrangling over the April 14th election in which UE prevailed with 66 votes to 43 for no union, with just one vote received for Local 12, the discredited incumbent union. The NLRB failed to provide the other union with a list of GATX employees and their addresses, allowing the old union to file an objection to the poll.

GATX workers are now gearing up for a high-profile fightback campaign which will be waged in the shop and in the community to force the company and the old union to acknowledge their UE victory.

Eager to begin functioning as a UE local, GATX workers are creating their bargaining committees, stewards’ structure and developing and ratifying bargaining goals. As this story was being posted in the UE News online, workers were circulating a petition directed to the boss and entitled "Pay Us for Our Time!"

Director of Organizing Bob Kingsley described the Labor Board error and the resulting delays as a "travesty." "Working people have a right to expect better from the National Labor Relations Board," he declared.

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Home -> UE News -> 2000 Archives -> Article

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