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1999 Political Action Conference
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Page One: Delegates Urge Congress: 'Get Back to the People's Business!'

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Lobbying on Capitol Hill: Responses range from 'Positive' to 'Pathetic'

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UE Delegates Demand Answers on Job-Killing Trade Deals

Page Four:
Union Opposes Social Security Privatization; Demands Stronger System

Page Five: Representatives Who Fight for the People Address UE Delegates (photos)

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Images from the Conference (photos)


Read the issues briefings conference delegates received in Political Action ...

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Demonstrating at the Cato Institute ...

Political Action Conference delegates picket the Washington headquarters of the Cato Institute, a leading promoter of the privatization of the people’s Social Security system. Chanting, placard-waving union members energetically conveyed the message that Social Security funds should not be handed over to Wall Street speculators. Excited by the UE demonstration, union members in a nearby office building rushed over to express their agreement.

Double duty. Frank Stoltze represented Local 1421 at the Political Action Conference, which he also covered for radio station KPFK. Here he is in action at the demonstration outside the Cato Institute headquarters.

Ian Thompson, Amanda Knight, Kelly Abbott and Mandy Cohen

The youth contingent consisted of Ian Thompson, Amanda Knight, Kelly Abbott and Mandy Cohen. Ian is the son of Local 690 Vice Pres. John Thompson; attending his second conference, the 17-year-old attempted to present an aide to Sen. Rick Santorum with a jester’s cap in recognition of the Pennsylvania Senator’s foolish support for Social Security privatization. Amanda is the granddaughter of Local 218 Pres. Brahm Muther; Kelly is the daughter of Local 218 Rec. Sec. Russ Abbott. Both are in the sixth grade at Riverside Middle School in Springfield, Vt. They especially enjoyed the demonstration. Mandy Cohen, 13, attended the conference with her mother, District 2 Pres. Judy Atkins.

Abbott and Al Harhay

As the conference got underway, Russ Abbott, Local 218, and Al Harhay, Local 1111, appeared on the premiere of Michael Moore’s new TV series, "The Awful Truth." Both were interviewed by Moore during the Labor Party convention in Pittsburgh last November, for a segment in which rich people and workers are asked the same set of questions. Asked for a good winter vacation spot, Abbott promptly answered, "Vermont!" He hails from the Green Mountain State. "The Awful Truth" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on the Bravo Cable channel.

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