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Petition Brings
Sense to Boss,
Cents to Local
225 Members


Contract Settled!

When the management of Vermont Achievement Center (VAC), a daycare, school and social service provider, cried poverty and wouldn’t change its proposal of no wage increases for the next three years, the UE membership turned out in force to reject management’s proposal. Local 225 members drew up a petition that everyone working that day signed. With this show of unity, the local union succeeded in winning a one-year agreement with no change in their portion of the health premiums and a wage increase of $.35 an hour for everyone.

Union members improved their benefits by increasing the childcare discount for employees whose children attend the VAC daycare from 10 percent to 20 percent for employees who make less than $20,000 and to 15 percent for employees who make more than $20,000. Members also won the ability to donate sick days to employees who have exhausted their bank.


In addition to the good economic gains, the local secured a number of important on-the-job protections. The new contract limits management’s ability to temporarily transfer employees. The agreement also ends management’s ability to permanently transfer employees to different assignments within the same classification. The local shortened the amount of time disciplinary records remain in an employee’s file and won the requirement that management notify employees in advance when they are to receive an unsatisfactory evaluation or be called into a meeting which might lead to discipline.

The negotiating committee consisted of Pres. Brian McDermott, Vice Pres. Sue Fuller, Fin. Sec. Matt Coffin, and Courtney Mason and Samantha Blow, co-corresponding and recording secretaries. The local was assisted by Field Org. Heather Riemer.

UE News - 11/01

Home -> UE News -> 2001 Archives -> Article

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