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Coach & Car Strike Over;
Contract Fight Continues


Local 1114 members are back to work at Coach & Car; the struggle continues ...

Local 1114 members are back to work at Coach & Car; the struggle continues.

Buoyed by a favorable ruling by the National Labor Relations Board, UE Local 1114 members at Coach and Car voted to end their strike and return to the Elk Grove Village plant.

The strikers returned as a group on Oct. 25 and are continuing their struggle for a new contract on the inside. A recent stewards’ election demonstrated the strength of workers’ democratic in-shop organization.

The Labor Board upheld most of the key charges filed by the union, backing UE’s claim that the company had made fair bargaining impossible. Therefore, the company has no legal right to impose any of the cuts it had been demanding.

On Oct. 29, UE representatives testified before the City Council, giving support to a strong ordinance that would regulate temporary agencies. Only four Coach and Car workers crossed the picket lines; the company kept the plant open with the use of day workers procured from temporary agencies.

UE members enjoyed the support of the Chicago area’s Jobs with Justice chapter and the Day Labor Organizing Project, which worked with the union to limit the company’s ability to exploit temporary workers.

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Home -> UE News -> 2001 Archives -> Article

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