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Scene from Crossborder Mural Project

A working-class institution with class — that’s the impression viewers might have after watching two TV programs by Labor Beat that highlight UE’s cultural dimension. Labor Beat is an award-winning series for and about working people based in Chicago.

The programs Crossborder Mural Project and Laugh at Your Boss are both available as videos.


Crossborder Mural Project, of course, is about the UE-FAT mural project. From beginning to end, we see how union members and artists (who are also union members) designed and executed the murals as a celebration of the Strategic Organizing Alliance between UE and the Authentic Labor Front (FAT).

The result were attention-grabbing murals, one inside the FAT headquarters in Mexico City, the other on an outside wall of the UE District 11 building in Chicago (which, incidentally, is where Labor Beat has its offices).

"The video speaks to this union’s pioneering work with the FAT, but also says a lot about the role art can play in labor’s struggles for a decent life for all working people," says UE Genl. Sec.-Treas. Bob Clark. "This is art that expresses the kind of solidarity that overcomes the unnatural boundaries of race and nationality, and projects a labor movement fighting for human liberty."


Laugh at Your Boss looks at the work of UE cartoonist Gary Huck and his partner-in-syndication Mike Konopacki and examines the role of labor media/arts activism. (Muralist Mike Alewitz, who figures prominently in Crossborder Mural Project, also appears in this video.)

Through their 15-year-old labor cartoon syndication, Huck and Konopacki have released thousands of cartoons that have routinely turned capitalism’s sacred cows into prime cuts. Laugh at Your Boss tells the story of how a company negotiating with UE attempted to put in a contract clause banning Huck’s cartoons on the employee bulletin board!

"Both of these videos would be a worthwhile addition to any local union’s library," says Bob Clark.

The 34-minute video Crossborder Mural Project is available from the UE National office on loan and for sale from Labor Beat at a cost of $30. Laugh at Your Boss is available for sale from Labor Beat at $25; it’s 18 minutes long.

To order either video, contact Labor Beat at 37 S. Ashland, Chicago, IL 60607 or call 312-226-3330.

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