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Local 622 Approves
PAKCO Settlement;
Wages Advance
By $1.15 Over 4 Years


The new contract negotiated by UE Local 622 with Norton PAKCO Industrial Ceramics will raise hourly wages by $1.15 over four years. Wages will rise by 35 cents the first year, 30 cents the second year and 25 cents in each of the third and fourth years.

Tool allowances for the maintenance craft, tool and die occupation rises from $400 to $500 during the contract term; the tool allowance for layout and cut operations, ceramic set-up and press and drill goes from $300 to $400. The contract calls for a safety shoe allowance of $70.


Life insurance rises by $1,000 in each year of the contract, rising to $24,000 the first year and reaching $27,000 in the fourth year. Accidental death and dismemberment insurance will also go up by $1,000 in each year, rising to $24,000 the first year and reaching $27,000 in the fourth year.

Negotiations reduced health insurance costs and secured agreement that the company will pay 40 percent of any health insurance increases. Accident and sickness insurance benefits will go from $340 to $355. The company’s contribution to the savings plan will go to 75 cents in 1999 and to 80 cents in 2001. The union secured language that improves the bumping and bidding procedure.

Serving on the Local 622 committee were Pres. Ron Smithley, Vice Pres. John Fleming, Chief Steward John Klingen, Rec. Sec. Joe Byers and Sid Pope. They were assisted by UE District Six Pres. Dan Smith.

UE News - 06/98

Home -> UE News -> 1998 Archives -> Article

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