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At University of Vermont —
Local 267 Secures
Fair Contract,
Decent Wage Increases


UE Local 267 negotiating committee ...
UE Local 267 negotiating committee, standing from left to right: Tom Stout, Jacques Vaillencourt, Greg Godbout, Kathy Miles, Carmyn Stanko; seated: Norma Sprague, and Lester Gockley, Vice President. Not pictured: David Ploof.

Usually the only time that UE Local 267 members find themselves in the Presidential Hall of Waterman (the administration building at the University of Vermont) is when they are cleaning or maintaining the building. On July 26, however, union members got a whole other view. Fifty workers, accompanied by three news cameras, crammed into the hallway and demanded that the new university president take petitions signed by hundreds of members and community supporters demanding a contract with fair wage increases.

When the president couldn’t be found, the provost had to come out, face the cameras and the members and take the petitions. The best he could muster is that "he wouldn’t bargain in the hallway."

As Local 267 President Tom Stout said, "This was a great way to get our message across that we needed a fair increase. Everyone was talking. It felt good to make the administration come out and have to stand there and face us."


At a rally for a livable wage ...

At a rally for a livable wage prior the beginning of contract negotiations, Tom Stout, UE Local 267 president addresses members and supporters about the need to win a livable wage for all UVM employees.

At the next negotiating session the local successfully secured a fair contract. According to committee member, Carmyn Stanko, "The best part of the contract is that everyone got a good wage increase and we were able to improve our benefit package."

Each worker received an increase of three and half percent plus an additional $.12 per hour. Also, some skilled trades classifications saw an additional increase of $.34 per hour. The union was also able to negotiate a new health insurance scale that meant many members will pay a lower percentage of the premium. Other improved benefits include the ability to use sick leave to care for family members who don’t live with the employee and the ability to take bereavement leave for more family members.

In order to continue to build the local, the union won some significant contract provisions. Now, when new employees attend the university’s orientation, the union president will have up to an hour to talk with new employees about the union. Also, as the local has a significant number of members who speak Vietnamese and Serbo-Croatian as their first language, the union was able to win a provision that the university would have the contract translated into those languages.

With the good wage increases, the local looked at several ways of increasing the dues to $20 per month. Members voted unanimously to accept a proposal that sets dues at 2 hours’ pay per month, with a minimum of $17 per month and a maximum of $22 per month, because it was based on members’ ability to pay, but didn’t increase the dues too much for the highest paid employees.

The UE Local 267 Negotiating Committee consisted of Tom Stout, president, Lester Gockley, vice president, Norma Sprague, chief steward, Greg Godbout, corresponding and recording secretary, Kathy Miles, financial secretary, and Carmyn Stanko, Jacques Vaillencourt, and David Ploof, stewards. The local was assisted by Field Org. Heather Riemer.

UE News - 11/01

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