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Fired Wife, Husband
Offered Reinstatement
At Moderne Glass


A husband and wife fired from a factory in nearby Hopewell Township during a UE organizing drive last summer will be offered reinstatement to their former positions as part of a settlement reached earlier this month by Region 6 of the National Labor Relations Board, the union and Moderne Glass Company, Inc.

In addition to reinstatement, Amy Heizler will be awarded $6,000 in back wages. Her husband, Dan Heizler, who found employment soon after the discharge, will not receive wage reimbursement.

'Pledge to Refrain
From Illegal Conduct'

As part of the settlement, the company agrees to post a NLRB notice pledging to refrain from the illegal conduct alleged by the union and to expunge references to the termination from the Heizlers’ personnel records.

UE filed a petition for a representation election in May 1997, with a majority of the firm’s 180 production and maintenance employees indicating support for the union. However, the union withdrew a week before the scheduled July 10 election because the company’s threats of plant closure, surveillance of employees’ union activities and intimidation of union supporters had made a fair election impossible.

The Heizlers were fired because of their response to company intimidation at a pre-election captive audience meeting. At that mandatory meeting the company president Tom McKnight singled out Dan Heizler while verbally abusing the union and its supporters. Amy Heizler burst into tears; both then left the facility and their employment was terminated.

The union organizing campaign at Moderne Glass is "ongoing." say UE staff based in District Six. Moderne Glass does custom and commercial silk screening of ceramics and glassware. The Heizlers live in Chester, W.Va.

UE News - 04/98

Home -> UE News -> 1998 Archives -> Article

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