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Reports from
First-Contract Struggles
At District 10 Council


(Editor's Note: This article has been substantially modified from the original, which appeared in the printed version of the UE News in November, 2000. The original version mentioned union-endorsements pertaining to candidates for federal office, which we cannot post on the UE Web ...)

District 10 officers are given the oath of office ...
District 10 officers are given the oath of office by Dir. of Org. Bob Kingsley. From right to left, Mike Rivera, Marianne Hart, Maria Gonzalez, Jose Reyes, Ramon Martin and Eva Rios. Not pictured: Joe Chavez, Mark Falcon, Francine Mitchell, James Ritenour.

Two first-contract struggles being waged by the newest local in District 10 created excitement at the district council meeting in the Local 1010 hall here Oct. 13-14, where delegates, among other actions, elected their officers.

Local 1004 leaders Terry Bucknall and Laura Lerma and Intl. Rep. Fernando Losada reported that Henry Mayo Hospital staff in Santa Clarita had scheduled a vote on the administration’s final offer and strike authorization. Key issues include union security and "management rights" language that would allow the administration to reduce insurance benefits and increase costs without the consent of employees.

Local 1004 is also bargaining with ISSI, the subcontractor that supplies Henry Mayo with housekeeping, food and linen services.

Council delegates also heard of UE’s ongoing efforts to organize hospital workers in California, in alliance with the California Nurses Association.

Dir. of Org. Bob Kingsley saluted the transportation and county workers then on strike in southern California. "These strikes are evidence that workers are not sharing in the much celebrated economic recovery," he said. "It’s a great thing that southern Californian workers are responding to this unfair equation."

The UE officer commended the district’s newest members, at Henry Mayo, then about to conduct their own strike vote.

Noting that the meeting was taking place in a union hall of General Electric workers, Kingsley commented that UE’s successful bargaining with GE this year defined the union’s collective bargaining work in 1999-2000. UE is heading into another big bargaining year, with more than 50 contracts to be negotiated over the next 10 months, he said. This includes eight first contracts and agreements covering thousands of workers in UE’s big state units in Iowa. This is also a year in which UE will be opening critically important discussions on the union’s finances and future work, he said.


In shop reports, Jose Reyes said Local 1421 members at Kraco had scored grievance victories and won an upgrade for maintenance mechanics. Maria Gonzales of Local 1014 reported that General Cable workers are facing attacks on their seniority rights and preparing for negotiations. Local 1421 members at Graham Packing are arguing with the company over overtime rules, Marianne Hart said. Ted Bradley, Local 1010, told the council that General Electric has moved work to Scotland and Brazil; without a union to fight for people, more jobs would have been lost.

Delegates endorsed [candidates for federal office]. The District Council urged a "No" vote on Proposition 38, which would substitute private school vouchers for much needed public school funding. Jose Reyes, political action director for Local 1421, reported on the large UE contingent that participated in demonstrations during the Democratic National Convention.

Delegates elected as district officers Marianne Hart (Local 1421), president; Joe Chavez (Local 1014), vice president; Francine Mitchell (Local 1010), secretary-treasurer; Maria Gonzales (Local 1014), recording secretary; Mark Falcon (Local 1014), political action director-north; Mike Rivera (Local 1421), political action director-south; James Ritenour (Local 1014), Eva Rios (Local 1421), and Jose Reyes (Local 1421), trustees; and Ramon Martin (Local 1421), sergeant-at-arms.

Hart said the district should continue to encourage the participation of the membership in both organizing and political action.

A special certificate of merit was awarded to Terry Guy, formerly of Local 1421, for his years of dedication and commitment.

UE News - 11/00

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