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Local 855 Advances
In New Agreement


Contract Settled!

In a new one-year agreement with Hawkeye Community College, UE Local 855 gains a $.40 per hour across-the-board wage increase and an increase in the full-time employee monthly insurance allotment from $470 to $520. Also, the new contract provides for vision insurance, free of cost to single employees.

Leaves of absence and vacation days may now be taken in quarter day increments for full-time employees and two-hour increments for part time employees. Full-time employees with five years’ seniority pick up an extra paid personal day. Also, employees can now use critical illness leave for grandparents.

In addition, the union and the College agreed to continue to address health insurance concerns through an insurance committee facilitated by the Iowa Public Employment Relations Board. The Local 855 bargaining committee consisted of Dorthea Pates, Alma Huck, Shawn Keefe, Paula Wermerskirchen, and Nancy Dallenbach. Field Org. Ryan Downing assisted them.

UE News - 11/01

Home -> UE News -> 2001 Archives -> Article

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